Why Men Love Tall Women: A Scientific Point Of View

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Why Men Love Tall Women: A Scientific Point Of View
Why Men Love Tall Women: A Scientific Point Of View

Video: Why Men Love Tall Women: A Scientific Point Of View

Video: Why Men Love Tall Women: A Scientific Point Of View
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Why do men love tall
Why do men love tall

The question seems strange, but understandable. Most men love little girls. Of course, there is no dispute about tastes, but according to statistical data, only 17% prefer tall women. Therefore, the question why men love tall women is relevant and requires an answer. Is this preference given only for physical characteristics?

The content of the article

  • 1 Benefits of tall girls
  • 2 Male psychology
  • 3 Good humor about love for tall women
  • 4 Scientific point of view on the love of tall women

Benefits of tall girls

Tall women have gained popularity in recent years. Long-legged beauties with charisma and beauty are very popular with men. With them it is not a shame to appear in the world. They behave with dignity in society and attract everyone's attention, which increases a man's self-esteem.

There are other important qualities that "catch" men:

  • Confidence in behavior. This is often present in the "little inches", but in tall women it is more pronounced, they are less pinched and constrained.
  • Long legs. Naturally, many men simply adore these parts of the female body. Legs are always sexy and are often a fetish for the stronger sex.
  • More athletic. It is quite rare for tall girls to be overweight. Growth gives the figure an athletic appearance, even if sports are ignored.
  • Attract attention. The eyes are always attracted to such women, it is impossible not to notice them. They are characterized by gracefulness and femininity of movements.
  • Thorough self-care. If a short woman can tolerate negligence in makeup or hairstyle, then a tall lady cannot afford it. She is always an object of attention and cannot look sloppy.

In many ways, sympathy for tall ladies is due to the fashion for the standards of glossy magazines. Although, this opinion is very controversial.

By the way, high growth allows you to look down on the people who cause her problems. This discourages teasing her. It is believed that tall girls are complex because of their height, but this is absolutely groundless.

Male psychology2

Attraction to tall women does not mean that height is the only selection criterion. Men like any girls with a "twist", but still, some fundamentally do not notice small women and choose only by their height.

Why men love tall women
Why men love tall women

How can one explain: why do men love tall women? Indeed, in this case, the male habit of dominating often does not work. It's simple: men are just turned on by girls with a height above average.

Growth, of course, is not the most important aspect in choosing a companion, and many do not pay attention to this criterion. Unfortunately, there are few of them. Men subconsciously think that a tall wife is healthier, which will affect the desired offspring. In addition, a tall girl looks presentable in any clothes, drawing attention to herself, which flatters her companion.

But still, why guys are taller than girls, we read in our article further on the link.

Good humor about love for tall women3

Many believe that the main reason for such love is that they have a more comfortable hug. There are, of course, other factors:

  • In the photo, they are always behind, so that the short ones are clearly visible.
  • They are distinguished by reliability, they will never get lost in the crowd.
  • Sometimes they are delightfully awkward, and even if they touch the ceiling with their head, it enhances their charm.
guys love tall girls
guys love tall girls
  • Tall girls have long arms, which allows them to take better selfies.
  • With long legs, girls always do well on time.
  • Tall women need large beds, which will be pleasant …
  • You don't have to bend over to kiss her.
  • Tall women are incredibly patient as they spend hours in dressing rooms looking for clothes and shoes.
  • Special sexual positions are available with such a woman.

In addition, they have a great sense of humor, which is honed by the witticisms of people who commented on her growth.

Scientific point of view on love for tall women4

Men who are attracted to tall girls are conventionally divided into 3 groups.

Why men love tall girls
Why men love tall girls

In one of them there are men who treat big women as mothers. They feel calm and protected with them. If the adaptation is mutual, such a couple sometimes feels organic, but one should know that the man clearly suffers from the Oedipus complex.

For men from another group, tall women are a trophy. They love everything big, thereby compensating for something. In their perception, any possession is a vivid demonstration of its importance. Such men need the services of a psychotherapist, but do not realize it. They will ask for help only after a severe shock.

Well, in the third group there are men with a specific psychosexual development. For them, height is a fetish. They have normal self-esteem and appropriate taste.

This is the opinion of psychologists who are always looking for reasons in the wilds of the unknown. Well, a man likes a woman who is two heads taller than him, what can you do about it.

Long-legged and tall beauties only seem inaccessible. Love has nothing to do with growth. There are many cases when a couple looks funny, but they are happy and this is the main thing.

Learn more about what other qualities and external characteristics like men in women from our next article.