Vasily Shevlyakov Told Why A Woman Cannot Build A Relationship

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Vasily Shevlyakov Told Why A Woman Cannot Build A Relationship
Vasily Shevlyakov Told Why A Woman Cannot Build A Relationship

Video: Vasily Shevlyakov Told Why A Woman Cannot Build A Relationship

Video: Vasily Shevlyakov Told Why A Woman Cannot Build A Relationship
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girl with a mannequin
girl with a mannequin

She is a successful young woman who makes good money. Career goes uphill, and beauty is in the juice of the third dozen. No longer a girl, but not a berry woman either. It seems not a fool, attractive and far from simpleton. Can support the conversation, show interest, attract attention to himself.

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  • 1 Comment of a female psychologist
  • 2 From practice to action: psychotherapist and sexologist Vasily Shevlyakov

But why relationships with men do not work out: then a whiner will be caught, then a middle-aged peasant, then a son who lives with his mother. This is so burdensome, especially when there is no time to look for yourself. I want a fairy tale so that he came like that, and she undressed like that, both are so cool and the children were beautiful. And in life, Cinderella's carriage is represented by a mortgage, divorce and three children, alimony for which the next gentleman will pay from her savings.

Commentary by a female psychologist

Olga Krivitskaya tells women not only about their fears, but also about the circumstances that may arise between a man and a woman. When a woman ceases to understand the behavior of men, she becomes obsessed with her own shortcomings. They are, of course, welcome, as with many people. More precisely, everyone. And their masses of people can be distinguished only by a few who consider themselves kings and queens without complexes.

If the heroine of another novel is not able to see the advantages in herself, she will constantly blame herself for love failures - her nose is crooked, her ears are wide and her chest is small. Only all the problems are known to her alone, and are not seen by a man. From here, complexes appear: some regular goat did not tell about the childhood trauma and brought the girl to self-criticism.

It is disgustingly sad to see in such situations young and successful, whose self-esteem falls below the lowest mark. To prevent this from happening:

  • Clearly understand wealth and negative sides;
  • Objectively looking at men - do not expect the behavior of blue-blooded people from the goats;
  • No need to make a scene: you are beautiful!

If your mother did not talk about carelessness and collegiality as a child, you can take a couple of lessons on good manners. Change jobs, look at life from a different angle. There are so many poor children, sick, incurable people, that it’s ridiculous to understand that parting or another goat is a total collapse.

Important: in any situation, a woman should not get hung up on relationships. He is dissatisfied with the quality of the haircut, he doesn't like the color of the hair, she dresses too frankly, and he himself cannot even reduce or say something clever in a cafe. It is necessary to move on and preferably in a progression sequence. Then men will either stretch out, or completely weed out on their own, understanding that they will not be able to meet the requirements, no matter how hard you try.

why doesn't it work with men
why doesn't it work with men

From practice to action: psychotherapist and sexologist Vasily Shevlyakov2

A sexologist has a slightly different opinion, who every day encounters women of different ages and life positions. Some admit that they cannot see themselves next to men, but they really want to find that one. It does not matter whether he is rich or poor, the main thing is that he understands her and hears every desire. For others, it is important to find at least someone, if only the dear one is there. These are the modern positions of girls who were in a relationship, marriage, and remained alone for a long time. And here's what a sexologist and psychotherapist recommends:

  1. You need to imagine not a prince, but a real character. You cannot constantly think about it, peer at passers-by and pester everyone. It might be worth sorting out the desires.
  2. If you can't find a common language with a man, the bar is probably too high for him. This does not mean that the man went weak, not the same as before. Who's stopping you from marrying an officer? Such cases often happen when a girl of about 10 years old spends looking for a suitable match, and then introduces her parents to the watchman. The wages are good, there is an apartment on the server, you can arrange your personal life. Imperceptibly, they do not live their lives, but those fantasies that never turn into reality.

Another problem: fantasies where the present man does not fit the role of the desired and imaginary. She constantly changes him, and he spends time trying to reach her consciousness. In the end, everyone is unhappy

why is there no relationship
why is there no relationship

When a girl understands the importance of a relationship, she stops rushing. Age is no longer so scary, because there are opportunities on the horizon: for marriage, procreation. Then you can form a clear position regarding the choice. Either accept it that way, or change yourself.

Surprisingly, only a woman is able to live life with her unloved in marriage, having feelings for another man. The latter are not capable of this. If you don’t love, leave. As, in principle, mom and dad taught. Neither children nor dowry can save such a marriage. Therefore, all the abomination hides in the girls.

Why relationships with men do not work out, how to cope with obsession, why does the body require someone at all? All these issues are discussed with psychologists, and it is they who work on personalities, helping to achieve understanding from the side of observers.