A Man Loses Interest In A Woman: Who Is To Blame And What To Do?

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A Man Loses Interest In A Woman: Who Is To Blame And What To Do?
A Man Loses Interest In A Woman: Who Is To Blame And What To Do?

Video: A Man Loses Interest In A Woman: Who Is To Blame And What To Do?

Video: A Man Loses Interest In A Woman: Who Is To Blame And What To Do?
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In any relationship, there comes a moment of crisis. This can happen in any, even a seemingly perfect couple. Often the “chill” begins to come from the man. A man loses interest in a woman. This development of events either leads to a complete rupture of relations, or to the search for entertainment on the side.

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  • 1 Psychological aspects
  • 2 Reasons for deteriorating relationships

This does not happen because the man is bad in something, or the woman is wrong in everything. After all, at the beginning of a relationship, a partner seems perfect. We ourselves make of him exactly the person with whom we then face our heads in moments of quarrels and difficulties.

Psychological aspectsi

A man, due to his psychological characteristics, is initially different from a woman. It is believed that a man is naturally polygamous. But do not think that they are all only males, pursuing the goal of making more females happy. The psychology of men is difficult to understand, but possible.

Distinctive concepts of men, having understood which, it will be easier for a woman to understand his actions:

- if a man only needs a relationship for sex, then you should not expect tenderness from him. Even if he swore an oath of love and fidelity, trying to drag the woman into bed.

the guy lost interest
the guy lost interest

- a man always wants a better woman. According to his psychology, a man is a conqueror and a winner; accordingly, he wants to see a woman worthy of him nearby.

- a man will treat a woman based on her attitude to him.

Reasons for deteriorating relationships2

How to understand what are the reasons for cooling feelings, why a man loses interest in a woman?

There are a number of reasons that can lead to such consequences:

  1. When a woman is overly active and attentive to a man. Excessive care can also alienate the stronger sex. A woman may seem intrusive, and therefore uninteresting.
  2. The man is trying to explain the consistency of the relationship. From the line "we were made for each other." This kills the whole mystery to the man in the woman. And in general, the concept of female logic is alien to men.
  3. You shouldn't even sort things out. Especially in public. Who bothers more, the relationship is more important. And a man immediately loses a sense of the lightness of being. Therefore, loading the man with the arrangement of "dots over and" is not at all worth it.
boy fell out of love
boy fell out of love
  1. Excessive jealousy and control also scare away any man. If at first it seems pleasant to him the mild jealousy of his partner, then in the future this can drive him crazy.
  2. Excessive independence and the fulfillment of male responsibilities often explain why a man loses interest in a woman. After all, such a person in his eyes loses sexual vulnerability. A man loses his field of activity, begins to feel his uselessness in such a relationship.
  3. For a man, the appearance of a partner is of great importance. The gained pounds and bags under the eyes are not the best option for him. By nature, he is looking for a worthy and beautiful mother for his offspring. Most of the men are visuals, that is, they love with their eyes.
  4. Lack of common interests alienates partners. However, like the lack of personal interests outside the relationship can cause a weakening of interest.
  5. Constant whining and complaints about life will bore any normal man. Shifting solutions to even the smallest problems is also inappropriate. The man is used to solving global problems.
  6. Lack of variety in bed. Innovation always brings excellent results in this area.
guy ignores
guy ignores

Of course, each couple has their own reasons, but the main points are as follows.

It can be difficult to understand the cooling of a man's interest in a given situation. It is not for nothing that such books as "A man from Mars, a woman from Venus" are born.

In a relationship with a man, you should never say your plans and dreams associated with him out loud. After all, a woman can come up with names for future children, while for a man it's just another relationship for sex.

The entire future of a couple depends on how much a woman is ready to be receptive to a partner, to strive to be a queen for him. Then a man will move mountains for the sake of such a woman.

No man wants to live a boring life. The constant thirst for action and new experiences drives the stronger sex. Therefore, cozy evenings on the couch watching movies sooner or later get bored. It is generally accepted that a man should be responsible for beautiful gestures and romance in a relationship. How many couples broke up because of such a policy!

The modern world influences the psychology of relationships. There are too many temptations and entertainment around. Therefore, do not provoke a man again. This will lead to the loss of his interest completely. A wise woman should be flexible and unavailable at the same time.

what to do if the guy gets cold
what to do if the guy gets cold

Each relationship is unique and in which people face individual problems. It is necessary to side with the man more often and try to see the situation through the prism of his vision.

It's not easy to be a man these days. Therefore, the task of a loving woman is to preserve in him a sense of his own worth and importance. Then he will be a real hero for his woman.