Pros And Cons Of Marriage For Men And Women: Learn About The Pros And Cons

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Pros And Cons Of Marriage For Men And Women: Learn About The Pros And Cons
Pros And Cons Of Marriage For Men And Women: Learn About The Pros And Cons

Video: Pros And Cons Of Marriage For Men And Women: Learn About The Pros And Cons

Video: Pros And Cons Of Marriage For Men And Women: Learn About The Pros And Cons
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pros and cons of marriage
pros and cons of marriage

Before putting on wedding rings, men and women want to know all the pros and cons of marriage. For some, the official signature is a way to prove love for each other, for others it is the achievement of a mutual agreement and a business agreement. In Russia, traditionally, marriages are made for love, but in other countries girls do not always become wives of their own accord.

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  • 1 Traditions and foundations: how marriage appeared
  • 2 Wedding at 12: where is it possible?
  • 3 Why marriage is needed
  • 4 Pros and cons of registering a relationship
  • 5 Marriage according to Darwin - evolutionary development of marriage relations
  • 6 Length of marriage in different countries
  • 7 Guinness World Record - Longest Marriage in the World
  • 8 Interesting Facts About Marriage

Traditions and foundations: how marriage appeared

For some couples, the usual painting in the registry office is not enough, they also get married in the church. This tradition arose relatively recently in Russia, but it is interesting that on the day of family, love and fidelity July 8, which is also called the day of Peter and Fevronia of Murom. However, it will not be possible to get married in the church on this day, because the eighth of July is the day of fasting.

At the conclusion of a formal marriage, the bride and groom must kiss each other, but this is not a simple tradition, but a necessity that appeared in ancient Rome. When testimonies and seals were not yet in circulation, the kiss strengthened the relationship between men and women who decided to become spouses.

Historically, in some countries to this day there is such a form as levirate - the transfer of a widowed wife to the brother of the deceased. This tradition continues in Australia, South America, Africa and India. There are other types of relationships - companionship, when a woman marries a widowed man.

Marriage traditions
Marriage traditions

However, this is not as bad as weddings in Bali, where the newlyweds have six teeth eaten away, thereby removing six blemishes. However, the pain they are experiencing cannot be damped with anesthesia or pain pills.

In Japan, there was another tradition - temporary wives. Since before becoming a legal spouse, a Japanese woman must save money for a good dowry, she marries a foreign man for a short period - most often, up to one year. He fully provides her with everything she needs, and only after that the girl can become a full-fledged wife for the Japanese.

An unusual custom exists in Singapore. According to the established tradition, younger brothers marry only after the older ones, but sometimes it happens that the elder one dies. In order not to deprive others of the right to marry, the marriage is registered with the deceased posthumously, after which the rest can find an official wife for themselves. The same is done in China, but not to release the younger brothers from their obligations, but for amusement, because an unmarried man can be very bored in the next world.

Russian customs can surprise you just as much. So Peter the Great issued a decree according to which only smart people who knew geometry and arithmetic could get married. However, this rule only applied to nobles. Another thing is interesting - since in some districts boys and girls were married at the insistence of their parents, a “change of the bride” could take place. The groom, who saw his betrothed only once, did not recognize her during the wedding, hidden under the veil and dress. And when the painting had already taken place and the substitution was discovered, nothing could be changed. The parents of several girls took such a step, one of whom was beautiful, and the others not very much.

how did the marriage appear
how did the marriage appear

Wedding at 12: where is it possible? _12

The pros and cons of marriage do not matter when children are forced to marry by force of their parents. This does happen in some countries. A wedding is a historical ceremony during which the rights and responsibilities of both spouses are determined. It is impossible to create a family without registering a relationship. However, in some countries, parents decide for themselves how and when to marry and marry their children. There are cases when girls become spouses already at the age of 9 years.

In Europe, people most often get married when they reach marriageable age. In Hungary it is 18 years, as in Poland. In England and France, marriage is allowed from 15-16 years old, but on condition that the children have become emancipated, or the parents have given their consent.

In Canada, the minimum age for a girl is 12 years old and for a guy it is 14 years old. The same age is set in Chile, Ecuador.

On the territory of Russia, many marriage traditions developed with the advent of Christianity. This applies not only to age, but also to some foundations - for example, it is believed that a man should be at least 2-3 years older than his wife. In some regions of Russia, in the Caucasus, a guy can “steal” a girl, provided that she has reached the minimum marriageable age, and marry himself. However, most often, parents become the initiators of early marriage (at the age of 12-14).

What is marriage
What is marriage

Why marriage is needed2

Despite all the pros and cons of marriage, people tend to formalize their relationships for a reason. Subconsciously, the desire for marriage is inherent in every person from childhood, provided that there were normal relations in the family, and mom and dad raised a son or daughter together.

There are several reasons why young boys and girls seek to register a relationship - it is easier for two to endure life's hardships, rent an apartment or pay a mortgage, in addition, sex is improved during life together, which has a beneficial effect on health. It is interesting that since creating their own family is an important stage in life, people often quit some bad habits, such as smoking, regular consumption of alcohol.

However, all this is characteristic only of a happy marriage. Many are afraid that they will not be as lucky as their mother / girlfriend / friend, and therefore are in no hurry to register the relationship officially.

The reasons why they most often get married are simple: a great love for a person, a desire to take care of him, to have children. For women, stability is important, a guarantee of the fulfillment of certain obligations. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to rush to make their girlfriend unfree so that potential rivals can see that she is already busy with someone else.

pros and cons of marriage
pros and cons of marriage

An equally important reason is the desire to obtain the status of “married”, to feel that they belong to the social unit.

Variable relationships - guest marriage - we consider all its subtleties in the article by reference.

