How To Break Up With A Man: Effective Advice From Psychologists

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How To Break Up With A Man: Effective Advice From Psychologists
How To Break Up With A Man: Effective Advice From Psychologists

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How to leave a man
How to leave a man

Breaking up a love relationship is an unpleasant situation. When two people stay together for a long time, "play in love", become attached, share their joys and sorrows - it is always difficult to part. How to leave a man after a long dizzying romance and what pushes her to take this step?

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  • 1 There was love
  • 2 Closely together
  • 3 Married man
  • 4 Mistakes in parting
  • 5 Tatiana's letter
  • 6 Accusation of sins
  • 7 Sadistic phrases
  • 8 Broke up for a while
  • 9 Preparing to break
  • 10 Operation: "Hysterical"
  • 11 A humane way to break up with a man
  • 12 Analysis of feelings
  • 13 Serious conversation
  • 14 Farewell Hugs
  • 15 No calls

Women love relationships very much. Loneliness is worse for them than a bitter radish. They will tolerate a lot from the chosen one, exaggerate his merits, justify shortcomings, as long as there is a man next to her. A stable partner is the status of a demanded lady, regular sex and "a strong man's shoulder nearby." If a woman decides to end a relationship, then there are good reasons for this.

The exceptions are those situations when the young lady is offended and wants to teach her gentleman a lesson. Women's whims can drive the stronger sex crazy. Yesterday, pursing her lips, she packed her things and left home, and today she fills up with gentle messages or threats that will scratch the eyes of every “chicken” she sees nearby.

But in some cases, a woman really decides to part with her partner.

There was love

The most compelling reason girls end a relationship is the banal fading of feelings. Most often, love for one man is supplanted by an outbreak of sympathy for another. In this case, the habitual partner causes annoyance, irritation, and mood decline.

The guy stops worrying, causing jealousy and interest. His caresses and hugs cause a headache, and his desire for sex is a sudden appearance of critical days. The girl seems to be looking at him with different eyes: where are his charm, charm, sexuality? A man appears before her eyes simple and boring, and his presence begins to oppress.

The woman catches herself thinking that she would like to spend this evening separately from him: reading Leo Tolstoy's book "War and Peace", at monotonous knitting, dog walking, gatherings with old women neighbors - and with anyone, just not with him!

If the image of another guy has settled in the heart, the usual partner annoys even more. During sex, the desired look is born in a woman's mind. She imagines how good she would be with another man. The negligent partner begins to dream that the "second half" will have an interest in another young lady in order to break off relations that are not encouraging. A thought is born and lives in her head: how to leave a man.

Together closely2

Courageous women decide to leave the man they love. Such a step is not easy, but most often unpleasant circumstances push it towards it. It's hard to love a man who is an alcoholic, despot, or womanizer.

how to painlessly break a relationship with a man
how to painlessly break a relationship with a man

Each of the three nominations has a devastating effect on relationships. Women are patient creatures, but seeing a drunken, bumpy face every day is unbearable. It is also hard to endure the beatings and insults of a cruel dictator. And it is terribly unpleasant when a loved one rushes behind every passing skirt, like Kuzka after Murka in the March period.

For a long time, girls endure any adversity, but in the end they come to a decision to break off a difficult relationship.

Married man3

Determined mistresses abandon married men. No matter how strong the feelings were, but when a woman realizes the futility of a secret relationship, she takes a serious step. And he leaves the married man. It is hard for her, it hurts, but she sees no other way out. Out of sight, out of mind. Such women are worth admiring. From tomorrow, she will not be a "hidden" mistress, but a free woman, ready for new acquaintances and love.

Parting mistakes4

When a woman comes to a decision on how to leave a man, she feels responsible and important before such an important step. How to tell your partner about your decision? After all, he is only outwardly strong and stern, in fact, a sensitive and suspicious man, like a child. So the young lady breaks her head over how to wave goodbye to the guy.

How to leave a man so as not to suffer
How to leave a man so as not to suffer

In the course of such reflections, women do a lot of stupid things when they break up with a guy.

