Why A Girl Is Unlucky In Her Personal Life And How To Be Lucky

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Why A Girl Is Unlucky In Her Personal Life And How To Be Lucky
Why A Girl Is Unlucky In Her Personal Life And How To Be Lucky
toys bride and groom
toys bride and groom

Perhaps every woman passionately wishes to find strong family happiness, to love and be loved. But in the modern world, the number of people who suffer from loneliness and unsettled life is growing every year. Psychologists identify several main reasons why a girl is unlucky in her personal life and, unfortunately, many of them go deep into childhood.

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  • 1 The groom looks like a father
  • 2 An example of painful experiences in a relationship
  • 3 Transferring parenting relationships to your relationship
  • 4 Women's complexes
  • 5 Influence of mother's character

Father-like groom

Very often, girls unconsciously try to choose a man for their husbands, whose image reminds her of the moments of childhood. The choice usually occurs unconsciously, and the girl does not even suspect that she is not looking for a husband, but for some kind of a father figure. Very often, a woman who grew up in an alcoholic family finds herself in the arms of a drinking husband, or the daughter of a single mother sits and waits for her husband to leave her.

And the point is not at all that she has a bad husband, she just got used to not trusting men, and all men, by the example of her mother. And very often this habit of distrust leads to the fact that the woman, like her mother, is ultimately abandoned. In this moment, you can understand her husband, because it is very difficult to live with someone who does not trust you under any condition.

It is worth remembering all your past boyfriends and guys and determining a common feature in their temperament, and then comparing the resulting image with your father. Note the common traits that are most suitable for this type of man and subsequently avoid any relationship with these men.

An example of painful experiences in a relationship2

It often happens that painful, unsuccessful past relationships leave great pain in the woman's memory and do not let her go for a long time. In this case, they withdraw into themselves, and in every man they meet they see the bastard who caused them bitter insults. On a subconscious level, they expect a repetition of the painful experience and by all means avoid any feelings.

Any bad situation can and should be learned. Everything that does not kill is created in order to teach new things and helps to gain new experience. Thanks to this, you can look at the past relationship in a different way and realize what mistakes you should not make in the next relationship. And then just let go of your past, because it has already played an important role in order to prepare the way for a new relationship.

The girl is unlucky in her personal life
The girl is unlucky in her personal life

Transferring parental relationships to your own relationships3

Every married couple develops their own special relationship over time. Children, on the other hand, have a habit of adopting the style of their parents' behavior with each other. Subsequently, the discrepancy between the examples of relationships in the families of the life partner and the woman can become the basis for conflicts.

For example, a woman, as her mother once did, is constantly worried and worried about her husband. And to her partner this manifestation of anxiety may seem that the wife does not believe in his strength and does not consider him the head of the family.

Before you put an end to the existing relationship, you should first analyze them. It is possible that the origins of all conflict situations are in the projection of parental stereotypes and rules onto your family. Often after that, the realization will come that most of the conflicts did not have any good reasons, but were only a habit of the parents.

Why unlucky in personal life
Why unlucky in personal life

Women's complexes4

Most of the women's complexes are invented, but at the same time they are one of the main reasons why a girl is unlucky in her personal life. One woman is embarrassed about her small breasts, the other hates her nose. The result is low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority. The girl begins to think that no one will ever fall in love with such a miserable and ugly woman. All this becomes the foundation of an unsuccessful personal life.

Every woman should understand that every person is unique and has its own uniqueness. It is in this uniqueness that real beauty lies. You need to love yourself just the way you are and there will definitely be a man to whom this invented flaw will seem like a cute highlight. And of course, if there is no way to try on with the lack, then in the modern world there are many opportunities to correct them with the help of plastic surgery.

Influence of mother's character5

The influence of mothers on the manner and nature of personal relationships is very difficult to overestimate. Any girl subconsciously inflicts habits of behavior and mother's traits on herself. If in childhood a girl is accustomed to seeing her mother constantly standing in the kitchen as an asexual person, then as an adult, she does not want to become like her mother. Such a girl will neglect housework, will defiantly paint and dress inappropriately. Usually, men do not stay long next to such persons.

Bad personal life
Bad personal life

It is worth comparing your appearance and demeanor with your mother and see how this affects personal relationships. Maybe you shouldn't go too far in the desire to be different from your mother?

Of course, it is difficult and impossible to predict the scenarios of life situations for each individual woman. But before you begin to lament over the question of why the girl is unlucky in her personal life, you should look for the cause of the situation that has arisen, and then try to get rid of this reason.

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