The Former Confessed His Love - What To Do? Is It Worth Rebuilding The Relationship?

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The Former Confessed His Love - What To Do? Is It Worth Rebuilding The Relationship?
The Former Confessed His Love - What To Do? Is It Worth Rebuilding The Relationship?

Video: The Former Confessed His Love - What To Do? Is It Worth Rebuilding The Relationship?

Video: The Former Confessed His Love - What To Do? Is It Worth Rebuilding The Relationship?
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The former confessed his love
The former confessed his love

People tend to quarrel and part because of stupidity. But some time passes and they realize that they made a mistake. Someone suffers for years in separation, and someone tries to immediately restore relations. If, after breaking up, the ex confessed his love, you should listen to your heart. Often women hold a grudge for a long time, but if feelings are still alive, sometimes you need to step over pride so as not to pass by your happiness.

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  • 1 Reasons for separation
  • 2 Is it worth glueing the broken
  • 3 How to restore relationships
  • 4 When not to renew a relationship
  • 5 How to politely dismiss an ex

Reasons for separation

Each couple has their own reasons for breaking up. Some rushed in a relationship, others faded feelings, still others out of stupidity. Often people fall in love and think that this is for life. They are in a hurry to live together, but in everyday life it turns out that they are completely different. On this basis, conflicts occur and, as a result, parting.

In a long-term relationship, a man and a woman get used to each other, at the level of intuition they feel a partner. And if there is a rupture, the pain in the heart excruciates for a long time. Not everyone is able to completely erase a person from life at once, because anger, resentment, anger persists for some time.

Despite the fact that now people choose their own mate, some families still have ancient foundations. Parents look for a suitable match for their children, match them at a young age, and arrange a wedding upon reaching adulthood. If the newlyweds are lucky and manage to fall in love with each other, they live happily. But it also happens that it was not possible to understand the partner even in simple things. After living for some time, the couple break up.

In some cases, after parting, people still have to communicate: at work, at the entrance, in a company with mutual friends. When talking, it is important not to sort things out and not stir up the past, because this leads to unnecessary fights.

If a couple broke up calmly, without violent emotions, they often remain friends. In this case, the relationship cannot be built again, and there is nothing to restore. After all, if the relationship ended on a positive note, then there was no love, and without this feeling it is impossible to force yourself to live with a person again. People can continue to meet for intimate pleasures, but they fundamentally change nothing.

The former confessed his love
The former confessed his love

Is it worth glueing the broken2

If you break a cup and then glue it together, it will never be the same again. In some situations and with relationships as well. Although there are cases where a couple becomes even happier after separation.

Human memory is arranged in such a way that over time, bad moments from the shared past are forgotten, only good memories remain. Of course, when it comes to adequate people, and not sadists who tyrannized and beat.

If the ex has once confessed his love, you can try to restore contact. The best way to do this is by chatting on a social network. Start communication from afar and unobtrusively. For example, ask about a mutual friend “I forgot when Dimka’s birthday. Would you answer? . And then the dialogue will be long with a discussion of gifts, celebrations, etc. You can ask any other question, depending on what interests two people.

When contact is established, offer to meet, but not in private, but at a party with friends. Don't be afraid to flirt with your ex. Light flirting will remind him of the first meetings, passion, the origin of feelings. But you need to act this way only if a woman wants to restore relations. It's not worth flirting just like that, with the aim of revenge, or having fun one night, because a man is not a toy, he also has feelings.

The former confessed his love to the girl
The former confessed his love to the girl

It is much easier to reconnect with your ex-husband when he comes to see the children. Conversations on everyday topics, memories of the past can revive feelings and bring people together again. Moreover, you do not have to invent reasons for the meeting, which may seem inappropriate.

More daring women don't come up with a reason to meet. They invite a former partner to their home or neutral territory, and then communicate their intentions to return the old relationship. Such a maneuver is appropriate if there was even the slightest hint of reunion again.

How to restore relationships3

It all depends on the reason for the breakup. If a woman has ruined family relationships with stupid behavior, and then realized her mistake, it is worth apologizing at the meeting and promising that this will not happen again. If the husband still loves her and is burning with passion, he will forgive his beloved.

And that depends on the error itself. For example, betrayal or secret relationships “on the side”, not every man is able to forgive and forget. The same applies to the spouse if, due to his reason, there was a break.

There is an opinion that you cannot enter the same river twice, and many agree with this. However, there are women who secretly dream of starting anew. It is much easier to renew a relationship with an ex-man who has become a family member than to get used to another person again. But before resuming the old relationship, you need to understand why.

Former man confessed his love
Former man confessed his love
  1. Life without him has lost its bright colors.
  2. Get revenge on him.
  3. For the sake of common children.
  4. For material support.
  5. Love.
  6. Correct your mistakes.
  7. Other.

Both people are always to blame for parting, you should not shift the blame to only one. If a woman has definitely decided to restore the relationship, you must first call the man for a frank conversation. Disconnect the mobile phone beforehand and ask the relatives not to disturb, otherwise the conversation will be interrupted and the conclusion is not established.