Pros and cons of registering relationships3

You need to study the pros and cons of marriage before applying in order to understand whether it is really that important and necessary.

The advantages include the following: the possibility of concluding a marriage contract and documenting all rights to housing, movable and immovable property, having children in a protected environment, inheriting joint property in the first order. For women, as well as for men, the advantage is that if they are caring for a child, and the spouse suddenly dies, the husband or wife is entitled to a survivor benefit.

If citizens give birth to a child out of wedlock, they will need to go through a long and inconvenient procedure to establish paternity. For official spouses, everything is much simpler - the child is automatically recorded under their names.

Interestingly, by law, a woman is protected even in the first year of a child's life - if she is pregnant or raising a baby, a man cannot file for divorce of his own free will.

pros of marriage
pros of marriage

If, for any reason, the spouse ends up in jail, then only the official spouse has the right to visit, which can also turn out to be a significant plus in some difficult situations.

There are also disadvantages to marriage, but most often these are disadvantages for men who decide to leave the family - they must pay alimony until the child turns 18.

Other significant disadvantages are the imposition of foreclosure on the spouse if the husband or wife cannot fulfill their obligations. If the spouses decide to divorce, they also have to go through a complicated divorce procedure, since the division of property takes place in court. However, the latter circumstance can be called more a plus than a minus, because at the end of informal relations it is impossible to prove that the thing was bought by someone specifically or with joint money.

Marriage according to Darwin - the evolutionary development of marriage relations4

From the point of view of evolution, the family is important as a unit of society in which everyone plays their role - the mother is engaged in raising children, the father provides the family with food, clothing and everything necessary. This is a very general definition that has little in common with the modern institution of the family, but in the formation of this unit of society, the motive was the following - mutually beneficial mother-father partnership.

cons of marriage
cons of marriage

The first historically documented form of monogamy was the patriarchal family ruled by a father. The transition from this form of family to a new, modern one did not take place immediately, many intermediate stages were passed.

The first families were communities - large house families, in which people lived for three, and sometimes even four generations at once. Each member of the family fulfilled his function - he ran a household, raised children, cooked dinners for everyone, collected food, and hunted wild animals. The modern family is different, but despite this, at all times the evolutionary idea and function remains the same - the birth and upbringing of children, the protection of the wife under the “wing” of the husband.

Length of marriage in different countries5

In recent years, there has been a trend towards devaluation of marriage. It has become too easy to get divorced, and the spouses, after a strong quarrel that could have been resolved, rush to the registry office or the court in order to sign the certificate of dissolution.

Divorce rates are increasing, but the numbers differ from country to country. In Qatar (Daha), the overall divorce rate is 38%. More than half of couples break up quickly enough - after five years of marriage.

In the UK, the average length of marriage is 11 years and the divorce rate is 42%. However, it is most likely that the relationship will end between 4 and 8 years of marriage, or after 11 years of marriage.

Length of marriage
Length of marriage

The Japanese also get along well with each other, and the divorce rate is 36%, most couples have lived together for at least 11 years. However, the trend is increasing as divorce has not been considered an indelible shame in recent years. It is interesting how the divorce ceremony in Japan takes place - the spouses are freed from the shackles of their former life, breaking wedding rings with a hammer. At the same time, both are blindfolded.

In Mexico City, the average marriage is longer - 12 years. Previously, a marriage in Mexico City was very short - about two years, but the situation changed when a special license was invented and introduced. The divorce process is very fast, however, more and more couples began to live together for a long time.

In Sydney, despite the fact that the divorce rate is quite high - 43 percent, people also live together for 12 years. They are waiting for the children to grow up. Many even seek to maintain a relationship for 20 years, so as not to traumatize their children with the news of divorce.

In the United States, the overall divorce rate is 41%. The average length of a marriage is 12 years and 2 months. Interestingly, the largest percentage of divorces - 60% - occurs in second marriages, and 73% - in third marriages of Americans.

Paris is called the land of love, and relationships there, in reality, start easily and quickly. Despite the fact that in couples who have decided to divorce, the life expectancy is 13 years, the divorce rate is very high - 55%. Passions are boiling!

Passion in marriage
Passion in marriage

In Russia, people have lived together for about 14 years before divorcing, but the divorce rate is very high - 51%. In Moscow alone, there are about 50,000 divorces per 100,000 registered marriages.

For the longest time people live together in Italy - 18 years, while divorce is extremely rare - in 30% of cases.

Guinness World Record - Longest Marriage in the World6

Of all the couples in the world, Indians have lived together the longest - 86 years. According to traditional customs, the wedding took place very early - at the age of 12 for the bride and 13 for the husband. Despite the fact that the girl did not succeed in completing her studies, she was busy with everyday life, the children appeared in a couple only 15 years after the marriage was registered, but today they already have 7 children, who in turn gave their mother and father 15 grandchildren.

When asked whether they lived happily, whether there were any quarrels, the wife answered “Sometimes”, but the husband, interrupting her, replied that “Never”.

Interesting facts about marriage7

The origin of marriage took place a very long time ago, at the dawn of human life, but at the very beginning, marriage had more of a sacred meaning. There are also known cases in history when marriages were concluded between relatives, especially in the Middle East.

Interesting facts about marriage
Interesting facts about marriage

It is interesting that in the modern world everything is for monogamy, but the original form was still polygamy. Polls have been conducted that showed that today men are not against plurality, if it were allowed, but women are protesting.

The marriage certificate has received such important importance only recently, since 1639 - in the United States. Prior to this, no documentary evidence of marriage was required, but accordingly, a divorce could not occur, since all those close to him knew about the marriage.

The relationship between a man and a woman has never been purely personal, society prefers to know, if only in order to distinguish married from unmarried.