The Search For Youth: The Psychology Of Relationships, If A Man Is Older

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The Search For Youth: The Psychology Of Relationships, If A Man Is Older
The Search For Youth: The Psychology Of Relationships, If A Man Is Older

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Relationship psychology, if a man is older
Relationship psychology, if a man is older

Young girls are often fascinated by older men and prefer to see them as a permanent partner. You can find love and harmony in such a relationship. There are always nuances that spoil the relationship, from which the girl and the man feel uncomfortable. What is the psychology of relationships with an older man, what is he looking for in a partnership and why is he unable to build relationships with peers?

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  • 2 Psychology of choosing girls younger
  • 3 Unconditional pros of marriage with an older man

Statistics for and against

Relationships between men and women are built according to one scenario: acquaintance - meetings - marriage with all the ensuing consequences. The marriages of young people are perceived positively, and they look at the big age difference tolerably if it concerns star couples.

Ordinary people with a big difference are found in everyday life less, but they do. Even 20 years ago, in the vastness of the post-Soviet countries, couples were viewed with a big difference, as aliens and any deviation from the norm was perceived more sharply.

According to statistics, in cities with a population of over one million in Russia, about 12% of couples are in an official marriage of different ages, and half of this number is a difference of more than 15 years. Concerning Moscow and St. Petersburg, 2% of marriages are between people with a difference of more than 20 years. According to the same data, in marriages with a difference of up to 5 years in the age of divorce accounts for 37%, and in marriages with a difference of more than 10 years already 60%.

Another important point is that women’s betrayal of partners in traditional marriages is 25%, and in marriages with a difference of more than 10 years, almost half of women have permanent lovers. Why do men keep looking for younger wives and girlfriends?

Psychology of choosing girls younger2

A man, choosing a girl younger than himself, first of all seeks authority and recognition. He seeks to show that he is not yet an old man and it is not time to write him off. The psychology of relationships, if an older man considers the union as a relationship of two interdependent people.

Adult man
Adult man

The psychology of a man in love lies in the fact that he is looking for an opportunity to prove his worth as a lover, father and husband, emphasizing the youth in the soul by the young age of the chosen one.

In psychology, mechanisms are described, the work of which makes girls consider an elderly man as a candidate for family ties. It all comes down to communicating with your father. If it was not enough, the girl seeks to make up for lost time, looking for a husband for the role of a new dad.

And the man at this time is happy to realize himself as a wise mentor, head of the family, teacher in life. Fears of not being able to take a leading position with a woman of his own age oppress him, and next to a younger girl it will turn out, based on age, to create an aura of experience and wisdom.

Often for girls, this is just a stage of growing up, which can be overcome over time, developing as a person. For a man, this is the last spurt and he understands that there may be no other chance. In addition, at the age of 40-45 years, a crisis of two-thirds of life occurs and a man looks with horror at age-related changes.

When a man is older
When a man is older

There is a feverish plan to prove to others that all is not lost, new hobbies, style of clothing, a connection with a girl under 20 years of age appear, a desperate way to increase self-esteem and overcome the approaching old age.

Communicating with a young woman purely psychologically gives a feeling of sexual power, increases authority in the eyes of friends. Men who grow up with tough and demanding parents, especially mothers, then seek to realize themselves in an intimate life. They have it brighter, more diverse, replete with unusual techniques and slight perversions.

It is also beneficial for the girl. A man knows how to love physically and compensates for possible dysfunctions with quality caresses. British scientists conducted an experiment and showed photographs of couples with a difference of up to 5 years and more than 10. So the participants in the second group were rated higher than the first.

If a man is older
If a man is older

The Unconditional Pros of Marrying an Older Man3

The psychology of relationships, if a man is older in a pair, is aimed at emphasizing the awareness of each step. A 20-year-old guy easily enters into a relationship, easily meets and gets the necessary communication experience from women. A middle-aged man begins to move away from career issues and think about fatherhood, the future and procreation in the person of children.

This is not just an explosion of hormones and sex with the last bit of strength, so as not to fall face down in the dirt. Conscious parenthood, financial stability, the opportunity to share tremendous experience and skills with those who are younger, makes him tolerant, caring, loving. These are the main advantages of a relationship between an adult man and a young girl!

The lost youth is more than compensated for by the feeling of importance and need for his young wife and children. He treats the family attentively, tries to become better, to have time to do the maximum possible, while there is strength, provides well-being, and he himself is fueled by the energy of youth. Sometimes the emergence of relationships with younger girls becomes the only incentive to stop stressing and become discouraged by age-related changes.

Still from the film
Still from the film

A scene from the movie "This Awkward Moment"

Psychologists do not miss the opportunity to point out to men that compensating for their shortcomings and the desire to rejuvenate and raise their status at the expense of another person is not the most worthy behavior. A normal man without problems with the perception of himself and his value in life will not look for a woman much younger than himself.

It's like compensating for a handicap by constantly subjugating girls for sex in order to desperately establish themselves in the circle of significant people. In part, relationships go beyond the biological norm with a big difference. Young partners give healthy offspring, are endowed with the strength to raise, but they build a career, ask for help from relatives, often do not find a way out of anger and try to outplay each other, realizing their ambitions.

A man older than a woman receives considerable benefits in a relationship, but he also endures constant difficulties in finding a competent compromise between physical condition and overcoming diseases and the inability to complain and groan like a grandfather. It is easier for active men with a strong sexual constitution to find a balance of power, and the weak, morally not ready to accept a new active life, often give up and fall into a powerful depression, realizing another loss.

Before starting a relationship, it is not enough to be guided only by emotions. If a girl is easy and carefree about her age boyfriend, then the man will be serious about a long-term relationship. Whether to join such a union is up to everyone to decide.

If a man is older than a woman
If a man is older than a woman

If there is love, then it is pointless to give any arguments. A woman is conquered by an adult personality, and if you look sensibly at all the risks, then the success of the event is great. Age does not interfere with happiness!

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