In the process of dialogue, it is imperative to keep yourself in hand, do not allow to raise your voice and not make claims. First express your mistakes, then mention him wrong. In no case should you offend the man and not start a quarrel, otherwise the desired result will not work. Thanks to the natural gift of ingenuity, a woman can even come to an agreement with the devil if she wishes, and even more so with her lover.

Eastern wisdom says that an elephant can be wound on a thin female hair. This suggests that the innate cunning of the young lady allows you to turn any event in the direction she wants.

If you managed to agree and find a compromise, the woman should keep her word. Asking for forgiveness means never making your past mistakes again and not remembering bad moments from the past. Just turn the page and start living again.

What to do when the ex confessed his love
What to do when the ex confessed his love

In the future, behave completely opposite to the behavior in the past. Namely, if earlier the girl was offended and cried at some phrases, now she is to control herself and smile. Male psychology is arranged so that after the restoration of relations, the spouse, on a subconscious level, checks the reaction of his beloved to certain of his actions.

When not to renew a relationship4

It often happens that a man decides to leave himself, and after a while he regrets. Psychologists point out the most common reasons why it is better not to restore old relationships.

  • After many years of married life, the man was carried away by another beauty and went to her, collecting all the things. When passion and romance ended in his new relationship, he saw many flaws in the new passion and regretted what he had done.
  • After a while, the former confessed his love to his wife and asked to return. If he could not control his emotions and lustful impulses, then this can happen again. Even if he realized his mistake, it is not worth restoring a relationship with him, because he chose another woman. You must have pride, no matter how your heart aches.
  • For some reason other than treason, the man decided to leave at will. It was his initiative, which means that his choice must be respected. You should not look for attempts to return it, it is better to direct your energy to restore your own harmony.
girl in love
girl in love
  • Self-pity often drives women to rekindle relationships. You need to understand for yourself that the habit of falling asleep and waking up together, spending time, celebrating holidays passes over time. If you pull yourself together, you can develop any other habit in yourself.
  • Pressure from others often forces you to go all out in order to return a man, even if the woman has already gone through the stage of separation. She should not rely on the words of strangers, because it is not for them to live with a former faithful in the future.
  • Some argue that a temporary separation is only for the benefit of the couple. This is not true. If he became the initiator of separation for some period, this does not solve family problems, but alienates people from each other. If the spouses are truly in love, they do not need separation to test their feelings.
  • After parting, when one of the former spouses managed to start a new family. There are new obligations to other people and responsibility for them. Even successful attempts to return the old relationship lead to broken families, where children in another family will only see dad for the weekend.
The ex said he loved
The ex said he loved
  1. You cannot bring back the past just because of the fear of loneliness. There are a lot of people around, even pensioners manage to find a soul mate in their old age and live out the rest of their days in happiness and peace.
  2. If, after several years of marriage, the husband is addicted to alcohol, games or drugs, restoring a relationship with him will not lead to anything good. There are no former alcoholics and drug addicts. They can suspend their addictions for a while, but at the first life situation they will again take up the old.

Some women easily cope with the departure of their husbands, others harass themselves up to a psychiatric hospital. To cope with a breakup on your own, you need to more often remember the bad moments from your life together, write all his negative character traits on a piece of paper and read like mantras every day.

And most importantly, to realize for yourself that the man did not leave, but released. Now you don't have to collect his socks around the house, iron his shirts, wash extra dishes and cook an extra portion of food. Freedom!

How to politely dismiss an ex5

When a man left, and later regretted, but does not know how to apologize to a girl and return to her, he often seeks solace in alcohol. Even if he is not addicted to alcohol, it is under the influence of degrees that ex-husbands often write on the social network about their mistake and ask for forgiveness.

What to do when the ex confessed his love
What to do when the ex confessed his love

And the more daring representatives of the stronger sex manage to come drunk home to a woman and fall to their knees. But sometimes in a sober state, they stand guard at the entrance or at the entrance to work in order to talk and earn forgiveness. In any case, when all the bitterness from parting has subsided, and the feelings have all passed, you can politely kick off your ex-spouse.

An important rule here is calmness and a smile. There are two options to discourage a man from pursuing further: a strict refusal and a comic one. It can be used even when meeting, even in correspondence.

Well, with a strict refusal, everything is clear. A few rude phrases with a serious expression on her face and the former passion is unlikely to want to offer to restore the relationship again. But the comic option will allow you to delicately get rid of the harassment, leaving no resentment at heart. Here are some phrases:

  • Sorry, I need some time to think. In the meantime, I'm not ready to hear your snoring at night again.
  • As it turned out, we do not match each other according to the horoscope. I am Aquarius and you are a fool.
  • Do you want us to get back together? Send an SMS to 3434 and connect the song "dream further".
  • Sorry, I am not worthy of a man as delicious as you.
air kiss
air kiss

Often, the former are scattered in words, promise to perform feats, but there is an answer for them too:

  • For your sake I am ready to go to the ends of the world. - Yes, stay there!
  • I will make all your fantasies come true. - Do you have a flying carpet?
  • Let's come to me. “I'm afraid we can't fit together in the garbage.

If the ex-man continues to stalk and insist on rebuilding the relationship, the most effective way is to tell him that he is head over heels in love with the other person. And then you can turn on your imagination and add whatever comes to mind. The main thing is that it looks natural, otherwise he will not believe and will continue to try to reconcile.

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