7 Tips For Getting Your Ex-girlfriend's Attention To Yourself

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7 Tips For Getting Your Ex-girlfriend's Attention To Yourself
7 Tips For Getting Your Ex-girlfriend's Attention To Yourself

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How to draw your ex's attention
How to draw your ex's attention

People break up for various reasons: betrayal, bad habits of a partner, dissimilarity of characters. It seems that having received the long-awaited freedom, life will be filled with new sensations, the banal "everyday life" will go away, taking with it all the problems. But another month passes and more and more often I want to return to past stable relationships.

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How to draw the attention of a former lover, restore burnt bridges, if the separation was tough and uncompromising. Ask yourself the most important question. Why do you need to grab her attention? If you expect to return to your previous disposition, lull the vigilance of the faithful with compliments, prayers and oaths, and then using an insidious plan to change (as she is to you) or leave in difficult times.

The pleasure of revenge will be short-lived, the adrenaline will evaporate, and the sediment from the low, unworthy act of a real man will remain forever. Perhaps she really is to blame, she broke your heart, or her behavior adversely affected your reputation in society. Forget about her for a while, wait until the intellectual age of your girl catches up with the passport. As they mature, people become more tolerant and generally smarter.

Seven ways to remind yourself:


The option is to return, in order to start all over again, much nobler, you must understand that renewing the relationship you have no right to make a mistake. The draft has already been used, now there is a blank sheet in front of you, go for it. There are many ways to remind yourself of yourself, their complexity depends on how tragic the breakup was. The simplest, completely free, is to like and leave cute comments under her photos on social networks.

Naturally, she will visit your profile and review in detail the latest changes to your status. There should not be pictures with other girls, rudeness, subscriptions to porn sites. More sentimental pictures with sad additions about lost love. Guys certainly won't understand, but you can create another account for them.

Female curiosity is stronger than any offense, and after a while, she will discover herself by writing a stinging greeting or sending a cool emoticon. Having established communication, take a closer look at those who appeared in her contacts, perhaps while you were absent, the competitors did not sleep, unfortunately the duels were canceled, so look for more humane methods to eliminate them.

Lucky case2

It is more difficult to figure out how to get your mistress back if the girl blacklisted you, closed any inclinations in messengers, blocked you in the phone. Then feel like an official who was removed from a leading position due to the loss of the trust placed in him. It means that she is still experiencing and every reminder of the past is reflected by mental discomfort in her body.

the former is still in the heart
the former is still in the heart

Simply put, she has not forgotten you. Collect the rest of the information: home address, place of work, favorite cafes, approximate routes. As a seasoned detective, set up casual encounters. At first once every two weeks, then a little more often. Come up with an adequate explanation of why you ended up in this area if you live on the other side of the city. Do not try to immediately rush into battle, start with a simple greeting, then more.

Gradually close the distance, do not miss the moment when the ex starts flirting, or talks about the problem or even asks for help. Fixing the faucet, taking the cat to the clinic, picking up the laptop from repair is an excuse to get closer to you. Maybe the pet that you once dragged from the trash heap will now become a link that has reconnected your hearts, thereby repaying the kindness shown to him.

Dangerous maneuver3

For the brave and decisive, risky methods are suitable, then she will have to remember about your existence. For the wrongs inflicted in the past (betrayed, slandered, did not feed the cat), you will have to answer with your own health. Set up a mini accident in which you will be the victim and your bride-to-be the offender.

Now almost all women drive a car, but it would be less traumatic for you if she rode a bicycle. Having received minor bruises, and maybe even a closed fracture, you will atone for your guilt in front of your beloved woman with blood. Mental joy will be the best anesthesia for bodily wounds. For the next month, you are guaranteed bed rest, as well as attention and care from the perpetrator of the accident.

how to beat off a girl from a boyfriend
how to beat off a girl from a boyfriend

Secret Conspiracy4

While you were a couple, your circle of friends increased due to new friends and relatives, ask them to help reunite your union. Let your friends arrange a trip to nature, or to the village, where once, walking around the neighborhood, you first confessed your love to your girlfriend. The setting should evoke romantic memories in her.

Perhaps she will refuse the invitation, or she will not come alone, but with a new boyfriend. This is not scary, but you will see a potential rival, but he is in this village for the first time, and you will fight on the studied territory, moreover, with reinforcements in the form of friends. Jealousy will be a hindrance, in no case do not start out of anger to roll up to all the fair sex.

Keep your mind and prudence, emotions will only get in the way now. Show your tolerance, make friends with the new boyfriend of your former passion. Hint your acquaintances to show him all the beauty of these places, and at this time you will talk with your beloved. Make tactile contact with her, take her hand, hug her, tell her how you miss her. A rare woman will remain indifferent in such a situation.

