Reasons For Cheating Men And Women: 20 Main Reasons For Infidelity

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Reasons For Cheating Men And Women: 20 Main Reasons For Infidelity
Reasons For Cheating Men And Women: 20 Main Reasons For Infidelity

Video: Reasons For Cheating Men And Women: 20 Main Reasons For Infidelity

Video: Reasons For Cheating Men And Women: 20 Main Reasons For Infidelity
Video: The REAL Reason Men Cheat On Their Partners - Jordan Peterson Explains Why Men Cheat 2023, September
reasons for betrayal of men and women
reasons for betrayal of men and women

In the not too distant past, adultery was considered a great sin and even punished. Today, as sad as it may sound, it has become something commonplace and familiar. But what are the main reasons for cheating? Why do women and men cheat? What makes you betray your loved one and create a lot of problems, even breaking up the relationship? Psychologists have identified 10 main reasons for male and female infidelity.

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  • 1 Male infidelity
  • 2 Interest in another woman
  • 3 "I was drunk"
  • 4 Monotony of everyday life, lack of respect from the spouse
  • 5 Sexual temperament mismatch
  • 6 he found the woman of his dreams
  • 7 Desire to feel macho
  • 8 Solving life problems
  • 9 "It is so necessary by status"
  • 10 could not resist
  • 11 Partner turned into a gray mouse
  • 12 Cheating
  • 13 Lack of understanding
  • 14 Revenge
  • 15 Drunk
  • 16 Curiosity
  • 17 Dissatisfaction
  • 18 This is considered the norm in the family
  • 19 Feel Desirable
  • 20 Too early or forced marriage
  • 21 Permanent absence of her husband
  • 22 Sex for profit

Male cheating

Many men still explain cheating by their alleged polygamy. But they forget that times are changing, and today there is no longer a need to “fertilize as many women as possible”. Therefore, polygamy cannot be an excuse for infidelity. Then what are the reasons for cheating men?

Interest in another woman2

In most cases, you do not need to dig deep to identify the cause of male cheating. He did it because he wanted to try something new. Point. In some situations, he himself comes to such a decision, in others, friends who have mistresses act as a catalyst. To become more confident in himself and "keep up" with his friends, the man goes to the left. This can be either a one-time meeting with another (in bed), or periodic. In the second case, everything from ordinary interest develops into something more and can lead to a break in relations with the spouse.

"I was drunk" 3

Another of the most popular reasons for cheating is to sleep drunk. A corporate party, a large amount of alcohol drunk, a sudden desire to have sex and a colleague willing to do everything … In most cases, such relationships end at this stage. But if they dragged on and continue - this is a clear sign that the betrayal was not an accident. This means that the man and the woman have been eyeing each other for some time.

Monotony of daily life, lack of respect from the spouse4

Fatigue, a large number of domestic problems and misunderstanding on the part of the wife lead to the fact that the man begins to seek solace on the side. And now there is a woman who does not fill her head with stupid problems, gives him affection, listens with an open mouth and does not ask for anything in return. Paradise? Maybe. But for the time being.

Reasons for cheating women
Reasons for cheating women

If a man decides to leave the family, he will soon realize that the new relationship is far from being as ideal as it seemed at the very beginning. Here, too, there are problems, the chosen one begins to have complaints. Was it worth it? Perhaps you had to talk to your wife first and try to get on with your life?

Mismatch of sexual temperament5

At the beginning of a relationship, this problem may not play a noticeable role, but over time it reaches "global" proportions. If a woman wants sex much less than a man, over time he may start looking for what he lacks on the side.

He found the woman of his dreams6

This happens in cases when a man did not really want to get married, but circumstances forced him. For example, a girl was not scheduled to become pregnant, and he had no other option. And then he met the woman of his dreams. The relationship with her is usually long-term, and the man is constantly rushing between family and the love of his life.

