Why Stay Friends With Ex-partners And Is It Worth It

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Why Stay Friends With Ex-partners And Is It Worth It
Why Stay Friends With Ex-partners And Is It Worth It

Video: Why Stay Friends With Ex-partners And Is It Worth It

Video: Why Stay Friends With Ex-partners And Is It Worth It
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why stay friends with ex
why stay friends with ex

All relationships have an end. Some end with a trip to the registry office and the altar, while others end with parting. Often, after breaking up, people decide to remain friends. But why stay friends with your ex, and in general, is it possible?

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  • 2 Is it necessary?
  • 3 Old relationships in a new way

Top reasons people choose to stay friends with their ex

Well-mannered people

Many couples, after parting, try to maintain formal friendships, as they are dictated by the norms of decency. At the same time, it is difficult to say whether the nature of their relationship can be described by the word “friends”. Rather, they are educated acquaintances who in the past were connected by something.

Much in common

Often, people break off relationships, but are unable to abandon the person, because too much in common. Music, art, cinema, languages, cooking and more. There can be many common themes, but why look for someone new if there is a proven “old friend”.

Fear of something new

Being in a relationship with this or that person, the circle of acquaintances is closely intertwined. When parting, there is always a fear that some acquaintances and friends will turn away. It's easier to keep everything as it is, while not putting friends in an awkward situation.


Well, who else if not a dear and close person, although a former, can help? Money, take a walk, move furniture or just talk, we always run and look for support from our relatives, but why figure out who to call today and ask for help, if you can always turn to your former partner?

why stay friends with ex
why stay friends with ex

Habit and jealousy

Love is gone, but not affection. No matter how bad it was with a partner, the feeling “he / she is mine / mine” has not gone anywhere. And jealousy from the fact that a person is now free does not allow him to sleep at night. It's easier to keep a person close and control where he is and with whom.


To our great regret, in the modern world, people part with children. Of course, neutrality and respect must always be observed because the child must feel comfortable, even in fleeting meetings of parents. But is it worth parting as friends?


Probably, such revenge is more inherent in the fairer sex. Keeping your ex at arm's length is convenient. You can cry and ask for help, or you can ruin his life. Unfortunately, many girls do not disdain such methods, and insolently use their former partners.

Is it necessary? 2

Of course, as already mentioned above, having common children, there is no relationship, but you need to keep it. But why stay friends with your ex if there are no contacts?

stay friends with ex
stay friends with ex

Everyone understands that maintaining a relationship with a person who has broken his heart or is simply bored is, at least, strange. Of course, for many, keeping a former partner close is a cure for anxiety, a thread of hope, or just a loved one nearby, but many do not understand that such friendship can have more disadvantages than advantages.

  1. Holding on to a former lover partner, a person often dwells only on him. It means that the door is closed to new hobbies, studies, friends and family.
  2. No new relationship. Well, what new relationships can there be if in the circle of friends, the new partner will always see the ex / ex of his chosen one or chosen one. in the end, this will lead to a sharp deterioration in a new relationship or to a new separation.

If the decision to remain friends has not disappeared anywhere, then it is necessary to understand that it is necessary to be thoroughly prepared for this kind of relationship.

Old relationships in a new way3

Before starting a new life, you need to fully analyze and understand your past relationships. It is worth highlighting all the pros and cons of past relationships and understand what you managed to get from your former loved one.

if you stay friends with ex
if you stay friends with ex

Postpone communication. Take a break from your ex for a few days / weeks / months. Consider all the points passed and the future life. In addition, you should honestly answer yourself for what reason there was a gap, what is the fault of both partners, and whether you will be able to forgive yourself and your partner.

After honestly answering all the questions, analyzing all the components and getting bored, if the desire to remain friends has not passed, then you need to contact your former lover and offer to discuss the possibility of remaining friends.

But remember:

  • Do not be jealous of your ex to a new partner.
  • Don't compare yourself to your ex's new partners and vice versa.
  • Do not blame each other for the current troubles and problems.
  • Trying to bring back a lost love.

Of course, the decision to remain friends with ex or not is up to everyone. But be that as it may, and if the decision to replenish the social circle with another friend, nevertheless, was made, then prepare for this thoroughly and answer yourself honestly two questions: "why stay friends with your ex?" and “can I stay friends with him / her?”.

stay friends with former partners
stay friends with former partners

Yes, there are people who maintain friendly relations even after parting, while not having any problems, but is there any confidence that this is about you ?!

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