What To Do If The Mistress Left. How To Get It Back

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What To Do If The Mistress Left. How To Get It Back
What To Do If The Mistress Left. How To Get It Back

Video: What To Do If The Mistress Left. How To Get It Back

Video: What To Do If The Mistress Left. How To Get It Back
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how to get your mistress back
how to get your mistress back

Family life is not an easy thing, sometimes it is not enough to meet your vital needs, so you have to have a mistress. This can be condemned in society, but what can they know about mental wounds and lack of attention? Sometimes it happens that even the object of sighing "on the side" leaves, leaving even more questions. How to get your mistress back? How do you get this muse of love back? About this in our article.

The content of the article

  • 1 "Well, why did she leave?"
  • 2 Why mistresses still exist
  • 3 We begin to return the lost
  • 4 Step one. Awareness of the problem
  • 5 Step two. We return everything to square one
  • 6 Bored with supporting roles
  • 7 "Need more gold"
  • 8 She has another
  • 9 Rare reasons for leaving a mistress and how to get her back
  • 10 Step three. The cage has slammed shut - we close it with a thousand locks

“Why did she leave?” I

When a man has a mistress, he is almost one hundred percent sure that she will not go anywhere from him. But he brushes aside the fact that she, too, is human and capable of feeling and loving. It is this fact that leads to bewilderment - how could she leave me? After all, I did everything for her that I could: fur coats, jewelry, restaurants, sex. “Yes, she just has no right to leave me!” - this is what most confident men with Napoleon's syndrome think. And she may well cut off everything connected with you, because she is a girl, not a thing.

It is likely that she might be bored with your company, or arrogant attitude, or even that she is in the background. Everything is possible, but how to return what has already been lost?

According to some studies, only about 21% of women are ready to be in the background, playing the role of mistress. This suggests that the weaker sex is very fond of attention to themselves, or rather, the total capture of your attention. And it doesn't matter what kind of relationship you were connected with - whether it was a mistress from your wife, girlfriend, your kept woman, or just a person with whom you periodically communicated when your wife got bored. Women are inherently different from men, and they need much more attention than the stronger sex thinks.

Why mistresses still exist2

Human psychology is designed in such a way that people cannot be content with little. It is unlikely that this is read by monks and ascetics, who are accustomed to living on water and bread, while everyone else is characterized by such a concept as "everything and more." Yes, we do not live in the XIIV century, when it was a shame to walk in girls at the age of 17, and if a young man had not yet decided on his chosen one until 20, he was considered unlucky.

But even now, these ossified concepts of morality and ethics make themselves felt, and refer us to Noah's ark with the phrase "Each creature has a pair." But a person can be polygamous by nature and is not used to being content with little, especially with regard to men.

Studies have shown that more than 80% of men have had more than one sexual partner, which means that the number can grow exponentially. Some are stopped by the creation of a family, some are not, but the position of the mistresses themselves is more interesting here. They know that they are not in the foreground, they know that they play the role of a kind of "outlet", but they still maintain a relationship with such a man. And there are three reasons: strong love, material gain and personal revenge.

about how to get your mistress back
about how to get your mistress back

If with the first two everything is clear by the name, then the third should be explained. Vendetta can be committed both to your man, to the woman of the "lover" and even to fate itself for some insult. Through such immoral, from the point of view of society, behavior, mistresses and commit their revenge.

We begin to return the lost3

First, you should realize that, after all, a mistress is not a thing, not a joy for your problems and worries, but a living person. It may sound ridiculous, but most men don't even think about it. According to statistics, only 40 out of 1000 powdered women are ready to return to men who had mistresses. The most basic thing will be to understand yourself - what do you want from life and specifically from this person. If your goal is to walk, feed, drink and sleep, you are not on the right track.

If you call it pronouns, you also turned the wrong way. If you have read this text and found yourself in it - below are step-by-step instructions on how to return your mistress.

Step one. Awareness of the problem4

As a rule, it is difficult for men to admit that they are wrong. The case with his mistress will not be an exception - they are simply fundamentally sure that they did everything right, and there is no trace of their guilt. But this does not mean that the “breadwinner” is to blame for everything - women are still devils in skirts. In fact, there can be three reasons for breaking off such a relationship.

How to get your mistress back
How to get your mistress back

First, the mistress is tired of being in the background. Like any woman, she wants to be "that one and all that", and it is likely that she is bored with playing a secondary role. Such a case, as a rule, has two outcomes - either leave the given venture and accept, or put it in the first place, and that means getting married. But, as popular wisdom says, if a man marries his mistress, the vacancy is automatically vacated.

The second reason is financial problems. It happens that the mistress simply does not have enough money from you. Yes, this is said cruelly and can hurt a fragile and tender male heart, but the fact remains. With such a movement, she makes it clear that you, dear, need to strain a little if you want to be with me. The only way out in such a situation would be to open the wallet wider and shower it with bills from head to toe.

And the third reason is that someone better than you has appeared on the horizon. In this case, you need to activate all your strengths, and show who is in charge here.

Step two. Returning everything to square one5

Having dealt with the reasons, you need to start solving the problem. Analyze your behavior recently, gather all your will into a fist and act. As with any woman, elementary signs of attention are applicable to a mistress - flowers, gifts, compliments and promises. The main secret in returning your mistress will be to create an atmosphere as close as possible to the beginning of your relationship.

tips on how to get your mistress back
tips on how to get your mistress back

Bored with supporting roles6

If your relationship fell under the first option, namely that your mistress is tired of being a supporting hero, you can resort to light lies. Invite her to dinner, organize a romantic and promise that you will improve and pay more attention than before. The situation is standard, but you need to know a few subtleties and secret weapons.