Reasons for cheating men
Reasons for cheating men

As a result, either leaves the first, or the second, not noticing any prospects for the future, abandons it herself.

Desire to feel macho7

This point is self-explanatory. The man is trying to assert himself and show that he is still worth a lot. But the way to do it is not entirely correct.

Solving life problems8

This is the method used by weak men. When big problems arise in life, they do not even try to change or solve something, but seek consolation in other matters. For example, drunkenness, work or sex on the side.

"It is so necessary by status" 9

Many powerful men have mistresses. There can be no question of any feelings here.

Reasons for cheating in a couple
Reasons for cheating in a couple

Each new girl is a toy that he managed to buy.

Couldn't Resist10

For this reason, it is mainly men who are weak in character and do not know how to change. If the woman he is interested in is very persistent, no one will be surprised by the fact that he will sleep with her. Or even leave his spouse / girlfriend.

The partner turned into a gray mouse11

Men love with their eyes and want to see a beautiful well-groomed woman next to them. If a loved one waved her hand at herself, the likelihood of treason increases significantly. Even if earlier he said that he absolutely did not care about the presence of cosmetics and beautiful clothes.

Female infidelity12

Women, too, are far from being angels. Here are just the reasons for betrayal in their case are sometimes deeper than the usual "sports interest".

the fact of infidelity in a relationship
the fact of infidelity in a relationship

Lack of understanding13

Women are emotional creatures. Even after many years of marriage, they still want affection and romance. If the beloved man does not give this, she can plunge headlong into a new relationship. At the same time, the thought of treason arises in the head far from the first problem that arises, it can take years.


Many women have no idea how to forgive cheating. Especially if her rival is not suitable for her. In this case, she can change herself. Just to even the score. 1: 1. We play further.


In principle, this point is no different from the one that was considered with regard to men.

Reasons for cheating in a relationship
Reasons for cheating in a relationship

A lot can be done under the influence of alcohol. Even if you will soon have to regret it very much.


"And how is it with another man?" Such thoughts may arise in a woman who did not have time to "walk up" in her youth. And then there are two possible options for the development of events: a woman cheats only once and often considers it a mistake, or finds a permanent partner (or several) on the side.


Just as in the case of male infidelity, a woman may start looking for sex on the side due to dissatisfaction with the intimate life with her partner.

This is considered the norm in the family18

There are families in which only a stamp in the passport or taking care of children and unwillingness to change anything keeps partners together.

Reasons for cheating men and women
Reasons for cheating men and women

Both man and woman are constantly cheating on a friend. Moreover, each of them does not see anything wrong with this.

Feel Desirable19

Women have an excellent instinct and always perfectly understand whether a man loves her or not. If the second option is observed in a relationship, a search may begin for a partner who will satisfy not only sexually, but also emotionally.

Too early or forced marriage 20

Young girls want to grow up as quickly as possible, start living their own lives and leave their parental home. That is why most of them start having sex very early and marry almost the first person who offers it. Or even "on the fly", here as luck would have it.

Needless to say, such marriages are often doomed to failure from the very beginning? Young people do not yet have enough life experience to be able to cope with problems (of which there will be many) and to compromise.

why men cheat
why men cheat

And sometimes the realization comes to a woman's head that her husband is not at all the person she would like to see next to her for the rest of her life. It is at this moment that the thought of betrayal and the search for a new partner appears, which soon becomes reality.

Permanent absence of husband21

It does not matter at all why the husband is often not at home: blockages at work, business trips or spree. Sooner or later, a woman will get tired of being alone in a cold bed. And she will find someone who will warm her. This can be either once or periodically. Depending on whether she loves her man.

Sex for profit22

For example, female careerists are capable of this, who are ready to do anything for the desired promotion. In the literal sense of the word.

Be that as it may, both partners are almost always to blame for treason. Before blaming your man or your woman for all mortal sins, you should think about: maybe something was done wrong? Beloved and loving do not change.

why women cheat
why women cheat

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