Why Do Men Prefer Women Younger Than Themselves?

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Why Do Men Prefer Women Younger Than Themselves?
Why Do Men Prefer Women Younger Than Themselves?

Video: Why Do Men Prefer Women Younger Than Themselves?

Video: Why Do Men Prefer Women Younger Than Themselves?
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why do men prefer women younger than themselves
why do men prefer women younger than themselves

Many adult men, walking arm in arm with a charming woman much younger than themselves, notice the sidelong glances of passers-by. They are sometimes considered not entirely normal! Psychologists around the world argue that this opinion is far from the truth, and men who prefer women younger than themselves are completely normal people. They took place in life, they can afford the maintenance of a young and beautiful girl.

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  • 1 Why do men prefer women younger than themselves? -Man is not to blame, nature is to blame
  • 2 Confidence in your irresistibility and sexuality
  • 3 Raising your ego
  • 4 "Shoe" for yourself
  • 5 It's easier to charm the young
  • 6 Love for beauty

Moreover, they are attractive to the opposite sex, well-groomed, self-confident! But why do grown men prefer women younger than themselves? We will talk about the reasons for this fact further.

Why do men prefer women younger than themselves? -Man is not to blame, nature is to blame

It is so established by mother nature that the reproductive ability of a woman decreases over the years. Girls in their 20s are more likely to give birth to many healthy children than women in their 30s, and men feel this instinctively. In ancient times, a strong half of humanity gave preference to young women, and often girls were married at the age of 11-13 to elderly men. In the East, harems were created, where every year a man chose a wife younger and younger than himself, so that she could have time to give birth to heirs.

The interest of men in women younger than themselves is inherent in the blood, passed from father to son, from grandfather to grandson. In the USA, studies were carried out on this fact, and as the survey showed, guys at the age of 20 want to start relationships with girls of 17-18 years old, thirty-year-old men with girls under 26 years old, and those who are over 50 would even choose a companion for 20 years younger than yourself!

And men who choose younger understand that the chance to attract a young lady increases depending on their financial situation. Therefore, if you met a couple on your way where you can see that the partner is much younger, you should know that the man is most likely financially secure.

But not only at the level of instincts, older men are attracted to young girls, there are other reasons for this.

Confidence in your irresistibility and sexuality2

When a man can satisfy sexually a partner many times younger than himself, it gives him self-confidence. Thus, he shows himself and those around him that he is still "Wow!", And even the youngster will give a head start.

The fact that in his age he can attract the attention of a young and pretty person also gives confidence in his attractiveness and solvency to an elderly man. Agree, if a 60-year-old macho was noticed by his peer, then there is nothing of the kind. But if a lady is 30 years old, or even younger, then you should think about how the man could attract her.

prefers young
prefers young

Such a gentleman, of course, is endowed with life experience, which attracts women, beauty, which becomes special for men over the years, and, of course, material wealth!

Increasing your ego3

Every person, not only a man, wants to feel younger upon reaching a certain age. This is why people of all genders are starting to be attracted to younger partners.

Men who choose younger girls definitely feel a surge of strength and energy when young creatures are next to them, and not their peers. And by doing so, they clearly prove to their friends and acquaintances their worth not only in material wealth, but also in physiological data. And the men themselves, having conquered the disposition of a young woman, understand that all is not lost!

"Shoe" for yourself171187

We are all looking for the ideal, but not everyone can find it. This is also understood by adult men who choose younger girls. They are looking for a young lady who can still be "remade and re-educated", that is, to raise for themselves an ideal companion, wife.

loves young women
loves young women

Many will agree that an adult and wealthy woman can no longer be remade. She quite knows what she wants, she has developed a character and habits, which she will not agree to give up just to please her protege. But it is very easy for a young girl to instill something, even order. She is still in some sense a child who is used to obeying her parents, and in the same way will please her chosen one!

It's easier to charm the young4

Older men understand that younger ladies are easier to attract than older women. The fact is that they already know how to take proper care of them, give expensive gifts, which hairless youths cannot afford. That is why it is easier for a young girl to turn the head of an adult (sometimes even an elderly) man than her peer.

She will brag to her friends about how the gentleman looks after her beautifully, what presents she presents, and, of course, how he is in bed (here, too, adult men have more experience, they know how to satisfy their partner).

Love for beauty5

Well, and finally, consider another factor that influences the choice of a man in captivity of his girlfriend's age. Over the years, a woman's body becomes less beautiful, forms lose their elasticity, and wrinkles appear on the skin. You can't argue against nature, and there's nothing you can do about it …

flirting with a young girl
flirting with a young girl

Men who choose younger girls are connoisseurs of female beauty. They like it when a beautiful, healthy woman is nearby, so they are no longer attracted to ladies of their age.

Finally, I would like to say that those representatives of the stronger sex who associate life with girls younger than themselves are quite normal and adequate people. More questions may arise for guys who choose older women. But that's a completely different story!

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