They Say That Love Lives For Three Years - About The Film And The Book. Is It True?

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They Say That Love Lives For Three Years - About The Film And The Book. Is It True?
They Say That Love Lives For Three Years - About The Film And The Book. Is It True?

Video: They Say That Love Lives For Three Years - About The Film And The Book. Is It True?

Video: They Say That Love Lives For Three Years - About The Film And The Book. Is It True?
Video: Фрагмент с фильма Love lives for three years 2023, March
Love lives three years
Love lives three years

The novel "Love Lives Three Years" belongs to the pen of the French prose writer Frederic Beigbeder. The name did not come out of nowhere - this is not a worship of the magic number three, not from the bulldozer taken for a catchphrase and not an artistic fiction of a Frenchman. The beautiful story described in the book is based on the "crisis of three years", widely known in the world of psychology, and the theory that high feelings are associated with ordinary hormones.

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The plot is similar to most French films - the sweetness of mutual love, similar to the taste of freshly baked croissants in a nearby bakery, darkens the gloom of the human mind, expecting a trick from happiness, just as we wait for a downpour exactly on the day when we relax and leave the house without umbrella.

The main character of the novel, unfortunately, is a man of a very creative profession - the poor fellow works as a journalist. Marc Marronier supplies the public with news of social life. An unshakable confidence in the transience of happiness settled in his heart, and therefore, the eternal expectation of a dirty trick.

Mark is sure that love lives for three years and not a year more - each romance begins with a passion on which lovers sail, not noticing anything around, like surfers riding a wave that is not given to everyone. Then the waves give way to tenderness, which ends in sadness - boredom. All. The passion is gone. Calm has come. Boring, bland and melancholy, like a tasteless flatbread without a filling.

Where does Mark get such confidence? It's all about his life experience. Our friend has never loved anyone for more than three years. Unrequited and sad to love a friend with whom fate divorced you? Maintain your feelings through the years and distances? Live hand in hand all your life, looking at your loved one with tenderness until old age? No, these sugary stories are not about Mark. Some canned foods retain their qualities longer than Marronier kept love for a woman in his heart.

Fate brought our journalist together with Anna. Love of a beautiful woman - how many men have had a chance to taste this happiness?

Mark's happiness was short-lived. The third year of relations with dear Anna was approaching, and here the law of “three-year love” comes into play - the spouse no longer causes either passion, or tenderness, or awe. Doesn't excite as a woman, doesn't inspire as a muse … She doesn't do a damn thing. Love threatens to develop into persistent disgust.

Love lives three years
Love lives three years

And now on the pages of the book, saturated with the musty smell of hateful relationships, a new heroine appears - Alice.

The heart of our Mark is absolutely free, and he loses his head from love for this woman. This guy was lucky again - he found reciprocity. But the couple did not have the opportunity to meet openly and shamelessly overwhelm acquaintances with the details of their personal life - Alice was already in a relationship and shared her life with another. Therefore, the dates of lovers were held under the veil of secrecy.

Mark cannot give himself up to this relationship in full and enjoy love happiness - over his head like the sword of Damocles hangs a calendar mercilessly counting down time. Lovers do not notice the clock. This is true, but this does not apply to poor Marronier. His mind, fully focused on the idea that love lives for the proverbial three years, does not make concessions. The hour of reckoning is approaching. Paybacks for past passionate feelings. He strongly believes in the theory of the short-term nature of passion, and therefore prepares in advance for cooling feelings and breaking up relations.

At the end of the novel, Mark notes the fact that he is intimidated by the imminent three-year anniversary, but his feelings for Alice still have not faded. In a head entangled with theories and laws, a critical view of things begins to emerge. He finally comes to the conclusion that he has driven himself into the box and his theory is stupid.

Why does love live for three years
Why does love live for three years

After all, here they are - three years, and love is still alive!

But it turns out that three years have not yet passed. The watch dial indicates that a minute separates the lovers from the terrible date.


The rare mind-bending books, fierce controversy, or box-office gains for handkerchief makers remain untouched by the lusty hands of filmmakers. Frederick Beigbeder's book was devoid of cinematic innocence. And by the hands of Frederick himself.

The novel was written back in 1997, and was filmed on December 10, 2011 in the world and on May 10, 2012 in Russia.

In addition to the fact that it was the brainchild of Frederick, the novel was also filled with moments from his autobiography, and therefore, he was especially responsible for the film adaptation.

Critics (professional and not so) greeted the film without awe and worship. On Kinopoisk and IMDb, users rated the film a six. Some didn’t like the on-screen performance of literary metaphors, others didn’t come across humor, and still others spit from excessive liberality, including the depiction of unconventional relationships.

Still from the film
Still from the film

Shot from the film "Love Lives for Three Years"

At the same time, there were a lot of those who were satisfied with everything in this film - the acting, love themes, editing, sincerity and other ingredients of a good film.

But it is for this that we love the famous films based on famous books - for the opportunity to compare two realities, to compete in fantasy and sensuality with the director, to look differently at the story that we have drawn in our head. For the opportunity to once again be surprised at how different people's views on the same events, feelings and thoughts differ. Expand the boundaries of your worldview, look at familiar things from a different angle.

That is why films with controversial ratings are so good - you can join one of the camps - spitting critics or enthusiastic fans. Or organize your own - by combining together your satisfaction, indignation, resentment, irritation, admiration and awe received after what you saw. As an exquisite dish is interesting for its aftertaste, so a bouquet of emotions is good because it opens us from different sides. Savoring different feelings and emotions, combining them in bizarre combinations, we, as gourmets, learn to think, feel and act outside the box.


