What If You Slept With Your Best Friend: How To Keep The Friendship?

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What If You Slept With Your Best Friend: How To Keep The Friendship?
What If You Slept With Your Best Friend: How To Keep The Friendship?

Video: What If You Slept With Your Best Friend: How To Keep The Friendship?

Video: What If You Slept With Your Best Friend: How To Keep The Friendship?
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Slept with my best friend
Slept with my best friend

Whatever one may say, but friendship between a man and a woman is a rather ephemeral concept. That is, it is very easy to cross the line between friendship and sex. What does a girl who slept with her best friend feel and what further relationships await such a couple?

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  • 1 Choosing a best friend
  • 2 What promotes friendly sex?
  • Return to friendship
  • 4 Sex without commitment
  • 5 And so on until the wedding
  • 6 The logical conclusion of friendship
  • 7 Right to error
  • 8 Complete fiasco
  • 9 Inhabitants of different planets
  • 10 Surrender
  • 11 Best Way Out
  • 12 Freedom of choice

Choosing a best friend

Psychologists are sure that when choosing a best friend, a woman first of all pays attention to his sexuality. So, a “nerd” friend with huge glasses is more of a character in a movie or a book, but far from the real ideal of a best friend.

But, a friend's sexuality is comparable to a time bomb. No one will ever be able to predict when its trigger will go off. A month, a year, or a decade of this friendship, quite expectedly, will end in bed.

What promotes friendly sex? 2

What are friends for? Quite right, in order to be a reliable support and support in difficult situations. It is this desire to sympathize, support and comfort, and has a completely logical continuation of sexual contact. Changed beloved, troubles at work, and any situation worthy of sympathy will certainly lead the girl to her best friend.

Of course, after all, it is he, like no one else, who is able to understand her and help her survive what happened. Often, this support is accompanied by a glass of wine or even a stronger drink. What is the result? As a result, the lady, along with her comforter, wakes up in the same bed.

Many couples feel embarrassed about this. But, given the piquancy of the situation, it is worth taking it normally and quite naturally. After all, this can become a new round in the relationship of friends. Moreover, the choice is large enough. You can remain friends, become lovers with a non-binding relationship, or even build a serious relationship and get married.

Sandra Caron, a famous American psychologist, calls sex with her best friend a flight on an airplane. There are two possible scenarios for the development of events, it is either rise or fall. Friends just won't be able to hang in the air.

Return to Friendship3

In some cases, it is possible, after sex, to return again to the same friendly relationship, completely forgetting what happened. To be honest, such a return is possible, but rather difficult. The only condition is that later friends will need to avoid situations that are conducive to intimacy.

How to avoid "misunderstanding" if you slept with a friend, read more in our article below the link.

about sex with your best friend
about sex with your best friend

Sex without obligation4

If both partners liked friendly sex, they may well leave everything as it is, combining the two types of relationships in one. Their passion is mutual, but at the same time, none of them needs a serious relationship. In this case, they may well combine strong friendships with great sexual marathons.

And so on until the wedding5

It is sex without mutual obligations that over time can develop into a real feeling - love. By the way, such married couples, as a rule, are characterized by stability and longevity. Among them are a large number of spouses celebrating their golden wedding.

In principle, nothing surprising. The couple were already best friends. Then, by the will of circumstances, they had a wonderful sexual relationship, what else can prevent this idyllic relationship from turning into a strong marriage.

if you slept with your best friend
if you slept with your best friend

The logical conclusion of friendship6

In some cases, friendships turn into an intimate relationship quite consciously. It's just that friends, both or one of them, understand that they are connected not just by friendship. Of course, it is difficult for them to immediately admit this not only to each other, but also to themselves. But, sooner or later, one of them is solved and finally turns friendship into a more serious relationship.

Right to make mistakes7

This metamorphosis does not end successfully in all cases. Sometimes, a friend who reveals his true feelings awaits a complete fiasco, and the friend is not at all going to translate friendship into intimacy.

In this situation, there is only one way out by which you can get out of the awkward situation. Are we talking about friends? You just have to turn everything said into a joke and smooth out the rough edges.

slept with my best friend
slept with my best friend

Complete fiasco8

Unfortunately, there are also such cases when the friendship into which sex suddenly bursts in ends forever. It would seem that so many things have been experienced together. Numerous life troubles, betrayal of legal spouses, illness and death of loved ones.

Everything was decided together, there was a way out of everything, and where the situation was irreversible, friends supported and consoled each other. And now, unexpected sex in one fell swoop crosses out everything that was passed together.

The feeling of mutual disappointment not only cannot develop into love, but also will not leave room for the revival of lost friendship. In this situation, it is impossible to look for the guilty, and no one can fix it anymore.

Inhabitants of different planets9

It is not uncommon for friends to agree to try sex, while talking like aliens in different languages. For example, most girls perceive such an offer as a hint of a romantic relationship with all the nuances that come with it. That is, she expects that she and the young man will be together.

the consequences of having sex with a friend
the consequences of having sex with a friend

In this case, the guy, on the contrary, may treat sex as a means of relieving stress. Something like a friendly handshake or a pat on the shoulder. It is quite natural that in this case he does not even think about continuing the relationship and does not begin to treat his friend as a girl for a permanent relationship.

Such a situation, in principle, is possible in the reverse order, when for a girl sex was just relaxation, and the guy was counting on love. But, in any case, no matter who of the couple perceived sex as a game, one cannot do without pain, tears and suffering. Perhaps after a while, the pain and emotions will subside, and young people will be able to renew friendly relations. But, this is not always the case.


Considering the well-known fact that the number of points of view is comparable to the number of people, it is difficult to say unequivocally how friendly sex will end in one way or another. By the way, there are also known cases when one of the friends yields to the onslaught of the other and the first sex between friends becomes the start for starting a romantic relationship.

what after having sex with your best friend
what after having sex with your best friend

Best Out11

Whatever it was, and whatever the couple sees their relationship in the future, the most important thing at the moment is a frank conversation. Avoiding him, friends will feel uncomfortable in any case, and a failed conversation will haunt them day and night.

You need to learn to respect the feelings of your partner and remember the expression that a bitter truth is much better than a sweet lie. The conversation should be built tactfully and should not be delayed for several hours, this inflames the situation and is very annoying. If further romantic relationships are not suitable for one of the partners, you should not humiliate yourself. It's better to just try to forget about everything as soon as possible.

Freedom of choice12

In any case, friends who, by the will of circumstances, have shared one bed, always have the right to choose how their relationship will develop in the future. Numerous sociological polls, the purpose of which was to find out the attitude of society towards friendly sex, provided the public with the following data:

what to do after having sex with a friend
what to do after having sex with a friend
  • Platonic relationships between a man and a woman are possible - 83%
  • Have nothing against friendly sex 94%
  • Men who initiate sex with a girlfriend are always men - 64%
  • To maintain friendship, a woman is ready to give up sex - 67%

So, before looking for new sensations in bed with a friend, you should assess all the risks in advance. Is it worth losing a faithful friend for the sake of one-off sex, or is there a great chance of continuing the relationship? And even if the girl has already slept with her best friend, there is always a chance to fix the situation.