The Best Secrets Of A Happy Relationship! How To Create Your Happiness

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The Best Secrets Of A Happy Relationship! How To Create Your Happiness
The Best Secrets Of A Happy Relationship! How To Create Your Happiness

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secrets of a happy relationship
secrets of a happy relationship

Many couples, whether married or not, want to live like in that fairy tale - "happily ever after and die in one day." But, alas, the reality is much more complicated. Today, divorce is absolutely commonplace and does not surprise anyone. But sometimes you look at a couple, and they, even at 60, hold on to their hands, their eyes shine, whispering about something constantly. I just want to learn from them the secrets of a happy relationship in order to live the same way.

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Echo each other

How the famous Anna German sang there … "We are an echo, we are an echo, we are a long echo of each other." This is how it should be in life together. Everything is mutual, and love, and respect, and trust, and much more.

The secrets of a happy relationship aren't just about love. In addition to her birthmark, there are many other components on which the happiness of life partners is based.

Understanding. Only by learning to understand each other, hear, take into account the interests of not only your own, but also your partner's, will you live in harmony. If you can understand your soul mate without words, blow the fanfare. The most important thing for mutual understanding in a relationship you have already done

  • Compromises. When solving certain problems, do not pull the blanket over yourself alone. Accept each other's conditions, look for a joint way out of a difficult situation and you will be happy. When people go to meet each other, the distance between them decreases faster. And remember, many wars ended in peace negotiations, through the compromises of the opposing sides.
  • Sincerity. Never lie to one another. Sometimes it seems that it is very difficult to do it, because you have to make a stash and hide someone else's phone number. But if this happens, then you are already lying and it will be difficult to get out. Therefore, do not create unnecessary problems for yourself. In a pair where partners lie even on trifles, there will be no real happiness.
secrets of a happy relationship
secrets of a happy relationship
  • Care. Provided that one of you is selfish, the task of creating a happy couple will be almost impossible. Egoists do not know how to take care of others, thinking constantly only about themselves. Such a person will never guess to cover her sleeping husband with a warm blanket, rather she will wrap herself up warmly herself. The selfish husband will never sympathize with his wife, who spent the whole day at the stove preparing the table for meeting his relatives. Take care of each other, make hot tea after a hard day, and don't forget about old age together.
  • Humility. It's not about humbly enduring grievances or going to a monastery. No, just accept each other as you are. If the wife changes or sculpts her husband for herself, creating an ideal "heel", then this process will eventually end in fiasco. The spouse should be treated the same way. You can't put pressure on your wife, change her character, scold for tears for Louis Albert. Better turn it into the zest of the spouse.

The romantic side of the coin2

In order not to kill love ahead of time, living together for the sake of children, business, property or habit, keep your feelings in good shape. You can say “I love you” anytime, anywhere. Yes, and the secrets of a happy relationship are secrets to have something personal, only your own.

Best Relationship Secrets
Best Relationship Secrets


When sending your husband to work in the morning, slip a little note into his pocket. Write some compliment or words that express your love. He, for sure, will be very pleasant and flattering. And who knows, maybe in the evening a new ring will shine on your finger.

Freeze frame4

Capture all your happy moments. Video or take pictures of your moments of joy. Here he smiles broadly, because he was informed about the birth of a baby. Or here she is crying with joy when her husband presented a large bouquet of roses. Such memories will always warm and revive extinguished feelings.


Make love more often. Headache, tired after work - these are signs of extinct love. And never punish your spouse for not having sex. This is tantamount to the fact that you yourself give it into the hands of another woman.


Dream, fantasize, set common goals and walk towards them together. Support each other in any endeavors. Get ready for celebrations, shop, discuss plans - together. Then, both the results and the laurels will be a joy to both.

Tips for couples for happiness in relationships
Tips for couples for happiness in relationships

Everyday life7

Many couples do not pass the test and break up. Therefore, do not underestimate the severity of everyday problems. Even to hammer in a nail or change corks requires skill. And if your spouse doesn’t have one, don’t mind him.

Don't share housework responsibilities. There is nothing wrong with a husband doing the dishes or making dinner. Let it oversalt, let it leave a greasy mark on the plate, the main thing is he tried.

If an atomic bomb exploded in the house, do not write off grabbing a vacuum cleaner and a rag. No one will evict you if you forget about cleaning and just lie around on the couch all day, gobbling up purchased pizza and sushi.

And do not quarrel over trifles. Try to do everything with humor. This is the savior of any couple. Do not forget about the odes of praise. Husband repaired the iron, praise him as if he did the repair. Wife cooked borscht, make her feel like Gordon Ramsay.

Remember, you yourself create the secrets of a happy relationship.

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