Since we are talking about a work written on a very serious and burning topic, we cannot limit ourselves to praising the actors' cute faces or giggling at vulgar jokes in the frame.


We are adults (even if some of our actions speak quite the opposite) and must learn not to run away from problems, but to look for methods of solving them.

By the way, we also shouldn't invent problems for ourselves.

Yes, Mark, this is a stone in your garden, dare you?

Okay, we won't touch Mark or Beigbeder. Let's dwell on different points of view - scientific and not very.

Where do legs grow3

Where did the three-year theory come from, and how did it get so widespread?

Our perception is largely influenced not only by our personal experience, but also by the experience of our environment. Surely each of you has a friend or girlfriend, brother or sister, acquaintance or acquaintance who has not managed to harmoniously exist in a relationship for more than three years. Yesterday you saved money for your friend's wedding, and today you spent your nest egg on a bottle of wine in which she tries to drown her grief of parting. Such examples are quite common, and even those who have never attached much importance to the theory of "three years" are beginning to think.

Why do they say that love lives for three years
Why do they say that love lives for three years

Legs here grow out of the head (psychology) and hormones. At first, love really hits us in the head. Happiness, joy, euphoria - love has been compared more than once or twice to a person's addiction to alcohol and drugs.

The similarity is evident - when your "drug" is near, you feel good, calm and exciting. It is worth reducing the dose - not to call, not to see the "drug", as the colors fade, the taste of your favorite dishes dulls, and the euphoria is mercilessly trampled on by the heavy tread of sadness. Has anyone quit smoking after years of smoking experience? The breakdown is such that you are ready to get up in the middle of the night and run for a new dose of peace of mind.

New relationships open doors for us to a vibrant and emotional world ruled by hormones. We feed on this dietary supplement and soar with happiness, hand in hand with the object of passion.

But after a certain time (about three years, just the same), the production of hormones stabilizes. We do not squeak from one kind of our object of passion, and even crazy passion comes to naught. But what the wave of passion throws ashore depends on the partners themselves.

Is love really alive for three years
Is love really alive for three years

If for these three years they only enjoyed each other's bodies and did not establish emotional contact, then, taking off their rose-colored glasses, they suddenly discover the partner's flaws, troubles that they did not subscribe to at all.

Three-year love is not a myth, but also not a sentence leading your relationship to the guillotine. If only passion and sex connected you with your partner, then the relationship can really end, and very ugly. Those lovers who have managed to get closer and build strong trusting relationships during these three years may well celebrate their fifth, tenth, and fiftieth wedding anniversaries.

The three-year anniversary reveals a truth that partners overwhelmed with passion overwhelmed. Over time, human features cease to be cute - some become commonplace, while others are completely annoying. If you do not learn to put up with them, then the relationship may not live up to three months, what can we say about years.

Psychology books can give you the tools to work with, but no one is going to use them for you.

Bad example is contagious4

The shortest relationship between celebrities and stars who have gone to the registry office more than once. Three years? Yes, some can only dream of such terms!

  • Luxurious Elizabeth Taylor got married eight times. She assured that all marriages were for love. Well, at least this woman did not drive herself into the time frame and plunged into the pool with her head. For one of her beloved, the actress married as many as twice. Love lasts three years, two marriages.
  • Andrei Konchalovsky fits perfectly into both tops - his first marriage lasted three years, and with Yulia Vysotskaya he managed to celebrate 19 years of marriage.
Egor Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya
Egor Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya

Egor Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya

  • Lyudmila Gurchenko got married five times. The first three marriages lasted about three years, and the actress lived with her last husband for twenty years. An interesting pattern can be traced - do we learn to love longer over the years?
  • Model, actress, writer and just a brave woman Jennifer O'Neill got married nine times. The most successful was the last marriage. A happy ending in its purest form.
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor ran in the same way 9 times, and one of the marriages lasted only a day. She was able to create a happy family the same way at the last attempt.
  • Larry King has been married 8 times, but he has only 7 wives. One of the wives became Mrs. King twice.
  • Tony Curtis, who together with his wife Janet Lee gave the world the actress Jamie Lee Curtis, is white married six times. Met an old age with a woman 42 years younger than him.
  • Billy Bob Thornton, who managed to screw Angelina Jolie herself, swore eternal love six times.
  • Pamela Anderson was a bride five times. The curvaceous sex symbol also belongs to the galaxy of stars who failed to part with her husband once and for all - Pam married two of her men twice.
Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon
Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon

Rick Solomon and Pamela Anderson

A good example is nothing like that5

  • Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been happy together since 1983.
  • Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Levin got married after two years of dating in 2003.
  • Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been together since 1999, and the quarter-century age difference doesn't seem to be a problem for them.
  • David and Victoria Beckham developed together, became stylish and had children.
  • And, of course, the record holders for the preservation of feelings, who have not written the law for three years - Gabriel García Márquez and his muse Mercedes Barcha. We celebrated 55 years of love and unquenchable interest.
  • The infamous John Lennon and Yoko Ono deserve a separate article, they prove again and again that even passion has no expiration date.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono and John Lennon

And, finally, a film that embodies the idea of "lived happily and died in the same day" - "The Diary of Memory". Anyone who has not watched it, urgently put it on download after reading these lines

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