The whole world at her feet5

For the next method, financial investments are required. The amount of upcoming costs depends on the standard of living and the needs of the girl. Didn't verbal and written apologies bring the expected result? Then it's time to use heavy artillery. How to get your ex-girlfriend back and her attention? Of course, first you need flowers, better delivered by a courier to her work.

return ex-girlfriend
return ex-girlfriend

The envy of colleagues will be a pleasant addition to a chic bouquet. Further, your imagination will depend on the numbers on the bank account. A certificate can be a gift, but not to a beauty center or a gym. Hinting at flaws in appearance and figure, you are unlikely to return the location of your beloved.

Invite her to a restaurant, allowing you to pre-select an outfit that you will happily pay for, or buy a new smartphone with the entire headset. Remember what she dreams of, what she enjoys, become a wizard who fulfills wishes. Go on a trip together, it is not necessary to go abroad, sometimes, living in the city, people do not know about the sights that are in the neighboring region.


The method is ambiguous, but it happens often. Our psychological health is directly related to the physical. Intimacy is essential for both men and women. Abstinence negatively affects mood, apathy and depression develop.

The hormonal background of the girls is unstable, as a result of which, breakdowns at work, depression at home. Offer your help, at least for a while, until she meets a permanent partner, become her passionate lover. After all, sex with an ex-girlfriend is quite a pleasant and frequent occurrence.

Of course, if before the separation, you satisfied her needs. Perhaps at first, she will be offended and even offended, but then she realizes that it is better to be close, dear, than distant dubious. The ex-husband in the status of an intimate partner is already an exciting factor. Only now you have to try, experiment with new positions or master anal sex.

how to get your love back
how to get your love back

Go together to a special store, choose: lubricant, toys, cute trifles. Suggest role play, all women love dressing up. If it is problematic to retire at home, rent a hotel room, unfamiliar surroundings will add excitement. They are embarrassed stupidly, because you have already parted, so you can try everything previously forbidden, but desired.


The most long-term attention you will achieve is if, after meeting for health, your girlfriend from the past finds herself in an interesting position. Then you will have to renew the relationship. By the way, it was pregnancy that helped many couples to look at what was happening from a different angle. It doesn't matter if it's the first child or the next, you can't disappear without a trace from his life without even asking if it's a boy or a girl.

Cause and effect8

Most breakups, 87%, are due to burnout. People get tired of being together, many have children by this time, the meaning of supporting a family disappears. In second place, cheating - 76%. The desire to start a new relationship often ends with a fleeting meeting.

Sexual dissatisfaction was 1% ahead of addictions, 58% versus 57%. Almost half of 49%, having experienced loneliness, want to return everything back. So the question of how to draw the attention of the ex is relevant for many men.

There are several reasons for returning:

  • Habit is very convenient when there is no need to pretend, you can relax and no one will pay attention to your minor flaws.
  • Hope is when you believe that the breakup will positively affect your partner's behavior.
  • Responsibilities - common children, relatives, mortgages, loans, family traditions, sometimes pets.
  • Fear - it's much harder for one to cope with work and everyday problems.
  • Uncertainty - how correct the decision to divorce was.
ex girlfriend
ex girlfriend

It's not hard to start hanging out with your ex again, especially if she keeps in touch with you. The main thing is to understand whether you can do work on mistakes, forgetting about old grievances, even in quarrels, not to blame for your weakness. In families with children, such situations are even more difficult.

The separation of parents is a terrible test for them, which only wise, balanced partners can proudly go through. By the way, it is easier to return to the family, to the children, having secured their consent, it will not be difficult to persuade the mother. Just do not try to manipulate or use blackmail, they will not forgive repeated betrayal.

Family Plagiarism9

Everything in the world is cyclical and any situations that seem insoluble to us have already happened to someone. Many couples among celebrities experienced a break in relations, and after a while, kissed again at the sight of journalists' cameras. It is difficult for public people with their heightened sense of narcissism to find true love, so they return to their old partners again.

Pink and Keri Hart, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, Kate Middleton and Prince William, to say nothing of mere mortals when kings have mistakes. Many consider this to be infantile, a manifestation of character weakness.

But how to live if the torment of the soul does not give rest, past grievances have long been forgotten, and it is impossible to get distracted. New acquaintances end with a comparison with the former, naturally in favor of the latter, and thoughts about how to draw the attention of the former haunt.

return ex-wife
return ex-wife

In especially severe cases of addiction, people turn to specialists. If you're willing to take responsibility for the happiness of another person, then it's worth the risk. Getting attention is not difficult, just what to do then? Consider the reasons for the conflicts; reconciliation is unlikely to occur if your financial insolvency was to blame and nothing has changed at this stage.

Become self-reliant, independent, change your image. Clothes of bright colors, will give confidence, around gray - black everyday life, dilute this swamp of everyday life. Then the ladies themselves will begin to show interest in you, word of mouth will quickly spread the information received.

Your beloved girl, succumbing to the general excitement, will indicate her presence, you will only have to play along a little. Having estimated your ridiculous attempts to correct, her kind heart will thaw and possibly the repeated sound of Mendelssohn's march, will make the registry office workers smile maliciously, but you will firmly make sure that now it is forever!

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