Well, first of all, it will be very difficult to convince her. So you should prepare more than one weighty argument. Tell her how beautiful she is and what a fool you were for allowing yourself to end this relationship. Then you can put a little pressure on pity, they say, life became gray and boring when she left it. Use more epithets and bright words to re-interest your mistress.

At the end, you can add that only children (if any) associate you with your wife, and in general you are constantly looking for an excuse to leave her. If you really need attention from this girl, get ready to use all your eloquence. Such ladies of "fine mental organization" are very fond of promises and willingly believe in them.

at the end, you can add that only children (if any) connect you with your wife and in general you are constantly looking for a reason to leave her. If you really need attention from this girl, get ready to use all your eloquence. Such ladies of "fine mental organization" are very fond of promises and willingly believe in them.

is it possible to return the mistress
is it possible to return the mistress

"More gold needed" 7

If you are not lucky enough to fall under the description of the second scenario, you will either have to look for a second job or bring less money to your family. Such women can leave you without a penny, stretch everything to the last drop and still remain dissatisfied. However, if you have something to appreciate this lady, it is difficult to blame you. Here the "treatment" is quite simple - a huge bouquet of roses, a bunch of gifts, and maybe even a trip abroad and it is yours again. The only subtlety is not to overdo it. When you shower her with gifts, you set the bar for future "new old" relationships. Do it your best - boost your stinginess a bit before breaking up, but don't push it too high.

If you simulate the situation, then the wrong option would be as follows: she left you because you asked a couple of times to split the restaurant bill in half, and when you wanted to return it, you registered this restaurant for her. This is exaggerated, but clearly reflects the problem - the mistress will want the same gifts in the future, and then you already ran out of money when you bought the bar counter.

If you act wisely, it will look like this: the problem is the same bill paid in half, the solution is to invite “discuss the past” to a restaurant, pre-order a huge table with her favorite treats. It will not be superfluous to take the mistress from the restaurant to another institution - for example, a club or immediately to a hotel room, if the "bird is already in the cage." It is then easier to jump off such a demonstration of the width of the wallet, especially if the subject has not graduated from Harvard, and will not initially set the bar high, like various kinds of gifts. The best choice is something abstract and, preferably, not something that can be measured in pieces.

How can you get your mistress back
How can you get your mistress back

She got another8

The third case, when your lady found a "better option", is not so easy to treat. Here you will not only have to think about how to get your mistress back, but also figure out yourself. It is important to understand the fine line - is it that you have done something wrong somewhere, or your protégé is really better than you in all respects. With the second case, practically nothing can be done, and if it is possible, then it is a criminal offense. But to sort out your mistakes and correct yourself is quite an option. Reconsider the relationship to the novel on the side and, possibly, make changes to it.

According to statistics, the relationship between a man and a woman falls apart from routine in 60% of cases. Relationships with a mistress are no exception - a tight schedule of meetings and the monotony of entertainment can get bored with her, and she will begin to look for something new in another partner. The prevention of such cases can be changing the meeting place, spending leisure time not only at dinner, but also at different times of the day. Get the woman interested in the end.

Rare reasons for leaving a mistress and how to get her back9

Occasionally, there are cases that do not fall into these three categories. For example, you could lie to your mistress that you are lonely, and when she found out that you have a family, you immediately gave up. In this case, it is necessary, as they say, to hang "noodles" about the fact that a marriage of convenience and all that, and she is your ray in life and you really need it.

return relationship with his mistress
return relationship with his mistress

If resentment of any kind is the reason for the breakup, then turn on the gentleman and apologize with all your might, resorting to gifts and beautiful words. In general, psychologists argue that women who tend to be lovers quite easily forgive men because of their unscrupulousness. All you need is sincerity, or at least an illusion.

Step three. The cage has slammed shut - we close it with a thousand locks10

When you have returned to yourself that desired fruit, I would like to preserve normal relations to the maximum in the future. Everyone likes stability and no one likes breakups. Especially in this whole story, men do not like to bother about how to get their mistress back. Therefore, in order to avoid such incidents, we provide you with some advice from psychologists:

  • Make her believe that she is the only one. Women love attention, and if they know they are important to a man, they are less likely to cheat or leave.
  • Do not be stingy - you have found money to have a mistress, find it in order to provide for her.
  • Do not treat your mistress as a thing. You didn't buy it, and to some extent this girl is doing you a favor, acting as a distraction from domestic problems.
  • Show your masculinity. Not in the literal sense, of course, just indicate by all your actions that you are confident in yourself and can be relied on. Girls just stick to confident men, even if they are not rich and not very beautiful.
I want to return my mistress
I want to return my mistress

Start different companies. Yes, they are your best friends and yes, you went through fire, water and copper pipes with them, but everyone can blabber. And this will lead to both the collapse of the family, but most likely the loss of his mistress

First of all, men need to remember that lovers are not an object of their status or position. Not every respectable man should have a mistress, contrary to popular belief. She is a living person, with her feelings and experiences, and you better reckon with them. And the fact that the mistresses are women makes the situation even worse. Love women and appreciate them, and then you won't have to return anyone.