Meeting At The Gym Or How To Combine Business With Pleasure?

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Meeting At The Gym Or How To Combine Business With Pleasure?
Meeting At The Gym Or How To Combine Business With Pleasure?

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meeting at the gym
meeting at the gym

People are surprised who complain that they cannot get to know each other. At the same time, their life is quite diverse and is not limited to the “circle of ponies” “work - home - work”. There are many places for acquaintances, and one of the centers of the "shura-mura" front is the gym. And it doesn't matter who the hunt is for: a guy or a girl.

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  • 1 Calculation of the hunting object
  • 2 Schedule
  • 3 Minute X
  • 4 Maybe a seagull?

Calculation of the hunting object

Before deploying large-scale actions, you need to figure out a person who is not associated with a relationship. The first is the hands. Specifically fingers. The ringed ones also go in for sports, but they are taboo. Let them mold themselves for their halves.

Distracted people tend to focus on the workout itself. They take little time to rest between sets. We went in, worked out, left. They do not look around the room, do not keep their eyes on other visitors, do not waste time on the phone. They have a clear schedule. This gives reason to assume that they have someone, they are busy with a bunch of other things, and generally do not intend to get acquainted.

Those who spend time in the gym for pleasure, walk relaxed between the simulators, calmly wait for their turn, sip some water, scroll through the phone and look at other people, are most likely free. By the way, they are also given out by an evaluative look directed at persons of the opposite sex. Girls look at boys, boys look at girls. These are the finished objects, or they themselves are in the process of hunting.


People go to the gym on a certain schedule. Everyone has free time, and, as a rule, it is constant. This should be used to the maximum. Do you like the object? Does he go at a certain time? Ideally. It means that your schedule is adjusted to the person, and you need to appear in the hall with him. This leads to the fact that a person gets used to the constant presence of the same persons, and people cease to be completely outsiders.

about meeting in the gym
about meeting in the gym

Literally after a few such sessions, educated people begin to say hello. So this is a great seed to start offensive operations. To start in passing, then more specifically, and a little later and with the wishes of a good workout and a great day. It's too early to ask the name, they start this a little later. The main thing is not to impose and not faint if the person is silent or has shown that he does not want to get acquainted.

Minute x3

Make eye contact before starting a siege. No need to stare at a person, he may misunderstand. It is enough to look and look away. The main thing is to catch the moment of coincidence. That a guy, that a girl, unknowingly themselves will begin to look for eye contact, if not averse to getting acquainted. Several of these "shootings" and you can add a smile.

Then you need to adjust to the frequency of the exercises. When a person presses the barbell, he has no time for talking about the weather. He is focused on the process. So it's worth waiting for him to be free. And there is no need to stand over your soul, there are a lot of free exercise equipment. As for the guys, taxiing to the lady, dripping sweat and smelling like a dog, is guaranteed to fail. So the maximum should be rolled up at the beginning of the workout. Or the warm-up process is still in progress.

meeting at the gym
meeting at the gym

When the subject has finished the exercise, it is easier to approach. The person is relaxed, thinks about his own, can exchange a couple of phrases. The question can be anything, up to the banal "is he going to take this simulator." The main thing is to start. It's a little easier with girls. Seeing that she is about to start exercising on a simulator with insurance, you need to offer your services. Moreover, this can be done without much scraping. He came up and insured. Only without eating with her eyes, the lady does not look like ice at such a moment. Just insurance! By the way, a great reason to ask the name of a person.

As for the girls, you can ask for insurance or hang a couple of pancakes. Guys rarely refuse. If he is all of himself Apollo of Belvedere, then, of course, the stigma will wrap up. But the gentleman will not refuse. He will also give a couple of tips. And yes, such a chip rolls with a bang with those guys who looked at the petitioner with interest. Well, what to do, guys are sometimes so stupid and shy that you have to take the initiative into your own hands.

Maybe a seagull? 4

The modern rooms are equipped with sports bars that offer a variety of drinks. A great excuse to invite or join a property. Joint rest after training should be connected when communication is established. This takes about two weeks. Previously, it's not even worth trying.

how to meet at the gym
how to meet at the gym

The topics of conversation at such moments should only concern the classroom. After all, this is so far the only converging factor. Just don't ask questions about "before". Talking about results, about mistakes in the process, about nutrition are perfect. In general, about everything related to fitness. And praise! You can't do without it. Praising a person awakens both interest and confidence in him, and praise works for rapprochement is simply gorgeous.

After all, the gym is a great place to meet. Much better than a club or a website. Well, how successful it will be, only time will tell.

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