How To Tell If A Man Is Serious About A Woman

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How To Tell If A Man Is Serious About A Woman
How To Tell If A Man Is Serious About A Woman

Video: How To Tell If A Man Is Serious About A Woman

Video: How To Tell If A Man Is Serious About A Woman
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How to understand that a man is serious
How to understand that a man is serious

It would be just wonderful if every man at the beginning of the relationship honestly declared his intentions - "I'm trying so hard just because I want to sleep with you" or "I'm ripe for a serious relationship, and I actually really like you."

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Eh, dreams are dreams.

Everything would be so simple and … boring.

While we live in an imperfect world. We can't read minds. So we continue to play games and try to beat each other.

How do you know if a man is serious about you?


Joint plans

Which of you two makes concessions more often? Are you ready to skip family dinner, girlfriend's birthday and manicure appointment just to meet him, and he doesn't put in any effort?

Hmm. The picture is so-so. It looks like you spoiled him too much - why make an effort, change your schedule and limit yourself in anything if you run to him at the first call? If meeting with you is not a priority for him, then this man does not really need you.

Does he ask when you have a weekend, is he ready to reschedule an important meeting or a trip with friends to a bar just to take you to the movies? Keep it up, friend, you are on the right track.

Regular communication

You do not have to correspond hourly, every minute, and every second. Here another thing is important - if you do not get in touch, say, for two or three days, will he show concern? Will he ask how you spend your time? Or is all your communication based on the fact that you are actively looking for contact, and he throws you a couple of emoticons from the master's shoulder?

If a man is serious about you, he will be interested in you and your leisure time.

The more serious he is, the more often he thinks of you. No matter how busy his day, he will find time to write to you. Either today or tomorrow. But not in a week.

How to understand that a man is serious
How to understand that a man is serious

A little more about joint plans

Friends invited him to the wedding. An acquaintance planted a couple of tickets for the concert. In general, he had the opportunity to have a good time and share this pleasure with someone else.

Did he call you with him? How do you know if a man is serious? He automatically perceives you as his "+1".

He shares with you what he loves

It happens that you really like the show. Or a restaurant. Or a book. And then all this begins to get carried away by a person who you do not like. And I want to take this book, this TV series or this restaurant away from him. I don't want to share my treasure with this rabble.

But when a person is interesting to us, we really want to introduce him to our hobbies. Let him into your world. Therefore, if he takes you to his favorite non-mainstream pub, which no one knows about, or advises you to watch your favorite TV series, agree. He will appreciate it. Plus, you will have a common topic for discussion. And you can learn more about his tastes (and, if necessary, escape).

He tries

When we are interested in a person, we want to impress him. Even if we are all super-independent from ourselves and do not care about someone else's opinion. When we fall in love, we try to look better, joke funnier, and speak smarter. Hell, we're just trying really hard. Both men and women. Men try very hard even when they want sex for one night. If you already had sex (and more than one), and he is still trying to impress you, he is in your hands.

How to understand what mood a man has
How to understand what mood a man has

He is always ready to help

A man will spend time with a woman only in two cases: he wants to be with her, or he just wants her. What is your case? Go through the points above and below.

Joint photos

If you yourself do not like to be photographed or think that personal should remain personal - ok. If he refuses to be photographed with you, but at the same time actively posts photos with his friends and girlfriends, this is a reason to think.

In sickness and health

You feel bad and can't get out of bed, he says that he is super busy at work and sends sad emoticons, and in the evening you learn from his Instagram that he hangs out with friends? And after that you ask yourself the question "How to understand that a man is serious?" Are you fucking laughing?

If a man is serious, he will take care of you. And he goes to the pharmacy, and he will buy food, and he will come. And let him shove the sad emoticons up his ass. Moreover, this is where your relationship is.


How does he introduce you to the company of his friends and acquaintances?

If he is serious about you, then he will briefly and clearly make everyone understand that you are his woman. Not a friend, not an acquaintance, not a “beloved colleague,” but a woman with whom he has a serious relationship.

Signs that a man is serious about a girl
Signs that a man is serious about a girl

Circle of close ones

You are not required to meet your parents in the second week of the relationship.

But if he's serious, he won't hide you in the shadows. Set the stage by informing family and close friends that he is dating a beautiful woman. And after a while he will arrange an acquaintance. If a meeting with his parents or friends happens suddenly, he will not evade and evade an answer. Like, so and so, meet, this is my girlfriend. He loves you, you love him too, so why pull the cat by the tail?