How Do You Know If It's Worth Starting Dating, Or Is It Better To Wait?

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How Do You Know If It's Worth Starting Dating, Or Is It Better To Wait?
How Do You Know If It's Worth Starting Dating, Or Is It Better To Wait?

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is it worth starting dating
is it worth starting dating

Scientists from Britain in the field of psychology and sociology have long analyzed how single girls and boys behave when meeting. Women, in order to fall in love (or be imbued with sympathy), need at least 6 glances in the eyes of the interlocutor, to assess his appearance, manner of communication. This takes about 45 seconds. The men turned out to be faster - 8 seconds and only one glance are enough for them. And now, a spark has already arisen between people, but a doubt appears - is it worth starting to meet? To find out the exact answer to this question, you need to get to know the person at least a little.

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  • 1 How to understand that dating is worth it?
  • 2 Tips for girls: when to say no for sure?
  • 3 Which girls are best for guys to avoid?

How do you know that dating is worth it? I

In order for the relationship not to become "one of", but to be serious and pleasant for both, you need to ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Am I ready for a relationship?
  2. Is this person right for me?
  3. Is he sincere towards me?

To answer the first question, you need to understand your own motives. If you really want a relationship for sex, position in society, to forget the past, etc., then you definitely should not meet. If the motive is sincere sympathy, there is a desire to make the relationship lasting, then the couple can take place. After all, feelings, especially of another person, are not a toy. You can't disappoint him for your own benefit.

Answering the second question, you need to figure out if this person is suitable for creating a relationship? Do the partners have similar views, do they see each other as a life companion, do they meet mutual expectations. If yes, then "dating" may well develop into "living together", and then into "getting married."

The third question is very important, first of all, for myself. A person must understand whether the attitude of his companion is really sincere. Does he have "underground" motives? To do this, you need to find out more information about the person. Information about how he behaves in other areas of life will be useful. For example, how he speaks about acquaintances, does he allow himself to lie to close people.

is it worth starting dating
is it worth starting dating

By the way, leading neurophysiologists from America and Britain have found out that during a lie, processes occur in the brain that provoke repeated lies! It is not for nothing that they say: "Having deceived once, he will deceive twice."

If a person is attracted to another and realizes that the answer to all these questions is yes, then it's time to make a first date! This is the only thing that can be done at the beginning of communication. In the future, new character traits and characteristics of the companion become known and it becomes clear whether the couple can stay together forever.

Tips for girls: when to say no for sure? 2

Whether it is worth starting dating is a question that worries many girls, especially those who have experienced separation in the past. There are several alarming "bells" that will tell you that you need to run far away from the guy.

We'll tell you all about how to react when a guy acts like a girl in our next article.

If he speaks unflattering about ex-girls, describes their shortcomings and does not admit his own mistakes in past relationships. First, he chose his exes himself. Secondly, he is also to blame, because there are no conflicts where only one side is guilty.

Guys who, a few days after they met, hint at sex opaquely, want a kiss too quickly, and open their hands are not the best option for a serious relationship. As well as those that promise "mountains of gold" from the very beginning. Normal men silently take and do, and do not chat ("I love, buy a fur coat" - just typical of guys without serious intentions).

is it worth starting dating
is it worth starting dating

If during the walk the guy and the girl paid for themselves, that's okay. But if he asks for a date, and thinks who ate how much, then you should not meet. Also, you should be wary of those young people who:

  • Communicate with ex;
  • They are mostly friends with girls;
  • Caught in lies, even the smallest.

Which girls are best for guys to avoid?

The stronger sex does not always think about whether to start dating, especially if the girl is beautiful. But there are types with which relationships are fraught with difficulties.

Too obsessive girls who, after the first meeting, talk about children and make plans for the future. They cease to be an individual, which means that in a relationship they will become a simple shadow of a guy, or "sticky".

They are very jealous and owners may even like them at first. But would it be pleasant to listen to jealous injections if she noticed a correspondence with a classmate or a like on a social network? Those of the fair sex who like to flirt and hang out with other guys are also not the best option for a relationship.

If she demands a lot, or immediately pays attention to the guy's material values, and not to the character and attitude towards her, most likely the relationship will not work. So don't start them.

is it worth starting dating
is it worth starting dating

Such traits can be seen from the first days of communication. If you stop in time and simply do not move from the “Friends” stage to the “Couple” stage, you will avoid many troubles in the future.

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