5 Reasons Why A Girl Chose A Different Guy

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5 Reasons Why A Girl Chose A Different Guy
5 Reasons Why A Girl Chose A Different Guy

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Why did a woman choose another man
Why did a woman choose another man

There are many cases when a girl leaves her boyfriend and leaves him, and no one is safe from this. There is nothing wrong with that, and everyone can face such a situation. Yes, maybe he is better or her past relationship did not suit her, there may be many reasons why the girl chose another, but it is definitely not worth killing because of this. Better to pull yourself together and start working on yourself, regardless of whether the guy wants to return it or not.

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Why could a girl choose another

To begin with, you need to figure out what could lead a girl when she chose one guy over another.


There is no need to explain anything, the girl is simply in love with another man and wants to be with him.

She is unaware of your feelings

It's extremely difficult to guess that someone is in love if they don't talk about it. And if the relationship was friendly, and the girl never knew that a young man, whom she did not choose, had any feelings for her, then how could she give preference to someone whom she did not consider as a potential boyfriend. But it is possible that she was considering and was in love, but he himself did not express his sympathy, and the girl was just tired of waiting, and found another guy. Then it turns out that it was she who was in the friend zone and that she and the other are to blame for the one who was silent.

Therefore, when wondering why a woman chose a different guy, it is worth thinking about whether she knew that she could build a relationship with someone else. Therefore, you should never be silent about your feelings, so as not to “bite your elbows” later and not think about why she left.

Why did a woman choose another man
Why did a woman choose another man

There were relationship problems

If a guy and a girl were already in a relationship, but she left, giving preference to another, then perhaps you should think about whether everything was fine in the relationship of this couple. Perhaps the guy did not pay enough attention to her, did not respect and did not fulfill the requests coming from her.

Feelings have cooled

This is an elementary version of what could have happened - she just fell out of love, and the ex-boyfriend ceased to interest her. This happens when people simply do not fit each other, have been together for too long or do not want to find a common language and meet each other halfway. Everyone can cool off in relation to their partner, and there is nothing wrong with that, you need to continue living and in the future there will be a worthy couple.

The woman never loved her ex

Perhaps the relationship was just a game for her, a way to entertain herself for a while, and she never took them seriously.

The girl went to another: what to do2

First of all, it is worth understanding that sometimes it is better to let everything go with the flow and leave it. After all, if she has already betrayed and abandoned once, no one promises that by returning her, everything will not happen again. In addition, you need to understand that if a woman really loved a man, then she would not look towards another. And if she did, then realizing the mistake, she herself came to apologize and would ask to come back.

Why did a woman choose another man
Why did a woman choose another man

If there has never been a relationship between two people, just a guy and a girl communicated well, but then he found out that she had started dating another, then it's worth trying to fight for your happiness. But only on condition that there is no strength to look at her in the arms of another young man and forget her too.

How to get a girl's attention3

If you look at how a woman meets another man, there is no desire, then you should try to lure her attention and sympathy to yourself.

A guy can always play on the flaws of that other man. Of course, you shouldn't tell her directly that someone is better or worse. It will be much more effective to show that in a hopelessly in love there is nothing that annoys her so much in her boyfriend. And at the same time, he has something that the girl lacks so much. Does she think he pays little attention? So you need to be interested in how she is doing and, if necessary, take care in case of a cold or other problems.

Says he doesn't understand literature? Well, it's time to read another book and discuss it with the girl. It is desirable that these were already known and favorite works of her. Girls, one way or another, are looking for a better guy and such a counterbalance to the advantages of one, against the lack of the other, will definitely have a positive effect on her consciousness.

Also, do not forget about courtship and care. Few can resist someone who is always ready to help, compliments, cheers up and does not forget to congratulate you on the holidays. It is worth trying to arrange a romantic moment for a kiss, but only so that she herself is not against it, or she is the initiator. Perhaps such contact will awaken feelings in her.

woman chose another man
woman chose another man

In any case, if the girl chose another, it is worth asking her about why she did it, what is the reason, and not torment yourself with doubts and guesses. And only then decide whether to start the fight or not.

What to do if you left the girl you love so much? Let's talk about this in the next article!

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