Greedy Man: Married Life With A Tight-fisted Man

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Greedy Man: Married Life With A Tight-fisted Man
Greedy Man: Married Life With A Tight-fisted Man

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greedy man
greedy man

Flowers, sweets, going to the cinema, and other courtship from the stronger sex can be considered a complex for conquering the beautiful half of humanity. But what if you had to face a man who counts every penny and flatly refuses to spend money on his soul mate? The greedy man of psychology has been known for a long time, some even consider it a disease. But, is there a cure for this?

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  • 1 Generosity and greed as natural reflexes
  • 2 Family life with a tight-fisted man

Generosity and Greed as Natural Reflexesi

Identifying a miser among the masses will not be difficult, you just have to take a closer look at his habits and behavior in society. Counts every penny? Refuses to attend public places of culture and entertainment, even with a good salary? Knows exactly where you can buy something cheaper?

Pale at the sight of price tags with three-digit numbers or more? Here you can only help, because in front of you is a real curmudgeon and a homebody. In this case, you don't have to count on fun and well-fed life. However, if both partners match each other, then this can be a strong and happy union.

Psychologists themselves attribute male greed to a disease that arises against the background of events that happened once (with his relatives, inclusive), which sometimes indirectly affect the miser himself, but are vividly reflected in his nature. In fact, such tight-fistedness is interpreted by specialists as the absence of an innate reflex - to give to your other half, which should be laid down by the very nature of human relations.

In real life, a man who acts a priori in the role of a breadwinner and protector must spend money on his woman. Moreover, we are talking not only about the second half as a unit, but about all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who are surrounded by stingy people throughout their lives, starting with their mother, sister, and so on.

why is the man greedy
why is the man greedy

Psychology considers the term "greedy man" as a pathology, and identifies a number of reasons that can form such an unpleasant quality in a person.

  1. Education. From childhood, the child adopts the manner of behavior of his parents;
  2. Past financial distress. Poor childhood or adolescence, full of hardships, which led to the mockery of peers, a feeling of inner discomfort and a desire to "hide" inside oneself. As a consequence, in adulthood, a man seeks to protect his family from such a situation, and constantly saves savings;
  3. Focus on the future. The aspiration itself is great until it reaches the stage of paranoia. In his desire to make, for example, a big purchase, a person often loses the feeling of today, and simply forgets about the need and need for warmth and care here and now;
  4. Lack of confidence in your partner. Men with symptoms of greed can often catch themselves thinking that they do not know their chosen one at all, her sincerity towards him, which means it does not make sense to spend their money on her. There is also a reverse side of the coin, because a woman evaluates a man by his actions, and having met a miser on her way, the majority will think about the prospects of living together;
  5. Complexes and fears. Women love successful men, that's a fact. If the miser does not have (or mistakenly thinks so) achievements, then this gives a powerful impetus to the development of serious complexes. Psychologists insist that all our ideas about ourselves are purely subjective, which means they are often devoid of meaning;
  6. Misunderstanding of hints. It happens that a guy simply does not understand his girlfriend's hints that she wants romance. Here, a lot depends on the girl, because some can sometimes create real puzzles, which the experienced can not always recognize;
  7. Selfishness. The desire not to deny themselves anything is often found among "loved" boys, who, even having become a man, are not able to take care of someone other than themselves.
reasons for a man's greed
reasons for a man's greed

Despite such a negative trait, the psychology of relationships does not consider the greedy man as a sentence. Love, as is known and not so cured …

Family life with a tight-fisted man2

Fate often presents us with gifts, and they are not always clear and as simple as we would like. So that a desperate miser does not get caught in the role of the chosen one, you should first check whether the man is greedy. But if, nevertheless, you are already in a relationship with a miser, then there is no reason to despair, and this is what psychologists advise on this issue.

  1. Understand and accept;
  2. Find another. Too radical option that needs to be chosen only carefully, weighing all the pros and cons;
  3. Reeducation. The task is not easy, but for the one who really loves and wants to be loved, this is the only correct option.
relationship with a greedy man
relationship with a greedy man

Change "him" or adjust "yourself"? Give up or fight for your relationship? You will have to look inside yourself, and sincerely answer the questions posed, because women's happiness and peace of mind will depend only on the correctness of the choice made.

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