How Should A Married Man's Mistress Behave? TOP 7 Rules

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How Should A Married Man's Mistress Behave? TOP 7 Rules
How Should A Married Man's Mistress Behave? TOP 7 Rules

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kiss girl
kiss girl

Men have a mistress for a variety of reasons. More often than not, they just want to feel macho again and diversify their sex life. The couple's forbidden relationships are very different from serious ones. And many women are concerned about how not to get bored with their lover? We offer you detailed instructions for action.

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  • 1 Present yourself correctly
  • 2 Be different in bed
  • 3 Exercise fitness
  • 4 Maintain a decent appearance
  • 5 Take an interest in his affairs
  • 6 Do not meddle in his family life
  • 7 Forget about claims
  • 8 In conclusion

Present yourself correctly i

There are no ideal women. Sometimes we see depressing photos of stars, let alone ordinary women. Someone has cute, but such unfashionable folds at the waist. Someone suffers from early cellulite. But don't give up! Believe in your beauty, and this feeling will immediately be transferred to your man. It is also helpful to emphasize your own merits. If you correctly emphasize the size 5 breasts, the partner will not even see the "orange peel" on the hips. And if he does, he will take it for granted. That is, part of your invincible charm. So be bold and take action!

Be different in bed2

Why does a lover come to you? That's right, for bed joys. He likes to be with you, but even pleasant sensations quickly turn into a routine. How not to get bored with a lover in this case? Provoke sex in an unusual place: in an elevator car (read our article on how to have sex in an elevator), in a park, in a car … Such an unexpected turn will certainly cause a sharp adrenaline rush. A man will quickly figure out what and how to do in order to get maximum pleasure and please you from the heart. As a result, both will be satisfied.

How not to get bored with a lover
How not to get bored with a lover

Do fitness3

Many women notice a strange pattern. Not the most beautiful and long-legged of them become loved and happy. What's the matter? Most likely, in warmth and rich emotionality. And yet you need to keep fit. You may not be able to lose weight to the size of your dreams, but you will become more flexible and strong. Should we explain that this is an important condition for "tasty" and quality sex? After all, being mobile, you can easily switch from one pose to another. And this is an additional bonus for your lover.

Maintain a decent appearance4

Again, everything is individual. Beautiful pacifiers resemble candy wrappers. They are being treated too freely. External beauty does not replace your internal content. However, you must be well-groomed and tidy. This makes you very feminine in the eyes of men. If your lover has any special wishes, he will tell you about them himself. Just practice good hygiene, it will build respect and trust in you. Of course, you shouldn't forget about beautiful clothes, hair and decent makeup. Try to please yourself in the mirror. Then the man will be crazy about you.

curly girl
curly girl

Take an interest in his affairs5

Sex is not everything. It's good when a woman becomes a man's best friend. With mutual sympathy, this is not difficult. One can not so much be interested in his affairs as emotionally react to his stories about himself. Or admire his achievements.

External response is important not only in bed, but also in communication. A man will never forget your admiring eyes! Rejoice at any success he makes. This will surely be etched into his memory. And then he will come back to you again and again. Because you can not only speak beautifully, but also listen carefully.

Do not meddle in his family life6

Family life is sacred. He can tell you a lot. Complain about your wife, scold children, speak badly about your mother-in-law. But you should never repeat these words after him, so as not to run into rudeness. Mutual respect is important here. How not to get bored with a lover? Accept the current situation, but do not comment. Even if you know his wife personally and you don't like her. This is none of your business. More often than not, men value their family highly. But this does not stop them from cheating on their own wives.

girl covers her mouth with her hand
girl covers her mouth with her hand

Forget about claims7

You have been dating him for several months. Male attention begins to wane. No, he is still in awe of you, your beauty and sexuality. But he is already beginning to take the situation for granted. What to do? God save you from claims and reproaches! No one wants a frivolous relationship filled with conflict. Even if he is sincerely attached to you, he will not tolerate quirks for a long time. At best, it will explain it to you, at worst, it will silently leave forever. Don't torment him with angry conversations. Remember that your relationship was light, warm, and trusting. If you can't keep them like that, you'd better leave yourself. Because disappointment can break your heart.

In conclusion8

And finally: remember that you cannot build happiness on someone else's misfortune. You and this man are not forever. Maintain a balance between genuine sympathy and a reasonable amount of indifference. It's difficult, but you can definitely do it!

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