The Main Reasons Why Wives Leave Their Husbands

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The Main Reasons Why Wives Leave Their Husbands
The Main Reasons Why Wives Leave Their Husbands

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Why do wives leave
Why do wives leave

Why do wives leave their husbands? They didn’t grieve, they gave birth to children, they bought a house, and she left once. Suddenly and irrevocably, leaving the unfortunate man to his fate. Now he toils, grieves, does not see the white light, and his wife does not even think of returning home. Tired, worn out, tired.

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  • 2 Alcoholism
  • 3 Adultery
  • 4 Dictatorial regime
  • 5 Full liability
  • 6 I myself
  • 7 Rich Buratino
  • 8 Scandals for the good
  • 9 Hard as Flint
  • 10 Working on relationships

The reasons for leaving the family can be the most controversial. Tolstoy said: "Happy families are equally happy, and unhappy families are unhappy in their own way." Each house has its own skeletons in the closet, prompting a woman to collect things in a bundle and dissolve in the fog.

First lovei

Two good people met and decided to live together. Years later, a sad wife comes home, shifts from foot to foot and guiltily says: "Vanechka, I'm leaving …" And, in the courtyard, Kolya Kuralesov is waiting for her, the first love with which they sat at the same desk, played snowballs, danced on graduation. Young people have not seen each other for ten years, but then they met in a supermarket and felt an unexpected flash of feelings.

In this case, the husband has a hope that having played enough "teenage love", the woman will soon return to the family. But not a fact. With the first lover, you can get a strong family or the offended husband will refuse to accept the traitor back.


One of the global problems of modern society is the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Sitting with your beloved woman over a glass of wine on a quiet autumn evening is a great leisure time. But, unfortunately, most men overuse strong drinks.

They drink in the circle of dubious comrades, go into a binge, return home and make a scandal. No wonder it is said: "A drunken father - grief in the family." The man wastes away money, dismisses his fists, finds fault with children. The woman gets tired of such behavior in the family and throws the wretch.


One of the important reasons why women leave their husbands is betrayal by the spouse.

why wives leave their husbands
why wives leave their husbands

She washes him, cooks, cleans, waits from work. She hugs her own little man in the evenings, escorts her to work with a kiss, and he hides time for sexual encounters with a carefree, impudent woman.

Perhaps a mistress, or "good people" sooner or later bring the naive wife up to date. The woman finds out the truth and is in great pain. Some spouses forgive their husbands or close their eyes, while others resignedly leave, not wanting to see the traitor.

Dictatorial regime4

Rough treatment is the reason why women leave their husbands. An exemplary family man who does not drink, does not smoke, works and carefully monitors the financial income of the family, can make the life of those poisoning without harmful addictions. Usually this is a rude and tough man who keeps all family members tight-knit.

He has all the income, without his permission, none of the household will spend a penny. He strictly monitors every step of his wife and children, suppresses "unnecessary" communication with friends or relatives. His house is always clean, quiet and … uncomfortable. The man severely suppresses any attempt at disobedience. A good-natured neighbor and a smiling city dweller turns into a malicious ruler when faced with an obstacle.

Usually women get used to the role of victim and live with such a husband for many years.

why do wives suddenly leave their husbands
why do wives suddenly leave their husbands

Children grow up and move away from their ancestors. Smart women, having plucked up courage, abruptly cut off contacts and tick away from the tyrant.

Full passive5

Inconsistency of temperaments is a serious reason why wives leave their husbands. A temperamental hot woman demands full dedication and passion every night, and her husband prefers to spend the evening with a bottle of beer, in front of the TV screen. Or playing a computer game.

A woman sinks to humiliation, begging for a little carnal love. The spouse, through "I do not want", fulfills his conjugal duty, gets angry, evades, forcing the female nature to suffer. Some ladies go in search of lovers and get used to this way of family life.

But other people either become free divorces, or find more suitable partners for life. An indifferent husband becomes a burdensome burden, leaving a residue of “unnecessary” and “anti-sexuality” in the soul.

I myself6

Lazy husbands who do not want to do anything around the house often provoke the other half to divorce. You shouldn't think for a long time why wives leave their husbands, in those houses where a woman becomes the main mistress. We are not talking about strong, active young ladies, but about those poor things who pull the yoke of everyday issues on their weak shoulders.

when wives suddenly leave their husbands
when wives suddenly leave their husbands

They work, dig in the garden, run around the authorities, solving important issues. And the spouse is idle all day and sits on the wife's neck. He feels comfortable and cozy. For questions about looking for work, a man has a lot of suitable answers. And so the cart of family problems drags on, in the harness of which is the spouse. As a result, a woman spits on moral principles, the persuasions of relatives, and breaks a painful union.

Rich Buratino7

Unfortunately, among the fairer sex there are very greedy persons. They are ready to exchange their family for a new man with a weighty wallet, regardless of children and an attentive husband. A woman can covet a wealthy life, the opportunity to visit expensive resorts every year, drive a cool car, and wear expensive furs.

She looks with envy at rich girlfriends, and when a good chance to get in touch with a rich man turns up, the lady, forgetting about everything, happily rushes towards the "gold rush". She justifies her action by the fact that she is tired of counting pennies to paycheck and dragging out a miserable existence next to her husband, a hard worker.

Scandals for the good8

A woman who wants to fix family relationships behaves accordingly. She tries to convince her family that everything is fine. Spins around in the kitchen, ennobles a loved one. She tries to reach out to her husband with heart-to-heart conversations.

why wives leave their husbands
why wives leave their husbands

In another version, a desperate young lady arranges tantrums, scenes of jealousy, rushes around with her husband as with a written sack. This behavior signals the husband that the marriage is far from lost. But men are far from guessing. They get nervous, shout back and do not give in to provocations. The spouse's patience is running out, and she gradually comes to the decision to leave the partner.

Hard as flint9

The behavior of a woman who is going to leave her husband looks a little different. She calms down and takes an important decision with a cold head: to leave. The frustrated spouse thinks over a plan of action: she is looking for new housing, looking for a new, more paid job.

She is gradually preparing children and relatives - and possibly her husband - for the thought of an impending divorce. A picture of a free life is gradually emerging in her head. If the husband understands the true intentions of his wife and decides to return the relationship, he will be very disappointed. Having made a firm decision, a woman will not turn back. Her feelings faded, leaving room for indifference and determination to start a new life.

Working on relationships10

Men often rack their brains, wondering why wives leave their husbands.

when wives leave their husbands
when wives leave their husbands

Everything seemed to be fine, but she took and left the cozy nest. The reason for a failed marriage is not always the responsibility of one person.

More often, both are to blame for the breakup. To keep the family boat from shattering under the pressure of serious problems, you need to work on the relationship from the very beginning. Right after the last chords of the wedding march.

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