What Men Expect From Marriage And How To Build Strong Relationships

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What Men Expect From Marriage And How To Build Strong Relationships
What Men Expect From Marriage And How To Build Strong Relationships

Video: What Men Expect From Marriage And How To Build Strong Relationships

Video: What Men Expect From Marriage And How To Build Strong Relationships
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What men expect from marriage
What men expect from marriage

In family life, mutual understanding plays a special role. The ability to stand in the shoes of a partner will help maintain and improve relationships, especially in a young family. Women need to know what men expect from marriage.

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Coincidence? I don't think

But in vain! Sociological studies of American scientists from the University of Iowa show that over the past decades, attitudes towards the qualities of a spouse in men have changed dramatically. If earlier attractiveness and appearance were important for them, now the criteria have changed in the direction of a woman's intellectual development, her education and how much all this coincides with his own level.

Reputation and status also faded into the background. External attributes are not as important as they used to be. The main thing is that the tastes, interests and views of the couple coincide. A reliable marriage is now determined by thoughts and feelings.

It turns out that in family life, a man wants to have, in addition to a loving wife, an interlocutor: interesting, pleasant, equal to him. If a woman does not want him to spend time talking with her, and not with friends at the bar, then she needs to correspond.

Border protection2

Each person has their own habits. Over the years, they have become an integral part of their lives. Men also have their own interests, hobbies, favorite pastime. Many people like to watch sports events, go to a bar with friends or go out into the countryside, play computer games, and so on. And now a wife appears in his life, who may not like all this. She begins to press, breaking his spouse and forcing him to change his usual way of life, and very sharply. Now a man must live according to new, strict rules that a woman has come up with. Not just on a whim, of course, but to make the life of a loved one better. Who would like that?

girl seduces a man
girl seduces a man

The lifestyle of a man changes with the appearance of a woman, someone has more, someone less, depends on the lady of the heart. There is practically nothing you can do about it. But ladies often want to change everything in a few months, and some dream of coping with just a couple of weeks. Will not work. No way. At all. This can take years of living together, and sometimes it won't be enough. It's just that some men cannot be made another person.

The desire to transform the habits of a loved one, especially those harsh, even painful, will not lead to anything good. Husbands often cannot stand such pressure, they feel that they are being adjusted for themselves, and in the end they leave the one that they were ready to wear in their arms. And if a man stays, he may begin to accumulate anger and aggression within himself, but it will still gradually spill out, even drop by drop. The woman will definitely feel it. It will become unbearable to live in such conditions and to be close to someone who shows negative emotions towards her. The phrase fits the situation well: I wanted the best, but it turned out as always.

relationship between women and men
relationship between women and men

What do men expect from marriage in this case? They hope that the spouse will accept them as they are. Smart and wise women do just that. They do not limit freedom, give the spouse the opportunity to do what he likes with a calm soul. And if they are trying to change something in him, then they can be aware of an adequate time frame, stretching the transformation for years.

Do you understand me? 3

Understanding is valued equally by both sexes. What does this mean for a man?

First, he wants the woman to listen to him, and most importantly, to understand. Thus, she shows that she is interested in what her beloved lives in. This means he is important to her. The wife should not be afraid to ask questions, he will be pleased with her participation.

Secondly, a man always tries to understand the situation, to understand what is the matter, if the spouse is suddenly offended by something. And she is silent, does not want to talk, does not make contact. He begins to think all sorts of bad things. Men can do it too, their fantasy works well. When the stronger sex gets married, he expects to communicate with his wife, solve problems with joint efforts, and not catch tacit reproaches.

what do men expect
what do men expect

There is another side when a woman talks too much. This also interferes with mutual understanding in the relationship. Men do not like conversations not to the point, they are more comfortable when the conversation is short, but to the point, without unnecessary water. Therefore, they expect less talkativeness from the spouse than when she communicates with her friends, hoping to get information on the merits. It is already clear that a man also wants to talk, tell about himself, he must be given such an opportunity.

What else is important to him 4

This is not all that men expect from marriage. Here are some more significant hopes of the stronger sex:

  • respect;
  • fidelity;
  • confidence;
  • tenderness;
  • compliments;
  • support;
  • sex;
  • love.

The last two points are clear and so, but it will not be superfluous to remind about them. Especially that men expect, first of all, love from marriage.

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