Polygamy And Monogamy: From Antiquity To Modern Times

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Polygamy And Monogamy: From Antiquity To Modern Times
Polygamy And Monogamy: From Antiquity To Modern Times

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Polygamy and monogamy
Polygamy and monogamy

Disputes about polygamy and monogamy are still going on. Someone thinks that this is their natural essence, and someone cannot imagine several partners next to them. Still, most couples strive for monogamous relationships, since family values ​​and traditions imply the presence of one partner throughout life.

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  • 1 What is polygamy?
  • 2 Monogamy is a modern form of relationship
  • 3 Psychological aspect
  • 4 In the animal world
  • 5 Polygamy and monogamy from a historical perspective
  • 6 Polygamy and monogamy among women
  • 7 Polygamy and monogamy among men
  • 8 The institution of the family in modern society
  • 9 Can polygamy be exchanged for monogamy?
  • 10 Conclusion

What is polygamy? I

The origin of the term "polygamy" is rooted in the period of Ancient Greece and means "many, numerous". Today, polygamy is a form of registered marriage in which a spouse of the same sex can have more than one spouse of the opposite sex.

There is ample evidence of polygamous relationships in history. The first manifestations of polygamy were recorded in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

Polygamy can be divided into two subspecies: -

polygamy (polygyny);

- plurality (polyandry).

Polygamy is closely associated with Arab countries. At the legislative level, it is allowed to have several wives, all partners live and raise children together.

Polyandry exists to this day. For example, in India and Polynesia, this is completely normal practice, since in these countries the number of men exceeds the number of women. According to the latest anthropological data, polygamy is inherent in 53 peoples.

In 1880, it was legally prohibited to have multiple partners, and in China in 1953.

Monogamy is a modern form of relationship2

Monogamy, on the other hand, is a completely opposite term, implying only one partner / spouse. Today there is a concept of "social monogamy", when the norms of society and morality do not allow having several wives / husbands, but one of the partners still secretly has connections. Since ancient times, monogamy has been inherent most often in women, they were forced to raise children and maintain a home.

polygamy for men
polygamy for men

Almost all over the world, monogamy is the most acceptable form of modern relations between a man and a woman. From a psychological point of view, monogamy is based on careful selectivity in relation to the partner. When choosing a spouse, everyone is guided by their own set of criteria.

Evaluate everything: from appearance to relationships with parents. If the choice was made consciously, then a long-term perspective appears, which ensures the stability of the marriage relationship. In the modern world, stability, including in relationships, is very important, this is the main reason for the conscious choice of monogamy.

Psychological aspect3

Psychologically, polygamy and monogamy are rooted in childhood. The explanation is quite simple.

As a child, the boy, as a rule, lacked maternal love and care. He seeks to get them by any available means, but getting them is still not enough for him. All the time I want more and more. As we grow up, the need for maternal love and affection is transformed into the need to receive these feelings from other women. And it is still impossible for a man to receive the amount of love that he needs from one woman.

Or, the opposite situation. Since childhood, the boy received so much love and attention from the closest women that now, when he has matured, one woman cannot give him so much. Most likely, these boys were brought up by their mother and grandmother, without a father. From childhood, the influence of the father is very, very important! Men, remember this!


However, sexologists argue that polygamy is good for men! For such men, self-confidence rises significantly, and offspring from different women can provide a "bigger footprint" in history. Is self-confidence justified in this way?

And monogamy came directly from matriarchy. From early childhood, the girl sees that at seven the mother plays the leading role. Daughters simply adopted a familiar pattern of behavior in the future. From the point of view of psychology, monogamy gives a person a sense of stability and security, because everything in the world is so unpredictable.

In the animal world4

Polygamy and monogamy are ubiquitous in nature among animals and birds. About 90% of all birds are monogamous, and among animals there are much less of them, only 25-30%. The brightest representatives of monogamy are swans. They are looking for a couple for life, and if one of the partners dies, then the second remains alone until his death. This can also include wolves.

The most famous representatives of polygamy in the animal kingdom are herds of ungulates, fur seals and walruses. For example, dolphins, in addition to being polygamous by nature, some individuals have, in addition to endless heterosexual relationships, also homosexual!

Sexual games take a special place in their lives, in which they take part more for the sake of entertainment. And a queen bee, by definition, should be polygamous, because the more sexual partners she has, the more attractive she is to those bees who work in hives.

Polygamy and Monogamy from a Historical Perspective5

Probably the most prominent representative of polygamy in history can be called Alexander the Great. The great commander and conqueror stayed in Persia for a long time and adopted their customs. I could not resist such a temptation! Alexander had a harem of 360 women. Every night they passed by his couch, and he chose with whom he would share that night.

Or, for example, Vladimir Krasno Solnyshko had a harem of 800 women with him! Just think about this figure! Eight hundred women!

polygamy is good for men
polygamy is good for men

King Solomon had about 700 wives. The exact figure is not called by historians, the data vary.

Modern historians, analyzing all the polygamous men of antiquity, came to the conclusion that only very rich and famous tended to this form of marriage, because many did not have 2-3 women, but everyone had to be kept, protected and fed.

