How To Save A Relationship On The Verge Of Breaking Up? 5 Best Ways

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How To Save A Relationship On The Verge Of Breaking Up? 5 Best Ways
How To Save A Relationship On The Verge Of Breaking Up? 5 Best Ways
Relationships on the verge
Relationships on the verge

The butterflies in the stomach hung themselves, the heart does not flutter, the sparkle in the eyes has dried up, well, then the candy-bouquet period is over. The most difficult part begins - construction. And if the foundation was laid poorly, then over time, the couple will come to what will be in front of the door with a sign "relations on the verge of breaking."

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  • 1 Signs of the apocalypse or where the relationship begins on the verge
  • 2 "Woman, I am not dancing …"
  • 3 And between us there is silence
  • 4 Relationships on the brink: execution cannot be pardoned
  • 5 Soothe My Sorrows
  • 6 Call me, call
  • 7 Third eye
  • 8 How to save a relationship on the verge of breaking up

Signs of the apocalypse or where a relationship begins on the brink

No matter how trite it may sound, but nevertheless, relations must be built. For a long time, painstakingly, patiently, so that a worthy unit of society was created as a result. Alas, not all are brilliant architects who manage to recreate something amazing. As a rule, most of them face many problems, solutions to which are sometimes very difficult to find. But what are these problems, how to understand that your relationship is on the verge of breaking up and it's time to save them?

"Woman, I don't dance …" __ 8230

This is not to say that the main component of a relationship is sex, but one of the best, that's for sure. Therefore, if your partner refuses you in sex for any reason, ring the bells, because this is an alarming sign. It is good if you know why he does not "dance" with you, for example, illness or fasting. But, if this is not the case, then perhaps the reason is in another woman.

A more difficult option if you yourself have sympathy for another man, and therefore do not want sex with the current one. Then your couple's existence will definitely end soon.

And there is silence between us2

Communication is what unites you both. After all, you did not meet or live together for beautiful eyes. Therefore, if suddenly you stopped talking, seeing each other only in bed or at breakfast, that's it, write letters. Only by having something to talk about can a couple hold out for many years. And this is not only a joint life, when, for example, you say what to buy in a store. This is art, and feelings, and everything around. Silence, between you, will not lead to good.

Frequent quarrels, scandals and clarification of grievances also signal a tension in a relationship. Of course, sometimes nothing is possible without it, conciliatory sex is especially good. But if you hit plates every day, throw an iron at your beloved, or drown yourself in the bathroom out of resentment, then it's time to think about whether such a relationship is worth your nerves.

Relationships on the brink: execution cannot be pardoned3

If trust isn't part of the recipe for your relationship, there's nothing to talk about. It's hard to be friends without trust, let alone a family. Having stopped trusting your partner, suspecting him of all mortal sins, you will be constantly in a stressful state, tormenting yourself and him with jealousy.

how to prevent separation when the relationship is on the brink
how to prevent separation when the relationship is on the brink

The same can be said for forgiving. Forgiving the mistakes of another, you make life easier for yourself, first of all. For resentment has a habit of accumulating as a black lump, which will eventually spill out anyway, only with much greater losses. Nobody says that everything needs to be forgiven. But minor grievances are possible, and this does not mean that you are humiliated. No, you are showing wisdom. Therefore, decide for yourself where to put a comma in the phrase "you cannot be pardoned", since your relationship is at such a dead end.

Soothe my sorrows4

Young, in love and happy. From the very beginning of the relationship, you have fun, joyful, comfortable together. All this is great, therefore, when you have nothing to laugh at or spending time together does not smell like fun, then you are on the verge of breaking.

A partner who does not want to please with something else has cooled down. There are no past feelings if he does not make you smile. It’s even worse if something on his or her side began to annoy you. For example, you have never been infuriated that he didn’t take away the cup after him, and then suddenly it began to piss you off. And you start to get nervous, making him feel guilty, it’s not clear from what. This behavior will quickly put an end to your relationship.

Call me, call 5

Your phone or his phone has 40 missed ones for the umpteenth time, but what would that mean? And only that the partner does not want to say. It's one thing if it's a one-off event. But, if the ignore becomes more and more frequent, the gap is inevitable.

save a relationship on the brink
save a relationship on the brink

The same applies to the publication of joint photographs on social networks. Lovers, as a rule, love to show their happiness to the whole world. Therefore, both have joint photographs flashing on their pages, where they kiss, smile, hold hands or hug. So if one of you stopped publishing them, then he stopped loving. So your relationship is on the edge.

Third Eye6

Well, the last, perhaps the most important sign that you are at the point of no return is the absence of a future. Turn on the third eye, what do you see there, is there a place for your couple, children, everyday life, home? If it is empty, then your couple has the apocalypse today.

How to save a relationship on the brink of rupture7

The first thing to understand before you start saving something is responsibility for what is happening. As statistics show, most often both partners are to blame. The proverbial finger pointing and shouting "You are to blame" will not lead to anything good. Therefore, if you come to a consensus that your relationship needs serious adjustment, try to go through some steps to save them. But how to break off a relationship without unnecessary worries, read our article.

Intimate talk. Problems cannot be hushed up. If something does not suit you in each other or offends, let your significant other know about it. A joint discussion of the problem will speed up its solution

prevent relationships on the brink
prevent relationships on the brink
  • Restructuring. Trying to reshape an adult, an accomplished person for yourself is a huge mistake. You fell in love with who he is now. And if you still want to change one thing in your partner, then please, find a compromise. You change yourself a little bit, and he changes with you, a little bit. Do not try to eradicate everything in each other at once.
  • Nostalgia. There is nothing more sentimental than nostalgia for the past. Dig in your memory and in the attic. Surely you can find there old joint photos, videos or memorabilia that will stir up your first feelings for each other. If you feel warm, happy in your soul and tears of regret that now there is no such thing, you should definitely save the relationship. Love is still alive and can be reanimated.
  • Climate change. It is also possible that you were simply eaten by everyday life and routine. Try to change the environment, country, environment, go on vacation. If the romantic trip goes off with a bang, then you will surely return as new people with renewed feelings.
  • Recommendations of psychologists. To understand more accurately your chosen one, psychologists advise a simple way. Take a piece of paper and a pen, write on the paper the positive and negative traits of your partner. See which ones are more. It is possible that the column with negative adjectives can somehow be justified and corrected. In any case, it is not a fact that the other will be a hundred times better. Consider whether it is worth changing the awl for soap.
couple without relationship on the verge
couple without relationship on the verge

With these tips, you can start saving a relationship that is on the verge of breaking up. The main thing is to understand exactly your goal. You will always have time to lather the rope and drive in the last nail. But if you neither try, nor work on the existence of your couple, nor give her a chance, then perhaps you will regret it for the rest of your life. Don't let this happen.

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