The Man Had A Young Mistress. Why Did He Do This?

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The Man Had A Young Mistress. Why Did He Do This?
The Man Had A Young Mistress. Why Did He Do This?
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young mistress
young mistress

Among the huge number of stereotypes about the relationship between men and women, only one has been scientifically proven: heterosexual men prefer to have young girls as their mistresses.

Men at any age are greedy for beauty, and hardly anyone will refuse to see a young, beautiful body next to them in bed.

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However, as new research shows, the concept of "young lover" can be in a fairly large age range, depending on the age of her partner. There is an unwritten rule that it is acceptable for a man to date a girl half the age of a man plus seven years.

This does not mean that men have ceased to love twenty-year-old beauties. Quite the opposite, most of the couples studied showed that a man at 40, 50, and 60 would rather prefer a relationship with a girl of about twenty-two.

Psychologists from the Abo Academy in Turku, Finland have confirmed that young girls prefer older men or peers.

Lead psychologist Jan Antfolk attributed this preference to the foundations of evolutionary theory. In his opinion, due to natural selection, men had to hone their strategies of behavior in order to persuade highly fertile women who were just young and in the very dawn of strength to have sex. And since women could choose partners, men without partners had to become more inclusive. But people are still interested in long-term sexual relationships, they would be impossible if men were interested only in young girls.

why did the man have a young mistress
why did the man have a young mistress

The Antfolk team's research collected 2,655 respondents. It was also found that despite the fact that preference was given to young girls, the sexual activity of men always corresponded to their age, that is, even though the study participants preferred twenty-year-old girls did not mean that all men are sexually compatible with them and can fully satisfy.

What does a young mistress get? I

Despite the stereotype that an older lover is either a "sugar daddy" or a replacement for the father's figure, this is not always true. And people who think so oversimplify such relationships. Women seek out older partners for a variety of reasons that are not desire for money or fatherly love. Very often, girls want their partner to be wise and have weight in society, so that he has something to respect.

It turns out that when young girls think about older men, they think about safety. Since it has long been proven that men grow up much later than women, mostly girls are looking for a partner who would suit them in terms of their level of psychological maturity.

The man has a young mistress
The man has a young mistress

Also, the attractiveness of an older man may be rooted in the personal and professional instability of twenty-year-old girls. A grown man is able to bring order to chaos in their lives. Such a man is able to calm down during panic situations when the girl does not know how to cope with them. Also, an older man is able to take more responsibility on himself: pay bills, deliver home, keep the apartment clean, make breakfast and coffee, give money for some pleasant trifle. That is, in general, he will care more about the girl7

With a senior partner, the girl stops being selfish and is ready to invest more in relationships. After passing through a confusing phrase to find themselves, most men of age already have a stable successful career, and, accordingly, can devote more time and energy to their partner and life together. It makes many women feel special, important to their partner, and gives them a sense of security. And, of course, there is emotional stability in such a relationship.

With age, men get rid of megalomania and friends with whom they live in the same apartment and who encourage them to take idiotic steps in life. Grown men acquire dignity and grace. They value their younger partners and show respect for them. This maturity is not tied to money in any way, it is just that men have already gained sufficient life experience.

reasons for the appearance of a young mistress
reasons for the appearance of a young mistress

Another insignificant reason? Relationships with older men make some women feel more attractive, especially in an age society. Even if after a few years a woman develops the first wrinkles, she will still be much younger than her partner.

Despite the fact that for most relationships this factor does not work, but sometimes girls still see a father figure in their older partner. A girl who grew up without a father does not have a paternal figure to support her, both emotionally and financially. Therefore, in order to fill this void within herself, she finds adult men attractive, and tries to build relationships with them. But sometimes such a "father figure" can bring more good than bad. In such men, women find and value the qualities that they value in their fathers.

It is worth noting that sometimes the choice of a father-like partner is associated with the choice of the mother, which the girl observed as a child. The absence of a father through early death or divorce can create some behavioral problems, but the cliché that girls date older men has more roots in mimicking the behavior of their mothers rather than wanting to replace the father they lost.

why does a man need a young mistress
why does a man need a young mistress

It doesn't matter for what reason a girl builds a relationship with a man older than her, but if he respects her and is perceived as an equal to himself, then this is what you need.

What should a young mistress remember? 2

Why do men love sports? Why do men like to have sex while watching sports on TV? Why do they choose some women over others? Why do they need men's food? Why are they not in the mood? Why will they still look at other women if the most beautiful girl in the room is sitting opposite them? Why don't they like to talk about their feelings? Why don't they love about girls' feelings? This list of questions is endless. The main question in it: why are men sometimes so difficult to understand?

