How To Understand That A Man Wants A Relationship: A Riddle From Guys To All Girls

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How To Understand That A Man Wants A Relationship: A Riddle From Guys To All Girls
How To Understand That A Man Wants A Relationship: A Riddle From Guys To All Girls
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understand that a man wants a relationship
understand that a man wants a relationship

The male tribe is beyond the reach of female understanding. Sometimes you get the impression that these are representatives of another planet, or even the universe, it is so difficult sometimes to understand their thoughts and actions, especially those that relate to relationships. The biggest mystery for women is the question "how to understand that a man wants a relationship?"

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  • 1 Signs of male interest
  • 2 From words to deeds
  • 3 Lucky woman's correct behavior model

Signs of male interesti

There are so many ways of expressing interest as there are men. Some immediately begin to fill up with "nishyachki", others shine with intelligence and ingenuity, others stifle overprotection, the fourth arrange a "theater of one actor", and the fifth, those who are timid and shy, just blush sweetly. But there are moments that are absolutely the same for everyone.

  • I want to touch. Everyone probably remembers how in childhood there was an irresistible desire to touch what was pleasing to the eye? Fabric, hair, fur. This habit of "touching" continues in adults. It is an instinct that determines the degree of pleasure. Men realize this desire in different ways: those who are more naïve - hug, modest ones - accidentally touch. But they touch everything.
  • Big ear. If a woman is attracted to a man, then he turns into one big locator. The desire to hear the object of adoration makes him the most attentive listener, even when it comes to a recipe for onion soup for weight loss. Vote! That's what attracts him. Timbre, intonation, gestures and facial expressions. In addition, through audio perception, a man learns more about his lady.
  • Point-blank stare. A man who wants a relationship always watches over his young lady. He does not take his eyes off her, not only because she is an attractive person, but also in order not to miss a dangerous moment. Suddenly you have to rush to the defense.
  • Invisible shadow. The man becomes a stalker. He always finds himself where the desired woman will be. That urgently need to print documents, then lunch in the same cafe, then the road home in one direction, although this is not so.
  • Goodies in a pocket. And what is surprising: a lover always has in his pocket a cute "little thing": a candy, a chocolate bar, an apple or even a flower. The desire to please and surprise is the best way to show that a man wants a relationship.
How to understand that a man wants a relationship
How to understand that a man wants a relationship

From words to deeds2

Indirect signs indicating sympathy are not yet a reason for quiet joy and "butterflies in the stomach." It is far from the fact that the man has serious intentions. How many women, having eaten a ton of chocolate, were left behind. Dropped and thrown without any remorse. It is sometimes very difficult to understand that a man has serious intentions. But, having dealt with his hints, do not flatter yourself. You can accept courtship, you can start a relationship, you can spend more than a year in them, but still not receive the coveted offer. But there are things that will leave no doubt: actions!

  • My home is our fortress. If a man brings a lady to the holy of holies, namely to his "den" and is ready to let him in for permanent residence, then this is a serious indicator of his attitude. Men are anxious about their home and they certainly will not let random people into it.
  • My friend is your friend. If a man introduced a woman to his friends, then 60% of what he expects for a long-term partnership is in his pocket. Meeting friends is a big step. Anyhow, what kind of lady will not get such an honor.
  • Second mom. Another 30% of confidence in a bright future is added by acquaintance with mom. A man will never introduce his mother to every new passion. She, of course, will know that her son is annealing with another Katya, Dasha, Glasha, but it will not work to give her tea. If the son intends to voluntarily go to the registry office, then an official reception in the parental home is provided.
  • Look into my soul. Men are very secretive creatures. Sharing your emotions, fears or worries is not the best conversation option for them. Such intimate things should be kept secret from random people. But it is quite another matter when the girl became close and dear.
Man wants a relationship
Man wants a relationship
  • Bright future. You should not immediately wait for a marriage proposal or choose names for children. For a start, a joint vacation is enough, even if in the village with a native granny. By the way, as a variant of serious intentions it is very indicative. If the man went on larger expenses in the form of buying vouchers to go far, then it is not difficult to understand that the man wants a relationship, and very serious.
  • The most expensive gift. Has anyone wondered what is the most valuable gift one person can give to another? This time, personal time. Only a headless fool will spend precious moments on empty pastime. A mature person appreciates every second. Consequently, a man who seeks to spend a lot of time with a woman wants a serious relationship.

Lucky woman's correct behavior model3

How to understand that a man wants a relationship is now as clear as day. The only thing left to do is not to frighten off. Absolutely all representatives of the male half of humanity are shy, like hares. This is not cowardice, this is exaggerated caution and foresight. Men value their destiny. You cannot force them to go down the aisle if there is the slightest doubt. Therefore, there are rules that are the same for all ladies, written with the tears of women left behind and emphasized by those who have lived a happy life with a loved one.

How to know if a man wants a relationship
How to know if a man wants a relationship

The first rule to learn is respect. You can't do without it. Moreover, you do not need to throw a veil of loud words and try to play with one goal. Respect should be mutual. If you begin to demand him to your person only after manifestation from the male side, then the relationship will very quickly come to an end. You need to show by deeds. For example, quarreling and love are things that go hand in hand. Without fights, the life of a couple is false and hypocritical. At the moment when there is tension between people, it is strictly forbidden to stoop to insults, humiliation, moral blows on sore spots. This is unforgivable.

Rule two: personal freedom. Encroaching on personal space is humiliating for both. Relationships should be built on trust. If he said that for football, then for football. And then, the man has not yet been issued in the registry office against signature. He did not and will not become anyone's property. He has friends, hobbies, personal interests. The light on the woman did not converge into a wedge. In addition, one day she may not be in fate, and friends will always be there.

Rule three: openness. No need to accumulate irritation. If something does not suit you, then it is imperative to voice it. But not with a whip in his hands and metal in his voice, but softly and unobtrusively. It is likely that some household trifles, something like an unwashed mug, do not bother a man at all. But it's definitely not worth making a scandal over her. All problems should be voiced. This is called lapping, competent and painless. If you behave exactly the opposite, then you can forget about the relationship.

Relationship with a man
Relationship with a man

Rule four: watch yourself. In the early days of relationships, women look stunning even when they sleep. The man sees this very image. But time passes and Dusya-unit in a stretched T-shirt and with a shaggy head begins to wander around the apartment. This will not go either before marriage or after. Of course, there is no need to exaggerate and blow off the slightest specks of dust from your beloved, but you will have to make efforts to preserve that original image.

That, in fact, is the whole answer to the greatest riddle of the female world "how to understand that a man wants a relationship."

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