How To Apologize To A Guy Without Humiliation So That He Forgives

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How To Apologize To A Guy Without Humiliation So That He Forgives
How To Apologize To A Guy Without Humiliation So That He Forgives
How to apologize to a guy
How to apologize to a guy

There can be nothing worse than offending your loved one. If there is a quarrel between you, and the fault lies with you, you will need to take the first step towards a meeting towards reconciliation. How to apologize to a guy if the girl offended him in word or deed? Today we will tell you how to act correctly, and what should not be done in any case.

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  • 1 Wait out the storm
  • 2 Place and time
  • 3 Sincerity
  • 4 Let the guy talk
  • 5 Care and attention
  • 6 Expand your feelings
  • 7 Romantic gestures
  • 8 Record your apology on camera
  • 9 Can't use friends
  • 10 Stay Out of Your Skin

Wait out the stormi

If you start to apologize as soon as there is a quarrel, you can only break the wood. It is worth understanding that while the guy is still angry, he may not even want to talk to you. But you can't wait too long, he may think that you feel guilty, and are not going to put up with him.

When can you offer your loved one your sincere apology? Then, when he can calmly talk to you, look you in the eye. You can always find out that a guy is ready to make contact by phone. You don't need to call him. Write in SMS the phrase “How are you? Let's talk.". If in response to the message at least something came, even if the words that you have nothing to talk about, this will mean that your beloved has "moved away" a little, and you can start acting.

Place and time2

So that you can talk normally, choose neutral territory. It can be a cafe, a park, or just a bench near the house. There should be no strangers around, the atmosphere should be calm. Before setting the time, ask if he will have other things to do at this hour. It is important that during the conversation the man is not distracted by other problems, is not in a hurry.

If a loved one says he needs to go, don't hold. Just say, “Please listen to me and you can go. I really need to explain everything to you. Ask when he can make time for you and agree with whatever he has to offer. He will say that he will call, when he is free, do not call him yourself. Wait, the main thing here is not to go too far.


How to apologize to a guy? Of course, you need to be extremely sincere. No phrases like "Well, I'm sorry", "It's my own fault" or "I'm not on purpose." If the blame lies with you, you need to realize and accept this, explain to your loved one that you have understood everything, and you are very sorry.

girl in pink
girl in pink

Don't try to smooth over the blame by shifting some onto him or other people. Here you cannot say the following: “If not for you”, or “But if I had acted differently, this would not have happened”, “This is all Lenka / Svetka / Masha”. Understand that only you are to blame for everything that happens. At a certain point, you wanted to do exactly what you did, and no one forced you to do this. Say that you are completely guilty, sincerely repentant, and want to correct the situation, get a chance to prove that this will not happen again.

Let the guy talk4

He listened to you without interrupting, so don't stop him when it's his turn to express his feelings and opinions. You can't interrupt, even if you fundamentally disagree with him, let him speak out. You may be able to see the situation from his side. Perhaps he understood something completely wrong, and the misunderstanding between you became the cause of the conflict.

If you can't stand it and start inserting phrases during the monologue of your beloved, then, in the end, you will start shouting over each other, and you will get another quarrel, not reconciliation. Look at the conflict from his side. And think about how you would behave in such a situation. You would also like to express everything, and not be silent about personal feelings and experiences, so give him such a chance, even if he got it all wrong. Then explain that this was not the case, and calmly try to prove it.

How to apologize to a guy
How to apologize to a guy

Care and attention5

If you live in the same apartment, it will be much easier to restore peace in the relationship. How to apologize to a guy who is very angry with you? Try not to pester him for a while, you can even sit in another room. Do your laundry, cleaning, wash whatever you find, but just don't touch your beloved for a while. If you start pestering him with questions, asking for forgiveness at the wrong time, then he can simply pack up and go to rest in another place.

Next, cook something from your chosen one's favorite dishes, make delicious tea, bake a pie. You can bring breakfast to his bed. As soon as you notice that the man has calmed down a bit, you can gently start a dialogue. It is important that he sees how you repent and that it is not much easier for you than for him. Perhaps even harder.

You can come up and silently hug your chosen one, kiss the neck (you shouldn't be on the cheek, this is a friendly gesture, and the neck is an erogenous zone, and the guy will begin to come to his senses, calm down). Take your loved one by the hand and look into the eyes. All these small gestures will make it clear that you love him, take care of him, want only the best. And what they could offend was not out of malice, it just happened at a certain moment.

the girl in the cart
the girl in the cart

But never ignore your loved one. To sit out and let him calm down is one thing. But completely ignoring is another. All the time, while the beloved "cools down", do not forget to throw guilty glances at him. Gather his things to the wash, ask him whether to wash that shirt or not.

Reveal Your Feelings6

Speaking about how to apologize to a guy, do not forget that men also love compliments. Tell him how much you love, how much he means to you, and that your life would be completely different without him - worse. Tell me why you fell in love with him, what first attracted you to him. For example, his eyes, broad shoulders, a beautiful voice, or some act. Say that without him you simply cannot, you cannot.

Of course, life will get better, even if the guy does not forgive his beloved, and leaves her. In a conversation about what will be bad without him, you cannot overdo it, go over to blackmail. Do not say something like that you will die without him, you will leave for another city, and he will never see you again. If a loved one stays with you out of pity, no one will benefit from it.

