How Can You Change Your Girlfriend's Personality And Save Your Relationship?

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How Can You Change Your Girlfriend's Personality And Save Your Relationship?
How Can You Change Your Girlfriend's Personality And Save Your Relationship?

Video: How Can You Change Your Girlfriend's Personality And Save Your Relationship?

Video: How Can You Change Your Girlfriend's Personality And Save Your Relationship?
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How to change a girl's character
How to change a girl's character

Previously, girls were brought up so that they completely obeyed their man in everything, would not dare to contradict. Today, parents really pamper their beloved princesses, and sometimes not “obedient Cinderella” grows out of them, but “harmful stepmothers”. Here you look at the chosen one, and everything in her is good: figure, face, sense of taste, education.

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But the character is such that even the most iron nerves can not stand it. Well, you can try to change something in it. And psychologists confidently declare that if a guy doesn't know how to change a girl's character, he just hasn't tried to do it yet! In this publication, you will find the most effective ways to tame an obstinate young lady without much loss.

Things to Rememberi

How to change a girl's character? Let's not say that it is very simple. The problem of re-education lies in the fact that character is fully formed already in adolescence. And the older the lady becomes, the more difficult it will be to work with her. The nature depends on the following factors:

  • Education. Even if your beloved is spoiled by your parents, it is still possible to change.
  • Self-awareness. It happens, and parents cannot find justice for their beloved daughter. They bring her up "correctly" and do not pamper her, but she imagines herself to be a mistress, and confidently repeats: "I am like that, and I cannot be corrected."

Due to the fact that the characters of the partners are incompatible, the couple begins constant quarrels. And in this case, you need to make a decision to leave, or think about how to change the complex character of the girl, adjust it for yourself.

Can a person be changed? 2

Men who are older than their chosen one have the most chances of success. On a subconscious level, a woman feels the care of an adult, becomes, as it were, a child. That is why many wealthy representatives of the stronger sex choose young girlfriends for themselves, it is easier to cope with them in terms of re-education.


If the girl is older than the guy, then subconsciously she will take custody of herself. In this case, no matter how hard the man tries, he is unlikely to be able to change the character of his chosen one. In such a relationship, the child is he, and you need to fear for the well-being of your own character.

In general, if a person loves, then he will definitely try to change, realizing his shortcomings. But you can say the other way around: if you love, then you love and restless disposition, and you will never try to change something in your beloved.

If you are sure that there is no other way out for the relationship, and are thinking about how to change the character of the girl, then be sure to try it. How? We will help you.

Honest talk3

There is no easier way to understand each other than heart-to-heart talk. Just explain to your beloved that you are not satisfied with her character. Or rather, what exactly is wrong in the character. But you can't begin to list the list of her actions and mistakes. Try to explain that because of her temper, you constantly swear, and this is very bad for the relationship.

If a girl loves you, then she will definitely listen, and will try to do everything to become softer and more obedient at least a little.

Stop by the mirror4

No, you don't need to look for physical flaws in yourself. You just need to look at yourself from the outside, and suddenly it is in you that the reason for the dissatisfaction of your beloved lies. It also happens that a girl begins to show her temper if something does not suit her in the character or actions of the chosen one.

In this case, it is worth agreeing that everyone will try to change. Not immediately, gradually, but you will be able to "get used" to each other, to sharpen your characters so that everything suits you.

More attention5

Many girls begin to "show their claws" when they do not receive additional attention from their beloved. And it is precisely by whims that they attract his gaze, they try to steal at least a couple more minutes of his precious time. If you yourself understand this, but cannot do anything, go the other way:

  • Give gifts more often than usual, this will slightly cool the ardor of the beloved. You know that all girls love tokens. Let it not be an expensive piece of jewelry, but a simple keychain, you need to present it correctly. Tell her that this will be her mascot while you are at work / hunting / fishing and so on.
  • More sex! If a lady does not feel satisfied in sex, then she will be angry and always unhappy. Stop referring to fatigue and eternal problems, make your loved one happy.
  • Call more often, don't let the girl get bored.

It's so simple, not expensive, you can appease any, even the most capricious girl.

Do you need it? 6

Before proceeding with the operation "How to change the character of a girl," think how it will be beneficial for you. According to statistics, every second couple breaks up after being able to change something in each other.

girl character
girl character

Guys write in reviews on the Internet that they get bored with a “new” lover, there is no excitement, Brazilian passions. Others say that after re-education they realized that they fell in love with that obstinate young lady, and the “new” one repulsed all feelings. Still others are sure that it is not necessary to change the character in girls, because with flexible people it is simply not interesting!

What about the guys who fell in love with the bitch? Detailed instructions in a further article.