The Man Disappeared Without Explanation: 5 Reasons For This And What To Do Next

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The Man Disappeared Without Explanation: 5 Reasons For This And What To Do Next
The Man Disappeared Without Explanation: 5 Reasons For This And What To Do Next

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The man disappeared without explanation
The man disappeared without explanation

A woman meets a man. Not just another subject in pants, but an extraordinary, wonderful guy. A romantic relationship is struck between young people, fire breaks out in their hearts, and even in the loins. It would seem that everything is fine. The young lady soars in dreams. Mentally, they got married, got a dog, gave birth to children and settled in a house by the sea. But the sweet future is not destined to come true. Everything collapsed in an instant. Suddenly, the man disappeared without explanation.

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  • 1 An unexpected twist
  • 2 Call me for God's sake
  • 3 5 common reasons it goes missing
  • 4 Behavior of an abandoned woman
  • 5 Small first step
  • 6 Reasons for the "disappearance" behavior
  • 7 Honest talk
  • 8 Cold Bread
  • 9 Manipulator with special purpose
  • 10 I'm not a coward, but I'm afraid
  • 11 Accept reality
  • 12 Evening for bitter sobs
  • 13 Regain self-confidence
  • 14 Walk with God

Unexpected turni

Girls all over the world hate situations like this. When a gentleman disappears without a trace, they are seized by the most humiliating feelings: confusion, anger, despair, melancholy, terrible resentment. The woman goes over in her head all the options why the man disappeared without explanation. She begins to blame herself and look for reasons in her behavior or outward appearance why the unlucky boyfriend chose to sink into eternity. More active ladies go in search of a lover, wanting to find out the reason, because of which their sweet communication was abruptly interrupted.

Call me for God's sake2

The fairer sex is very worried when a young man disappears from sight, no matter at what stage the communication takes place. If a girl has known a guy for no more than one day, she is not so sad because of his disappearance, but nevertheless, unpleasant feelings attack. After all, this was his initiative to get acquainted and exchange numbers! But the phone, for some reason, is silent, and the beautiful stranger does not get in touch. There are several reasons why this happens.

Perhaps the guy lost the desired phone number, or incorrectly wrote down the numbers. This happens a lot. According to one of the versions, robbers could attack him and take away the mobile device. The young man suffers, wants to dial the number of a pretty girl whom he just met, but does not have such an opportunity.

5 common reasons for missing it5

Fleeting sympathy

Perhaps the guy changed his mind to continue his acquaintance with the girl. Yesterday, under the influence of alcohol; euphoria; romantic atmosphere or in the circle of close acquaintances, the gentleman sought to strike up an acquaintance with an interesting young lady. The next day, he woke up with a fresh head and decided that yesterday he had gone too far. The woman does not arouse such keen interest to continue communication. The man deletes her number or simply forgets that he has it.

Killed on the spot

The girl could disappoint the guy with her behavior. Noticing an interesting person, the young man was inflamed with a great desire to get to know each other better. He turned to the young lady, took her number, but then realized that he had made a mistake. Perhaps the attractive lady behaved too vulgarly: she spoke swear words, was rude, rushed to the passers-by into a fight. Or, on the contrary, she portrayed a capricious princess with great demands. The man thought - thought, scratched his nose and decided that communication must be urgently stopped. So he doesn't call the girl. Even if he liked her.

"Simple" as five cents

You should not sweep aside the option that in the eyes of the guy, the woman presented herself as an easily accessible person. She immediately began to hang herself around her neck, allow herself and him various liberties, did not give up spontaneous sex, demonstrating all her talents. Posh "not greedy" mistresses - strangers, give men a lot of pleasure when spending time together, but discourage the desire to establish a serious relationship in the future. Having put another lady to bed, the gentleman made a note in his notebook and in his self-esteem. The guy was good last night. He remembered, smiled, but did not want to continue the meeting. He doesn't need her anymore. Mission accomplished.

The man disappeared without explanation
The man disappeared without explanation

There in the far land, I have a wife

One of the reasons for the disappearance of a man may be his personal life. Perhaps the young man has a passion that he loves and respects. Succumbing to Sunday evening and the coming weekend, the guy picked up a pretty blonde, met, took her home and took a number. The next morning the "ladies' man" remembered about the exploits that had taken place, about his beloved friend, with whom he did not want to have trouble. The boy hastily deleted the new contact number and continued his calm, measured life with his soul mate.

Urgent affairs and other problems

In the film "Don't rush love", the main character, after a romantic evening, unsuccessfully awaits a young man in the dining room. The man the day before invited the young lady to a restaurant, kissed her at dawn, took her home and disappeared without a trace. The girl waited in despair for two weeks. Her friends assured her of the stupidity and dishonesty of the young man. In deep despair, she begins to twist tricks with a foreigner, as there is nothing not understanding "loss".

As it turned out, the man had an urgent business trip. In the hustle and bustle of the work, the guy hastily leaves the city and the girl and is very upset when he learns that she did not wait for him … It also happens. A man may not write, not call, not appear, because he is busy with business, problems and other important factors.

Why do men go missing
Why do men go missing

Behavior of an abandoned woman3

A new acquaintance does not appear on the horizon, and the woman panics. Her subsequent behavior depends on the properties of character, temperament and developed strategy. In such situations, she can take the following actions:

  • roar;
  • to punish yourself;
  • delete phone number or blacklist;
  • be depressed;
  • flinch nervously from every call and message;
  • set off in search of a young man, find out as much information as possible, hire a detective, arrange surveillance;
  • call the gentleman herself.