Let you be together for a while, but there will be no peace and harmony in the relationship. Everyone will experience constant tension with each other. He is because he did not forgive, she is because he knows this. If there is no chance to save love, then it is better not to keep it, to let it go, but to draw certain conclusions for yourself in the future.

Romantic gestures7

Not only the strong half of humanity should arrange romance for their halves. Women are quite capable of making their beloved feel good, especially if they are guilty in front of him. How to apologize to a guy whom you could offend? If the fault is small, but you still want to smooth it over, and you are sure that the guy will make contact, you can do one of the following:

weird girl
weird girl
  • If a man loves football or another sport, you can arrange for him to go to a match. Buy tickets and tell him that he can go to the competition with his friend. Do you want your loved one to disperse, relax, feel care from you? After such a gesture, both he and his friend will respond with gratitude to you, think only the best. Of course, in this case, the man will not remember the insult! It is important not to force yourself on a guy as a companion on a trip to a match. If he wants you to keep him company, he will say it right away. But, believe me, he will prefer to go with a friend, and you need to understand this.
  • Have a small picnic in nature, just not for two, but for the company. Explain the event by the fact that both of you are tired, it's time to get out of the walls of the apartment and office, relax in the fresh air, accompanied by close friends. On this day, the young man will completely forget about the insult. He will be able to unwind in conversation with other people, throw away thoughts of bad and oppressive. And after you go home, there will no longer be that tension between you, and you can calmly discuss all your personal problems.
  • Send a parcel to your loved one by courier. Let it be a regular letter written on plain paper. Psychologists assure that it is a handwritten letter that will help melt the ice in a relationship, not a single SMS is capable of this. Put everything you think about and worry about on paper. Describe your feelings, your guilt towards your beloved, and tell me how much you love him, and in no case do you want to lose. Do not forget about how much you are worried about what happened, and that you did not want to offend the guy at all, and how bad you are now because of everything that happened. If the fault is small, then the letter may not be so serious. Attach a postcard with a funny picture (just not offensive, of course), attach a note with a proposal to accept the apology in the evening at your home during one "very pleasant lesson." Remember,that the letter must certainly evoke pleasant emotions, a smile, and relief in the guy.
clown girl
clown girl

Think back to your childhood, how you put up with your girlfriends. Take your beloved's little finger with your little finger, and after saying "Make peace, make up, don't fight anymore," ask for forgiveness. Tell him that according to the rules he shouldn't be offended now

Record your apology on camera8

If you're thinking about how to apologize to a guy, but can't help looking into his eyes, try recording the message on video. Express everything you think about, how you are guilty, and how you would like to fix everything. Say that nothing can be changed, that what is done is done, but it is in your power to keep love, to try to continue the relationship. Explain how important it is for you to receive his forgiveness, because he is the most beloved and dear person. Speak clearly, sincerely.

The advantages of a video message are that the guy will definitely not interrupt, he will listen to everything to the end. This is not an ordinary SMS, but a live address. Yes, you will not be able to observe the reaction of your loved one to your words, but you will not get stuck, as you might have happened in person. You will think over the monologue well, if something is said wrong, you can re-record, which cannot be done live.

headphone girl
headphone girl

First, put your thoughts on paper, rehearse your monologue in front of the mirror. This will help you understand which facial expression will be better, which voice and with which intonation to speak. Send an appeal through a messenger or through a social network. At the end, ask him to think carefully before answering, but you will look forward to the answer.

Friends cannot be used9

In no case should you ask his friends or your girlfriends to convey a message to your beloved, a request for forgiveness, to put in a word for you. Relationships should be something personal, intimate. You cannot bring your problems to the general public and discussion.

If you think that a guy's best friend can help establish harmony and knows how to make peace with a guy, then use his help. But not in order to use the "carrier pigeon", which will transmit requests from you to meet and talk. Ask your friend how to apologize to a guy, he should know the approaches to his loved one.

You cannot ask your friends to convey to your beloved the news about how bad you are without him, how you suffer, especially if this is not so. Imagine the situation: a friend told your boyfriend when she met that you did not leave the house, that you were crying and worried. He believes in it, and is already ready to forgive, when suddenly he meets you in a great mood in a club or in the company of the same girlfriend while shopping. Most likely, he will simply stop trusting you forever.

Don't Get Out of Your Skin10

Of course, you need to put up if both partners want it. But it happens that the girl almost begged for forgiveness on her knees, and the guy remains as cold, makes it clear that all this is in vain. Maintain your own pride, do not go overboard in front of someone who does not appreciate it.

girl in crown
girl in crown

Of course, the guilt can be huge, and the wrong is difficult to understand. Try to apologize, explain yourself, but do not overdo it, do not let the guy "wipe his feet" about himself and indulge his own pride. Of course, he is pleased that you are so killed, repent, try to appease him in every possible way. But in this he may not see boundaries. If several attempts to apologize did not work, leave your loved one alone, for your part, you did everything you could.

If he did not appreciate the impulses, does not even agree to try to forgive, then it is unlikely that he loved you at all. Such a person does not deserve your torment, which means that you are simply not a couple, but a perfect offense is a sign of fate.