Everyone knows the truth that men are very straightforward creatures, and most of all they value their freedom. But this is not enough to fully understand their behavior. Here are the things a young lover should remember and which men don't care about.

How a woman looks naked

husband's young mistress
husband's young mistress

Yes, if it came to the point that the woman undressed, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. The man has already won the lottery and his head, the main prize in which is sex with a naked woman. It is possible to recall many cases when a man left a woman after seeing her naked body? Of course not.

This does not mean that a girl should not take care of herself and run her body to the point of no return, but a few extra pounds here and so are not worth the worry to charm a man. If a woman doesn’t fit into skinny jeans, then she must buy new jeans.

How much makeup a woman wears

A hot sunny day, the beach, men in shorts, girls in bikinis, there is a bar on the beach besides sun loungers. Ladies stand in a long queue to the toilet to fix the eyeliner that has run down from the heat, to check how the swimsuit fits and to change sandals for heels. And men just walk into a beach bar and order drinks. None of them think about how they look or whether the wind has ruffled their wet hair. No one cares how many times a girl has applied lip gloss. Many women choose outfits and makeup for a long time to go on a date and get the man of their dreams. But it is worth looking around, how many girls are in pairs with men in high heels, with red lipstick, a high hairdo for which several cans of varnish were spent, in a very short skirt and stiletto heels, matched to the color. Most probably not.

why are looking for young mistresses
why are looking for young mistresses

Men have said more than once that a woman who gracefully can wear jeans, a T-shirt, flat shoes with natural silk hair is likely to attract their attention.

Lack of hair isn't always good

Men say they don't pay attention often if a woman has forgotten to shave her legs or pubis, or if she does not exercise enough or does not have a tan.

Of course, basic body care is essential. And, of course, someone prefers one thing, and someone else. And also women may have their own ideas about caring for their own body. Not every man wants to share a bed with a girl who resembles Tarzan, but this also does not mean that the partner must constantly be clean-shaven and pay too much attention to it.

Amount of money earned

A man does not care how much a girl earns, whether she has grown fat or lost weight, a designer dress she is wearing from the latest collection or not, how her hair is styled. They just value a woman as a person.

What men think about

the man has a young mistress
the man has a young mistress

There are a few things men think about: a woman in a bar without a bra when the girl is not wearing panties under her clothes, smoking, drinking too much, and a girl on a date who says she is in a relationship with another.

A girl should not put pressure on a man, and too quickly start telling others that after a few meetings they are already in a relationship. Men are afraid of this pressure, and it can scare them. Let events unfold as they should.

And if you think about why men can be in a bad mood, then one of them said that he ate disgusting chicken schnitzel for lunch.

My husband has a young mistress, what to do?

The news that a partner has a young mistress can cause great suffering. Here are some practical tips to help you deal with this situation.

It's worth stocking up on time

When receiving such shocking news, a woman can feel pain and anger. It is worth enlisting the support of good friends, close relatives, or going for a consultation with a family psychologist.

young man's mistress
young man's mistress

Talk to your partner

Despite the fact that it may not be easy for a woman to talk about a young mistress with a cheating partner, it must be done. Only in this way can you find out the reason why the man has changed. It is worth finding a private place to talk so that no one can interfere. Again, going to a family counselor with your partner and discussing what happened under his supervision is also a good idea.

Don't interrupt your partner

Emotions can take over, but it's important to listen carefully to what the man is saying, rather than blaming and shouting. Let him tell his version of events.

Let your partner tell the truth, even though it can be bitter

Recovering from a betrayal is always more difficult if the situation is surrounded by lies.

If you have to ask a question, you should focus on the facts

For example, you might ask what the man plans to do next with the relationship after cheating. For many, the main question, of course, is "why", but it often happens that a man cannot immediately answer him, and his view may change over time. Emotional questions should be avoided; they can be asked later, when the relationship is restored.

why give birth to young mistresses
why give birth to young mistresses

Think about what you want next

As soon as all the facts are clarified, the man broke off relations with his mistress and decided to stay with the former woman, one should not make hasty conclusions. A woman should think about whether she is able to forgive a man or whether there is still not enough information to make the right decision. Only after restoring all the facts is it worth taking the next step.

There are many reasons why a young lover may appear in a man. Cheating happens even in happy families. A woman should listen to her partner, and not be worth hypotheses why he could cheat on her, because what was said does not fit with her worldview.

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