Does A Woman Have To Work? And Who Asks About This?

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Does A Woman Have To Work? And Who Asks About This?
Does A Woman Have To Work? And Who Asks About This?
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Recently, women have begun to prove that they are quite capable of living independently of men financially. The struggle of feminists for civil rights equal with men, for the right to study, develop, and do work that was considered exclusively male, was crowned with success. Rights, independence and self-realization are, of course, correct. But the ideology of feminists sometimes reaches insanity.

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For example, the absurd assertions that women do not really need a man. Such statements by not very smart, but very active and warlike Amazons have led to the fact that now more than 70% of successful and independent women have become regular clients of psychologists. Why? Because the inner essence of a woman, in most cases, remains unchanged - mother, wife, keeper of the hearth.

Does a woman have to work? After all, trying to combine a successful career with caring for a family, a woman often takes on an unbearable burden. Difficult choice - family or career (implying the abandonment of one in favor of the other) leads to serious internal conflicts. It's too rare to find the perfect balance.

The opinion of men

Of course, there is no consensus on whether a wife should work for men. But conventionally, three main points of view can be distinguished. Most of the stronger sex believes that a woman needs to work. Not as intensely as a man - the main breadwinner and earner of the family, but still. A woman whose interests are not limited to the house, who does not feel dependent on a man, even if the only and beloved one, does not stop in personal development. She is interesting to herself, other people and her own husband as well.

Men-owners believe that a woman should devote herself entirely to her husband, children, and home. Perhaps this point of view would have a right to exist, but … Psychologists constantly warn women: in more than half of the cases, following such a model of relationship ends very sadly for a woman.

Over time, the husband begins to take his beloved for granted, loses interest in her and turns into a domestic critic who regularly reproaches his wife for parasitism. In the event of a divorce, a middle-aged woman with no work experience (even with a good education) finds herself in a very, very difficult situation.

does a woman need to work
does a woman need to work

The third point of view: whether a woman should work, a man does not even think. He believes that a wife must earn money, be an ideal mother and housewife, and at the same time remain sexually attractive. You do not need to be a psychologist, it is enough to have common sense to understand that it is better for a woman to stay away from such subjects.

Opinion of women2

As with men, opinions were divided. There are girls and women who believe that a man must provide their material base entirely. It seems that this is justified only if the family has at least two or more children. Both husband and wife agree with the home-based family way of life. Glamorous divas, who believe that everyone owes them all, and pet-girls, for whom the "get married and give birth" scheme seems to be the only possible one, is hardly worth considering as an illustrative example.

Overly emancipated ladies and feminists believe that the presence of a man in the house is not necessary at all, and material dependence on a husband is downright humiliating for female dignity. Well, perhaps this point of view has a right to exist. If only it was not planted so actively and categorically.

girl at work
girl at work

The majority of women (according to sociologists and psychologists - 85%) believe that they need a career, education, and opportunities for self-realization. For them, the question in the form "should or should not" simply does not exist. Most women just need it. At the same time, family values ​​do not fade into the background at all.

This is more of a Western model, but it seems very reasonable. Education, career, self-realization, and only then, being mature and independent, a woman makes a conscious decision to create a family and have a child.

Some sound advice from family psychologists3

Women trying to embrace the immensity have a hard time. How to be? Just do without extremes: don't sacrifice your career for the sake of being a housewife, don't sacrifice your family for a career. A reasonable compromise that psychologists recommend is part-time.

girl at work 2
girl at work 2

Experts advise men in no case to forbid a woman to work, the desires and interests of the spouse deserve respect no less than your own.

If your wife works and you approve of it, take it for granted that household chores should be divided equally.

You're a man. So, do not count on your wife's earnings. The main earner in the family is you.

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