How To Be And What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is A Gambler ?! Is It A Problem

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How To Be And What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is A Gambler ?! Is It A Problem
How To Be And What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is A Gambler ?! Is It A Problem
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Gamers, whether they are amateurs or hardcore players, can pose a problem in relationships. The gambling guy can be very nice and loyal, but the catch is that he will be too busy playing games to go to the movies and cafes, the nature of the habit can make them an unattractive prospect for many girls from the very first date.

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  • 1 "I just need to finish …"
  • 2 Don't say anything important while playing
  • 3 Yes, a new graphics card is required
  • 4 When they say "good night" they don't really go to bed
  • 5 Play co-op

Here are a few things to keep in mind when meeting a gamer:

"I just need to finish …" __ 8230

It's a term that can mean a lot of things, despite the fact that it seems to have a relatively clear meaning, and always serves as an excuse when it's time to get out of the house, go to bed, clean up.

It is important to understand when a gamer says this, he can mean many things, and understanding the nature of games will help you get over it; they may just be trying to get to the next save, they may be trying to complete the mission, or they may be trying to defeat the boss. This could mean that he will be finished in 5 minutes, it could mean that he will be finished in 2-5 hours, and if your boyfriend entered a World of Warcraft raid to finish, you might just forget about spending the weekend with him., to be honest.

Honestly, it's best not to let this happen too often, as as a result, your partner will end up constantly saying, "Just another level", destroying the whole evening for you. Distract them for a while, but don't just turn off the console after 10 minutes if you value the relationship so much.

Don't say anything important while playing i

If you want to talk to your partner about something, be it next week's shopping list or something super-serious, it's probably best not to do it while they're kicking their ass on the last Ninja Gaiden mission. With the ridiculous level of concentration required to beat the game on the best days, you won't get a quality conversation from them during that time, and even if they pause the game, they will be so impatient to return to it that they will just throw you off. obedient, concise answers you want to hear.

guy gamer
guy gamer

But if you want to grab some of their stuff when you leave the house, asking them while they play the game is probably pretty clever. Just don't expect your partner to remember everything you said during the game; Either put it all out before the start of the session, or more preferably, wait until they finally finish, because they will be in a better mood anyway.

Yes, a new graphics card is required2

Don't be surprised if, after installing the latest water-cooled graphics card on your computer, your partner is not ready for a lavish dinner or party, and it's not because of the great new gaming options this new card doesn't allow them.

Everyone knows that, like auto parts, boiler repairs, and securing a new identity, video cards are damn expensive; A new top-tier card could easily cost $ 30,000-60k, and since they want to play The Witcher 3 at 120fps with all Ultra-settings, many gamers are willing to pay for it. Just watch this kind of thing; they may not be able to spend money on you for a month or two after.

Just pray that your gamer is a console player, then everything will be smooth, at least until March and November, when about a billion games are released at once. If your birthday is one of these months, you will have a bad time.

guy gamer
guy gamer

When they say "good night" they are not really going to sleep3

There are two scenarios that gamers often use after a partner leaves the bedroom to keep playing late into the night, and they largely depend on the stage in which your relationship is:

A) Living apart: This scenario is much easier to implement. Your partner may text you around 11pm to tell you that they are going to bed.

What are they actually doing? They blow soldiers to pieces in Call of Duty, they take it to the next level in the new God of War, or they scream into the microphone at a 12-year-old Malaysian kid who just lost his gem in Dota 2. It's a relatively harmless lie that allows play without saying, “Yes, you are boring to me. I want to play".

B) Living together: This is much more difficult. Your partner can go to bed, and once you fall asleep, he will gently pull himself out of the grip using the Solid Snake skill and head to another room to play games. Of course, annoyance from their nightly activities is probably not the best way to solve a problem, even if she is alone; at least they cut their own sleep time instead of taking your time to wake up together, right?

guy loves games
guy loves games

Play co-op4

If you are not into gaming and don't want to do it, try it anyway, even if you put in the slightest effort, gamers will love you for it. As with any hobby, showing interest is an important part, and if you're willing to sit down and play some Halo co-op with them (assuming they want to), you'll have a great opportunity to ask them to spend time together later on yours. conditions.

It can be fun and addicting, many gambling guys actually get their girls involved in games by just slowly introducing them to a simple and easy game, and soon she kicks his ass in some of his favorite games.

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