Microchanges: What It Is And How To Avoid It. Online Betrayal

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Microchanges: What It Is And How To Avoid It. Online Betrayal
Microchanges: What It Is And How To Avoid It. Online Betrayal

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Micro-change is a relatively recent concept. It means the actions you perform that are capable of pushing for real change. This includes not even the standard betrayal that everyone is used to thinking about. Micro-change doesn't always involve physical contact. But for some, this type of infidelity on the part of a partner is tolerated much worse and more painful than ordinary betrayal. Let's figure out what it is and how to understand that your partner is a micro-cheater.

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What is it i

How often have you noticed how your partner communicates with someone for a long time on social networks and often sends ambiguous emoji? Or, perhaps, you noticed that he likes others on Instagram, but does not even remember about evaluating your photos? This is what counts as a micro change. For many, such flirting on social networks is also characteristic of getting rid of the habit of communicating with someone on intimate topics, except for your partner, and there is simply no desire and strength to polish exes. This not-so-pleasant habit has been called micro-change. Because of this, many seemingly strong alliances around the world have already collapsed, which is very sad. That is why it is important to know what to look for in order to avoid such a situation in your pair.

How to know if you are a victim of a micro-cheater2

Social media holds many secrets. Not everyone is worried that his partner will check his social media pages and therefore leaves all correspondence intact and does not leave accounts. To see if your significant other is cheating in this way, check the following points.

New like under old photos of ex. This one also has a name that was given in the west, namely deep like. Why can this be attributed to microchanges? Let's explain now. Thus, it seems that the one who has put the like, as it were, directly says that a few years ago this person looked good. In addition, he openly stated that he had climbed in the history of this person and would like to know about this act. In general, likes on a photo that are more than a month old is a strange thing and rather suspicious

what are micro-changes
what are micro-changes
  • Search history. Not everyone is worried that someone might check their search history or find out who they last searched for on Instagram. The second, for example, is immediately capable of telling a lot about a person. So if you saw any girls in the profile search history, then know that their search was carried out recently. It is worth stopping by later and checking their profiles to see if your partner liked their photos. If the answer is yes, then there is nothing to congratulate you on. Your partner is micromanaging.
  • An abundance of emoji and an unambiguous subtext. There is a lot that can be said with emoji today. It doesn't even need words. Of course, this is to some extent convenient, but with their help you can micro-change. If in the correspondence with your partner you find an abundance of emoticons that hint at something obscene, then you should start to worry. The area of ​​potentially dangerous emoji includes a winking smiley and a grinning one. Also, don't take the eggplant and peach emoji literally. Believe me, this is far from a hint of eating these fruits and vegetables, but something more intimate and obscene.
  • Recently subscribed to the account of an ex or any other beautiful ladies. Not everyone knows, but on Instagram you can see which one you subscribed to. The feed displays all the actions of those to whom you are subscribed and if, for example, a girl is subscribed to her boyfriend, she can see who he liked and who he subscribed to. Check this feed and if you see that your significant other has recently subscribed to someone whom you consider a competitor, then it's time to sound the alarm. And to say that this subscription was made even before meeting with you will not work, since everything is displayed in this feed in chronological order and it will not work to evade responsibility.
how to avoid microchanges
how to avoid microchanges
  • Candid photos. Here we are not talking about photos in swimsuits, of which everyone has enough, but about seductive photos that are aimed at attracting as much attention as possible and, of course, likes. If such photos are laid out in the public domain, then you can be sure that they were made not only for you, but also for a wider audience. But if in your couple it is not forbidden to take such photos, then you should not worry about anything, since this is just a photo that your soulmate liked, and she wanted to share it.
  • Dating apps. If there are several Tinder-type applications on your partner's phone, then the question immediately arises: "Why are they to him?" And the answer is very simple - have fun while you don't know! Of course, if he has not gone there for a long time, then there is no reason for worry, and if his activity is constant, and he communicates with many and evaluates the photo, then this is a serious reason for conversation.

Now you know what micro-changes are and how to protect yourself and not become a victim.

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