Tatyana's letter5

Women are romantic natures. They confess their love, feelings and unwillingness to communicate with the help of eloquent messages. A long message on the phone, in bright colors describing her desire to leave, will in no way soften the decision. A letter in a pink envelope sent with a carrier pigeon will not help either. The man will read the letters and remain completely at a loss: what is wrong? Why?

Girls are big fans of surprises. They can roll such a message at the moment when the man packed his suitcases in order to move to his beloved and start a family. Only in the evening did they discuss how good and comfortable they would be together, the next morning the guy, humming a funny song, rushes to her house, and suddenly: tili - whether, "you have a message!" Honey, we need to part …

Accusation of sins6

Some girls like melodramas and beautiful scenes. They do not think for a long time how to leave a man. They enjoy acting out tragedies, sighing theatrically, and wringing their hands. The type of such women does not sneak away from men, but makes the breakup noisy, pompous, and memorable.

How to leave a man without suffering
How to leave a man without suffering

The main character prepares a list of accusations in advance, starting with grunting at the table, ending with dissatisfaction in bed, which is deafeningly presented in front of an unsuspecting man. At least one word from the accused is expected after the indictment.

Some amazing representatives of the stronger sex manage to keep silent, but as soon as a man grunts, a storm begins. Carries a woman, tears at emotions. Not only does she abandon the poor fellow, she also seeks to destroy him, humiliate him, wipe him off the face of the earth.

Sadistic phrases7

The next type of women is even more insidious than their predecessors. In appearance they give the impression of calm, somewhat sad ladies who meekly and dramatically offer men to part. Their phrases have no accusations, they are full of touching notes and gentle blasphemy, because their text is at odds with what is associated with the "break".

The girl talks about the inevitability of parting, while adding a sadistic phrase, the meaning of which, like a sharp knife, pierces the soul of a partner:

  • "We can stay friends!"
  • "You are so wonderful, I do not suit you!"
  • "I felt so good with you, I don't know what came over me!"
How to leave a man so that he does not suffer
How to leave a man so that he does not suffer
  • "You are the best guy in the world and I won't have this anymore!"
  • "Perhaps someday we will be able to be together, but not now!"

It seems to the woman that, having heard such a phrase, the guy will calm down and accept parting with a light soul, but while she is nicely courting him collecting her things, the devil is born in his chest.

Separated for a while8

Sometimes a woman suggests taking a break in the relationship. On the one hand, there is a break, on the other hand, a temporary separation. This decision is not always stupid and imprudent. A woman makes claims to a man, then a serious conversation and a sentence follows: a timeout for 1-2 months in a relationship.

Over the past period, the couple has the opportunity to weigh their feelings, the problems that have arisen and take a break from each other. As a result, partners either converge in love ecstasy, boredom and suffer a large number of days in separation, or finally part.

Preparing for the break9

How to leave a man if a woman has made a firm decision to end a love relationship and does not know what to do next?

how to break off a relationship with a man
how to break off a relationship with a man

So that the decision to break up is not painful for the partner, it can be prepared as much as possible. A woman is required to show as much indifference and coldness in relation to a guy. No sweet messages and favorite breakfast foods, complete alienation and no sex. A man will understand that serious problems have arisen in the relationship, and it will not be a heavy shock for him that the lady's decision to break up.

Operation: "Hysterical" 10

Solving a difficult problem: "How to leave a man?", A woman can act in different ways: honestly announce the breakup, or provoke a partner to part.

Wanting to break up with a boyfriend, the girl experiences remorse and guilt. Somewhere in the depths of her soul, she wants to become abandoned and abandoned by him, just not to bring pain and feelings to a person herself.

