How To Find A Sponsor Of A Foreigner: TOP - 5 Practical Tips

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How To Find A Sponsor Of A Foreigner: TOP - 5 Practical Tips
How To Find A Sponsor Of A Foreigner: TOP - 5 Practical Tips

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find a sponsor for a girl
find a sponsor for a girl

How to find a sponsor of a foreigner? A beautiful life is a reality for many, and it is not necessary for this to work for years, save up and deny yourself everything. A pleasant and well-groomed lady, ready to offer love and affection, may smile at the chance to become wealthy and not need anything.

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  • 1 There are some practical tips on how to find a sponsor for a foreigner
  • 2 Finally, briefly distinguishing features of men of different nationalities

The sexual revolution has brought into the life of Russian men and women not only complete emancipation in bed. It was followed by comprehensive publicity: now you can speak out loud about your desires, needs, experiences and about sex in general.

Various ads on the dating site have become easier to perceive. People openly declare their intentions, and gigolos and kept women are no longer new. If a man can not hesitate to look for a rich patroness, then a woman can also. Moreover, this is both more logical and simpler, and there are more chances.

Yes, for some it will seem immoral and obscene, but if you look at it in a modern way, the parties openly declare their intentions, there are no understatements. In such pairs, each plays a predetermined role.

And even if such a relationship is called "marriage of convenience", to some extent they can be considered more successful. Judge for yourself, there are no lies, everything is fair, you do not need to get out, fish out money or sex - ideal relationships for calculating, confident and self-worth people.

As for foreigners, they are the most tasty morsel. Wealthy and successful businessmen from abroad are looking for girls for pleasant meetings, and in return they are ready to provide material support, gifts from overseas or from Europe, moving to another country.

The girl, in turn, should look good and not bother with questions about the sponsor's personal life. Basically, there is cold calculation in the sponsor-kept relationship. The exchange of sex and good looks for money, housing, a car, outfits is quite a decent payment for many, so any claims about loyalty or honesty will be inappropriate.

There are some practical tips on how to find a foreign sponsori

  1. The first step is to register on a dating site - no one will know about your offer if you sit so beautiful at the window and think hard about a big house and a lot of money. You need to go where there is demand, best of all for international resources. The rich are always businessmen, that is, busy people who have no time to waste time on idle chatter, unnecessary flirting and questions. Therefore, on your page you need to clearly formulate the purpose of dating and post as much information about yourself as possible: bust size, age, hair color, height, city, etc.
  2. You need to give something in return - besides intimacy, a man may be interested in other aspects: marriage, friendship, a child, an escort, etc. Moreover, one should not forget that, paradoxically, marriages of convenience leave the most prosperous families.
  3. Honesty without attack - the kept woman must be ready for attacks from outside people: they are either fools or envious. But do not be shy, your actions do not violate the law in any way. But on the other hand, you cannot overdo it with aggressive directness. Inquiries about the sponsor's income, property, car, apartments will only scare away a potential candidate.
  4. You can't put pressure on pity - when a girl becomes poor, she only humiliates herself in the eyes of a man. You need to behave with dignity and not look childish, even if in fact there is a financial need. A girl should, above all, be smart, educated and respectful.
how to find a sponsor of a foreigner
how to find a sponsor of a foreigner

5. Intellectual development - it is impossible to successfully marry a foreigner without knowing the languages. And there are very few chances of achieving the location of a successful man for a round fool. A mistress should not only be a wizard in bed, it is desirable to have a competent interlocutor with whom it will be interesting. After all, a man is not just laying out a lot of money for nothing.

Finally, briefly distinctive features of men of different nationalities2

the British are tactful and restrained, take a long time to court, prudent, careful and secretive

Swedes and Norwegians are very generous, attentive and gallant, ready to take on some of the household chores

the Spaniards are not so macho as everyone thinks of them, in bed they are modest, they do not show themselves especially, and there is no need to wait for help around the house

Italians are just gods in sex, but they are not ready to give anything to their wives anymore, no gifts, no help with housework

Brazilians are extremely jealous, and at the same time themselves are not distinguished by loyalty

How to find a sponsor of a foreigner
How to find a sponsor of a foreigner

Once you have decided on your nation, take action: appear frequently in elite clubs, fashion shows, beaches, discos, exhibitions and theaters. Do not forget about marriage agencies, here you can easily and in a short time reach the desired goal.

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