Features Of Marriage With A Foreigner: Advice And Nuances Of Relationships

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Features Of Marriage With A Foreigner: Advice And Nuances Of Relationships
Features Of Marriage With A Foreigner: Advice And Nuances Of Relationships

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Favorite is a foreigner
Favorite is a foreigner

According to all the laws of a good fairy tale, the prince cannot live in a neighboring village. He must come from the "distant state" and take you to the "beautiful far away". And only the "three streams of tears" of your mother and the scary stories of girls who fell into slavery make you think again: is a happy marriage with a foreigner possible? It turns out that everything is possible, the main thing is to be ready for cardinal changes.

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  • 1 There are a number of nuances that should be mentioned
  • 2 Wouldn't step on a rake in someone else's monastery

Let's start with the fact that marriage with our compatriot can be unsuccessful. And in a marriage with a citizen of another country, oddly enough, strangely enough, you face problems that affect all emigrants, and not just “Russian brides”:

  1. other culture;
  2. another language;
  3. impossibility of employment without confirmation of the diploma;
  4. lack of the usual social circle and friends.

You may not know and not understand the elementary things: how it is customary to pay for travel, how to behave with your spouse's friends and relatives, and even how to set the table. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask all this from your man. Make every effort to go to his homeland for the first time not as a wife and without money for the return trip, but with an introductory tour.

Read carefully as much as possible about his country: the peculiarities of the mentality, the standard of living, how safe it is, what are the rights of women in this country, with whom the children stay, in the event of a divorce of parents, is there a death penalty and for what violations. Pay attention not only to the dominant religion, but also to how orthodox and whether it is connected with political power.

There are a number of nuances that should be mentioned

East is a delicate matter

Is a woman in Muslim countries a powerless creature? This is not entirely true. First of all, Islam gives a woman a decent life: she will never be killed in two jobs while cultivating the garden with her own hands, repairing the fence, washing, cooking, cleaning and checking the lessons of the children. Her job is primarily a husband.

But, our women find it difficult not to be such a dominant person. It's even more difficult to be not the only wife. By the way, keep in mind that this is why the first right to children is the father, not the mother. It is important to listen carefully to how exactly the chosen one represents life together and after that decide whether to agree to the move or not.

marry a muslim
marry a muslim

India is the land of spiritual rebirth

And also - an incredible cultural gap between major tourist cities and the province. It is also a land of amazing traditions for us. Our women are especially amazed by the attitude of the Hindus to death (for burial - generally it is better to remain silent).

In principle, this is seen as a blessing, so some such husbands may have a negative attitude towards treatment, for example, premature babies. In addition, let your spouse tell you what may be an insult to him. Otherwise, give me the wrong food and you won't understand what the husband is offended at. And you should forget about beef, or even better - get used to vegetarianism.

Thank God - my fiance is from a European country (America, Canada)

The bottom line is that it is a developed country. A natural question arises - why did he not find anyone so good at his side? The answer, as a rule, lies in the fact that for the locals he is not at all "an enviable groom." What seems like a good life to us is poverty for the average woman in this country.

Therefore, such men choose Slavic women for themselves. In principle, this is not a tragedy if you realize that your husband, for example, is going to live on one allowance. Or that his work is not very prestigious. Just keep in mind that if you are going to get a job yourself, you will have to go through all the difficulties of adaptation.

Leaving with your husband - be sure to say that he must be ready to draw up a number of documents so that you do not find yourself in an illegal position.

marry an american
marry an american

There is one more thing that grooms from civilized countries (in particular, America) can “sin” with. The laws of such states are very strict regarding domestic violence. Here are the lovers of “letting go” and looking for unprotected and dependent women, blackmailing them with the fact that they are not yet full members of society and can, in case of disobedience, fly out of the country in 48 hours.

Therefore, in no case close your eyes to such hints even before the marriage: excessive aggressiveness without mutual consent in intimate relationships, statements and involuntary gestures - everything should be taken into account so that later you do not cover up the bruises while waiting for a residence permit and dreaming to get rid of it as soon as possible from the tyrant.

Africa is the cradle of the world

It is also the cradle of unstable countries from a security point of view. And, oddly enough, this plays into the hands of our compatriots, especially if they are medical workers - and the husband is proud and the society accepts.

In a word, fighting friends, you can pack a bulletproof vest and a helmet with T-shirts - with a cute, as they say, paradise and in a field hospital. Although not everything is so simple. There are more peaceful, stable states, and husbands with other professions (there, by the way, they still get a lot of useful things).

favorite african
favorite african

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether or not you can manage your married life in a small apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower or on a ranch in Texas is entirely up to you. Feel free to ask "uncomfortable questions" about everything: your pocket money, shared housing, children, etc.

Leave the escape routes for yourself in case of anything - agree to call your friend or relatives who can "sound the alarm" and bring you back. Read more about your new homeland, learn the language and don't be offended. Hundreds of happy marriages prove that “not enviable” for local grooms become ideal husbands for our beautiful, patient and hardworking women.

Wouldn't step on a rake in someone else's monastery2

There are many funny laws that taboo some aspects of human life. The intimate sphere is no exception. It is worthwhile to make sure once again what you can and shouldn't do in a foreign country, going there on vacation or on your own business, so as not to get a negative experience. Moreover, we are talking not only about Muslim countries with a fairly conservative society, but also about those that are even difficult to imagine.

Let's start with the condom. Such a wonderful product, which protects against unwanted pregnancy and various infections, turns out to be almost impossible to purchase in Ireland, which already does not know what else to come up with to increase the birth rate

condoms abroad
condoms abroad
  • But in the state of Louisiana, only a woman can purchase such a contraceptive. Well, right, let him buy a fur coat and a diamond ring, which is trifling.
  • The city of Palermo in Italy can at any time be recognized as a city of absolute gender inequality. And the thing is that men are forbidden there to sunbathe naked. This means that women can, and their gentlemen - no, no.
  • But another city - Tropea asks not to be naked ladies who are "fat and ugly." It’s just not clear that there is a need to take a certificate from a beauty contest, that you look like that or do they determine by eye? Aesthetes, however, these are local.

The state of Arizona may lose some of the tourists, since it is in all seriousness forbidden to have more than two dildos in it. Imagine at the airport: “Weapons, drugs, a third follower? Not? Come on in … "

vibrators abroad
vibrators abroad

If you don't like it, you should choose the state of Nebraska. There, if the police spot a strange couple in the car, they should honk their horns and wait two minutes. These are the people! It won't help violators anyway. And if “suspicious persons” turn out to be in love, they will have time to put themselves in order. It is not clear whether they will have time to complete what they started in two minutes …

These are the amazing things that can happen to tourists in love. So, opening the world, do not forget to fasten the zippers on your trousers in time. And be attentive to such laws so as not to get into an awkward situation.

We read about all the pros and cons of marriage with a foreigner in our article below the link.

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