But there is the opposite situation, when a man and a woman live in a happy marriage for a very long time. The monogamous family David and Victoria Beckham well demonstrates. A wonderful beautiful couple, they fit each other so much that together they even decided to adopt children. From the point of view of psychology, the couple is very stable.

Polygamy and monogamy among women6

Polygamy does not surprise anyone, but what about polygamy? Polygamy among women can be divided into two types:

- a woman over 30, who at one time did not walk up. Evaluates men exclusively according to their wealth, since the most acceptable pastime is cafes, restaurants, theater.

- Alpha female. As a rule, this category includes mature women, business women, who consciously choose younger men.

Although there is another separate species that is not included in these standards - the female female. Read more on the link.

The monogamy of women is the most approving form of relationships on the part of society, but at the same time, it is believed that men are polygamous by nature. Double standarts. Is this true?

Choosing polygamy, a woman prepares in advance for a flurry of indignation and condemnation from society. Each person, regardless of gender, decides for himself what form his relationship will be. Everything is very individual. According to a survey conducted by the Levada Center, most of our compatriots consider treason unacceptable (approximately 63%). 34% of men believe that adultery takes place, their point of view is shared by 16% of women.

You will learn all the most interesting about the loyalty of men and women in our next article.

polygamy and monogamy
polygamy and monogamy

Polygamy and monogamy among men7

Monogamy in men is quite rare, at least it is generally believed. However, monogamy is a conscious choice of every mature person, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. According to opinion polls, about 45% of the men surveyed can remain faithful.

As a rule, those who have already walked up in their youth and are now determined to start a family and raise children, without exchanging for other women, come to monogamy. In men, monogamy is a very deliberate choice. Judging by numerous polls, polygamy takes place in the modern world.

Polygamy in men is of several types:

  • hidden. From the name it is clear that having a permanent partner, a man is still looking for connections on the side.
  • open. In this situation, all women know about each other's existence and usually live together.

Everyone arrives at this differently, but there are several main reasons:

  • Islamic traditions;
  • demographic situation when there are several women for one man. As a rule, this is associated with wars, genocides, epidemics;
  • lovingness. This is exactly the story when a boy from childhood lacks maternal love and care even in adulthood, and he believes that one woman cannot give him as much as he needs;
  • status. Many high-status men consider it prestigious in certain circles to have both a wife and a mistress.
polygamy and monogamy
polygamy and monogamy

The institution of the family in modern society8

In the traditional sense, a family is a union of only one man and one woman. From the point of view of society, this is the only acceptable form of relationship.

These marriages have many advantages:

  • the inability to contract an STD;
  • stability;
  • confidence in a partner;
  • public approval;
  • the absence of a legal prohibition on such a marriage.

It would seem, love one partner, live and be happy, but not everything is so simple. Now there will be terrible words. There are pluses to polygamy:

  • honesty and openness in relationships;
  • variety in relationships;
  • more offspring.

Family relationships can and should be strong. The family is the rear, stability and security. How can a woman safely raise children and keep the hearth, knowing that she is not alone with her husband? To build a monogamous family, you need, first of all, to be a team with your husband / wife, a single whole.

A polygamous family in the modern world is possible only among Muslims, as well as in some African countries. This family structure is fully approved by the Koran. Among other things, the equality of all wives and children is guaranteed.

polygamy is good for men
polygamy is good for men

Can you trade polygamy for monogamy? 9

A person can be changed only at his own will. If it so happens that a polygamous man wants to change his life, then you definitely need to help him! The first thing to do is build trust. Remember, you are a team! Only by creating such conditions for your man can you avoid cheating.

Psychologists strongly advise taking this item into service. At the same time, a man himself must strive for monogamy, a woman must listen to his desires and preferences, because she tries to give him what can be obtained from other women. The second stage is constant change. If a man needs constant new emotions, there is nothing else to do but to simply give them to him.

You can start with a variety of sex (poses, toys, bondage, role play) and end up with a change of wardrobe and image altogether! Someone is ready to help change their man, someone is not. It is everyone's personal choice - to change or endure situations with lovers.

Psychologists say that it is much more difficult to win over a woman (if she is initially polygamous) to the side of monogamy than a man. A woman, as a rule, is already ready to condemn her position by society. Therefore, a polygamous woman must completely reconsider her values ​​and beliefs.

The first thing a man does to help a woman become monogamous is to envelop her with as much love, warmth, care and sex as he can give. A woman should feel so desirable, so beautiful as ever!

The second thing a man can do to help is discussion, but by no means condemnation of this problem. The man brings the lady to the conversation, delicately inquiring about her preferences in bed, everyday life.

polygamy for men
polygamy for men

Conclusion 10

Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that polygamy and monogamy is a conscious choice of each person. Polygamy and monogamy have existed in the world for more than one millennium. Regardless of gender, polygamy is inherent in both men and women.

The predisposition to one form or another directly depends on how a person's childhood proceeded. Both forms of relationship take place in the world, and a person can change with a strong desire!

And what is the psychology of family relationships and what stages it consists of, you will learn from our next article on the link.

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