Small first step4

None of the above is worth doing. If a man disappeared without explanation, the woman needs to calmly think about what prompted him to take such a step. You should not blame yourself if a guy, for no apparent reason, ignores communication. If there is his number, the girl can make one call. Perhaps the young man has lost his number and is desperately trying to get it back. Observing the guy's unwillingness to communicate further, or noticing his evasive answers, you should not insist on continuing the conversation.

Reasons for the "disappearance" behavior 5

Disappear on the principle of "Figaro here, Figaro there" can be men who have been in relationships with women for several days. In such cases, there may be other reasons for which the subject suddenly evaporates.

Why the guy disappeared without explanation
Why the guy disappeared without explanation
  • Betrayal by a partner.
  • Frivolity of a man.
  • Cowardice before responsibility.
  • Bitter disappointment and resentment.
  • Other factors.

Honest talk6

There is nothing more unpleasant for a woman, something that a man disappeared without explanation and stopped abruptly communicating with her. Whatever reason guides his decisions, he must honestly call, come or write a message explaining his action. Then the girl will cease to hope and wait for his return, draw profound conclusions, and perhaps lag behind him forever and ever. A rare hysterical woman will rush to sort things out and get to the bottom of the truth: "Why, you, did this to me !?"

Cold rusk7

A brave, self-confident man will not “evaporate” not wanting to continue a romantic relationship with a woman. He will honestly talk to her, listen to a flurry of emotions and go home. But this is not always the case. If a guy disappeared without explaining anything to a confused girlfriend, then the properties of his character allow him to do this.

Most likely the young man is emotionally cold. He is an egoist, focused on his own desires, who is absolutely indifferent to the experiences of other people. He does not care about female snot, screams and sleepless nights. He disappeared, choosing the right decision for himself, in complete calmness and equanimity. What happens in the soul of a former passion, the little man is completely indifferent.

What if a guy disappeared without explanation
What if a guy disappeared without explanation

Manipulator with a Special Purpose8

In some cases, the guy disappears to manipulate the girl's actions. He achieves something from a "stubborn and disobedient" girlfriend and by such methods tries to reason with the woman. In this case, you should not sound the alarm, but rather wait for the return of the "prodigal parrot". Psychologists do not advise to build your life with manipulators, but deep in the soul each person is a little "dictator". Wise behavior of a woman will show a man that such methods will not work. Next time a man will not disappear without a trace. But with frequent manipulation, at one point, the woman herself will disappear.

I'm not a coward, but I'm afraid

Making responsible decisions often scares shy, infantile guys. From early childhood, he decided to entrust the care of his busy mother and grandmother fluttering next to him. Having become a mustachioed peasant outwardly, he remains as before an indecisive boy inside a large body.

When relations with a woman become difficult, or require serious decisions, the man “hides under her grandmother’s skirt” and disappears without a trace. Especially awe and horror catch up on a guy with such difficulties as: a financial issue, marriage, pregnancy of a passion. The latter reason ranks first in the list of reasons "Why a man disappeared without explanation." Having learned about the conception of the future heir, most men, pulling their heads into their shoulders, try to quickly get away with their legs. At least to the ends of the world.

The reasons why the guy disappeared without explanation
The reasons why the guy disappeared without explanation

Accept reality10

There is no more unpleasant situation for the fair sex than a "missing" boyfriend. Women feel offended, depressed, pitiful and unhappy. An unpleasant fact, like a bolt from the blue, tears her heart to pieces. She wants to find the fugitive by all means and find out the relationship with him. This is a big mistake.

If a girl realizes that there is no fault on her part, and the guy has made his own decision to retire from the relationship, then she needs to accept the sad fact. Yes, a romance, love relationship or marriage, turned to dust. The man chose to live a different life and this fact must be accepted. It is important to understand that this is his vision of the situation and a firmly balanced decision.

Evening for bitter sobs11

When the heart hurts from love wounds, no amount of advice can ease the pain. At first, a woman will want to cry and be alone. Do not shut yourself in and bury the painful sensations. It is necessary to give them a way out, splash out bitterness and pain through tears and sincere conversations with a confidential person. It is important to analyze your feelings and situation in order to understand the reasons that pushed your friend to such a step. It is worth removing a lesson from the situation that will save future relationships from mistakes and partings.

Regain Self-Confidence12

After sad experiences, you need to look around and focus on yourself. Watching films about unhappy love and abandoned heroines will demonstrate how the unhappy with dignity survived the separation of a man. The classic film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" tells the story of how unhappy love helped a provincial woman to achieve great success.

The guy disappeared without explanation
The guy disappeared without explanation

Later, the main character met a soul mate, but was grateful for the sad experience in the past. It is important for a woman to regain her calmness and self-confidence, which have been greatly shaken because of the situation that has occurred. Sports, dancing, swimming pool, beauty salon and gym will definitely be beneficial.

Walk with God13

If a man disappears without explanation, there is no need to pursue him. This is his decision. A cowardly but deliberate decision. His choice is worth respecting and accepting. Let him build his life elsewhere. A woman should forgive and let the fugitive go. The future will show that this situation was only for the better. The black stripe is followed by a white stripe.

Instead of an ugly character, a decent person will definitely appear. You shouldn't regret the man who disappeared and didn't bother to explain the reason. Whatever the motives, it is not nice to do this. As one wise woman said, “My man would not do that. So this is not my man!"

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