To force a man to make such an important decision as a breakup, a woman can do the right thing:

  • Arrange daily tantrums with or without. For a woman, mastering such a science will not be difficult. As the proverb says: "A woman can do three things out of nothing - a haircut, a salad and a scandal."
  • Be jealous of everyone. Jealousy should have a pathological character, starting with the removal of classmates from friends, to nagging at a saleswoman at a bread stand.
how to break off a relationship with a guy
how to break off a relationship with a guy
  • No freedom. It is necessary to limit the personal space of a young person. He spends day and night only with his girlfriend. She sees him off to work, meets him, waits for him all day. What are friends, fishing, football? All events are only in the company of your beloved!
  • Dissatisfaction with sex. A cruel fad, which is better to do without. However, it is worth noting: if a lady is not happy with her partner in bed, he will begin to assert himself on the side. And betrayal is a sufficient reason for parting with a person.
  • Lack of sex. Today the woman has a headache, tomorrow she grabbed her lower back, and the day after tomorrow the cat fell ill, not before. Girls are very creative when trying to avoid intercourse. Lack of sex will definitely send a partner down the “sinful path” of infidelity.
  • Money is tight. To alienate a man from herself, a woman does not need much: to criticize the subject himself and his financial income.

These methods will help a man to move away from a girl in a short time, longs to part with him.

A humane way to part with a man11

When a woman breaks up with her ex, she experiences a lot of claims to him, hateful and contemptuous feelings and violent emotions. He is considered to be the culprit in everything: in the fact that love has disappeared, youth has passed, the best years have disappeared and gray hair has appeared.

How to leave a guy so he doesn't suffer
How to leave a guy so he doesn't suffer

In rare cases, the girl comes to the conclusion that she was to blame for the breakup. It is surprising, but such young ladies treat their practically “former” partner amicably, tenderly, wishing them with all their hearts to find happiness with another woman.

Sensory Analysis12

In order to properly part with a man, without causing male tantrums, angry tirades and crocodile tears, a woman needs to heed the advice of psychologists: "How to leave a man." First of all, she should sort out her feelings and understand whether she really no longer needs him.

Let him imagine him with another woman, and imagine his own world without his presence? If the heart does not bleed and does not clench into a fist, then it is worth going to the second step. And if the ex has confessed his love and is ready to take a step towards reconciliation, you should carefully listen to your heart.

Serious Talk13

Men hate the woman's phrase: “We need to talk”, especially when she breathes a mournful spirit. But it is also not worth announcing parting with a smile on a face full of optimism. A breakup is sad and unpleasant, you need to accept this fact and present it to your partner with dignity.

how to painlessly break a relationship with a guy
how to painlessly break a relationship with a guy

When talking about separation, don't blame your partner. In a failed relationship, both are always to blame. Let the woman admit that she is not comfortable in the relationship, softening some details so that her words do not sound too painful. After that, she can say: "It's a pity that it happened."

Farewell hugs14

Psychologists advise against being led on when men offer to hug goodbye or, even worse, goodbye sex. If a woman is worried about the proposed bodily contact, then the feelings in her have not died out and may flare up from such intimacy. When a man is left with friendly sympathy and the feeling that he is dear, but not desired, a farewell hug will not hurt. Let them embrace, wish each other happiness and disperse to the sides.

No calls15

When a girl leaves a guy, she may be worried about the habit of communicating with him, worrying about his health and mood. The cruel nymphs who yesterday shouted: "Do not call me again!", Wake up the abandoned man with the morning message: "Did you eat?" This absolutely cannot be done. The couple broke up, now everyone is on their own, and the girl needs to overcome herself and not call anymore, not write, not communicate in the near future. Or never at all.

How to leave a guy without suffering
How to leave a guy without suffering

A man can cut off the phone himself and look for meetings with his former lover. He needs to firmly and decisively refuse to continue the relationship. Threats of suicide should be met with a cold-blooded phrase: "This is your life, and with such behavior, you will only make yourself worse." You should not accept gifts from abandoned guys, no matter how cute "this bear" is. The man considers that, he has a chance to revive the relationship.

Women have several options for how to leave a man. The main thing is to understand yourself and not make a mistake that the girl will regret for many years.

But we will tell you in detail how to break up with a girl in our article!

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