Why Does A Man Sleep With His Ex? Is It Possible To "enter The Same River" Again

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Why Does A Man Sleep With His Ex? Is It Possible To "enter The Same River" Again
Why Does A Man Sleep With His Ex? Is It Possible To "enter The Same River" Again

Video: Why Does A Man Sleep With His Ex? Is It Possible To "enter The Same River" Again

Video: Why Does A Man Sleep With His Ex? Is It Possible To "enter The Same River" Again
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A man sleeps with an ex
A man sleeps with an ex

Some girls are faced with such a problem as cheating on a loved one with his previous passion. What explains this behavior, and should we expect a happy future from the relationship? Today we'll talk about why a man sleeps with his ex, why he needs it, and how you can stop such trips of his beloved. But first, every girl who finds herself in such an unpleasant situation should think about whether she is ready to forgive her boyfriend.

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Slept once i

Sex with former lovers is quite normal, but only in the case of one act, and not consistently repeated meetings. Even if both are currently happy in a new relationship, they are former lovers can sleep. Why does this happen?

  • Most often this happens against the background of the joint consumption of alcoholic beverages. For example, a guy met his previous love at a party or in a club. Of course, they will have something to talk about and something to remember.
  • Cocktails do incredible things to the human brain, and it may seem to an ex that there are still feelings between them. In most cases, after the act, both understand that they just drank too much, nostalgia attacked, and nothing more.
  • It may happen that a man accidentally met his ex-girlfriend on the street or at work, they started a dialogue, after which they decided to meet in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Of course, if a guy once loved his girlfriend, he may have a sexual interest in her, and he decides to sleep with her again. But this will not at all mean that their relationship will improve, most likely, they will not meet again.
  • Farewell chord. And this also happens. It happens that a couple breaks up without finding out until the end of the relationship, they just quarreled and fled.
  • The guy has a new passion, but then he meets her again, with which everything was not completely decided. In a fit of passion, former lovers can have farewell sex, which will be the last point.

But not everything is as rosy as it might seem. If a man sleeps with his ex, it is not stable, but at least once it was, it means that he simply does not love his real one that much. Whatever the relationship was in the past, no matter how strong the love, this cannot be an excuse for betrayal.

It's another matter if your chosen one slept with his ex-wife once. These are native people who still feel attraction to each other. Especially often there is sex between a divorced couple, if the husband is to blame for the separation. He left, left his wife and child, began to live with another girl.

He feels guilty, and subconsciously believes that sex can smooth it a little. Perhaps the wife decided to punish the homeless woman in this way, and deliberately lured her ex to the once common bed. Like, let him suffer as I once did!

In this case, it is difficult to forgive, but possible. Firstly, you had to understand that the man leaves the family for you, and cheating on you just had to happen, especially with the ex-wife, with whom the beloved has much more in common.

Stable sex with ex2

If a man sleeps with his ex all the time, well, or from time to time, but it happens, then here you need to think carefully about the reasons, which can be huge. Let's consider the most likely ones:

Slept once with my ex
Slept once with my ex
  • Friends with Benefits. For example, he has already found his new love, and the ex-girlfriend is still alone. A warm, friendly relationship has been preserved between the former couple, and this is what can become a reason for making love.
  • The guy tells how everything is going well for him, and the girl complains that everything is bad with her, and especially lacks sex. So why not tackle it, because it was stable before? Whether it's normal or not, situations like this are common.
  • Habit. If a couple was together for a long time, broke up due to the inability to be together (there is no love, different interests and characters), but they were satisfied with sex with each other, then they can not refuse it!
  • They know each other's needs, how to please their partner, and everything is fine. In this case, it should be understood that this circle cannot be broken. If they are united by sex, perhaps they will soon decide to reunite, or they will meet in secret.
  • Another reason that a man sleeps with another may be the lack of sex with a new girlfriend, or the lack of its quality. Every guy needs stable intercourse, as nature has it. Many men, not getting satisfaction from copulating with a new girl, or she is not at all ready to move on to this stage, go to their ex for help.
  • The likelihood of this is especially high if warm relations have been maintained with the previous wife or girlfriend, they have common friends and interests. Only you can keep your beloved from going to the left. Give the man what he wants, open up in bed, show that you are better!
Stable sex with ex
Stable sex with ex
  • The guy is just satisfied with a double life. Of all the above, this is the most likely reason. He broke up with a girlfriend or wife, started a relationship with a new girlfriend. But from time to time he visits his former passion, and they have violent sex. The explanation is simple: the girl wants to keep him, so she sleeps with him. And the guy, in turn, just takes the opportunity to be with both loved ones at once.
  • Sex with the ex has become better, since the forbidden fruit is sweet. Many guys explain their behavior by this. They say that the girl was not like that before, and after the breakup, the sex is really better. Both understand that they are not together, from which the act is more passionate, they want more and more.

If a man sleeps with an ex, you shouldn't only blame him. Women are insidious creatures, and can lure anyone they want to bed, especially those who once loved them. Perhaps the ex-spouse wants to return the faithful in this way. Or maybe she doesn't need it at all, she just enjoys what is happening.

The desire to return the old relationship3

If a man sleeps with his ex, and it happens steadily, most likely, he simply did not have love for her. Yes, they parted, but then they met again, and a spark ran between them.

Perhaps the woman once abandoned the guy herself, but now she does not mind having sex with him, so, "for health." And he dreams of returning the relationship, so he follows her lead. Why doesn't he break off relations with an existing girlfriend? Maybe he’s not sure that he will be able to return the ex, he’s afraid of losing what is.

Why does a man sleep with an ex
Why does a man sleep with an ex

And it so happens that the former both want to be together again, but for some reason they simply cannot do it. For example, a man loves the one with whom he is currently dating and has warm feelings and passion for his ex. The meetings will continue until one of them decides to end it all, scatter forever.

This case is the most difficult. And it's hard not only for the girl who is being cheated, but also for her boyfriend and his ex. In this situation, you need to decide what to do next. The most correct thing would be to let go of your beloved, give him freedom of choice, and not scandalize every time, not try to keep him.

Perhaps, having felt freedom, he will remember why he once broke up with her, and began dating you, and decides to return you. But it may turn out that he will be happy, the couple will converge again, and only you were an obstacle to their future.

Anyway, don't hang your nose! Keep your pride, understand that you deserve the best. And someday there will be someone for whom you will be the one and only, irreplaceable in all plans. And so, by the way, when making love with an ex or ex, partners must understand that sooner or later it will end. Perhaps even a complete break in any communication.

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