How To Rescue A Former Relationship: Revealing The Secret Of Marital Longevity

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How To Rescue A Former Relationship: Revealing The Secret Of Marital Longevity
How To Rescue A Former Relationship: Revealing The Secret Of Marital Longevity

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Getting into a serious relationship, any of us hopes that they will be long and happy. It is clear that one cannot survive alone, and the statistics show the same. Lonely people live less, and there is no need to talk about happiness at all. So how to preserve and save the former relationship, which made the hearts beat faster and do crazy things.

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  • 1 Without the economy, nowhere
  • 2 A little about the secret
  • 3 About the health of everyone and the family
  • 4 Caring for children
  • 5 Ability to communicate is the basis of everything

Without economy, nowhere

Whatever one may say, but in this seemingly purely spiritual issue it is impossible to bypass the monetary and economic aspect. A good job with a decent income is the main foundation of a long-term relationship. Ideally, it should bring pleasure and joy. The negativity brought home after a long, boring day with disgusted colleagues and an evil boss does nothing to promote good family relations.

And also - money. It's not even about their number. The expenses should be less than the income, and everything will be fine. To do this, you need to plan your family budget. There are many recommendations in this regard. Here are some of them. A man should always have money. Caring for the comfort in the house, as a rule, falls on the shoulders of the wife, so that the money is in her hands. Well, decisions about large purchases are decided jointly by a family council. It is impossible to save the former relationship without solving financial issues.

A little about the innermost2

An intimate question cannot be ignored.

Ninety percent of divorces are due to the fact that people grow cold towards each other. It is everyone's dream to keep the brightness and novelty of sensations.

And age doesn't matter here. On the contrary, the experience gained over many years and many attempts cannot be replaced by any theoretical knowledge.

There are many ways to refresh and embellish an intimate relationship, and each should be tried. Role-playing games, romantic travel, changing places and times of sexual relations and much more.

save former relationship
save former relationship

Important! Changing partners rarely leads to the desired result. It usually brings frustration and a lot of problems.

About the health of everyone and family3

It is difficult to talk about family happiness if the spouses are tormented by chronic diseases and all their earnings are spent on medicines.

Healthy and high quality food should be a companion for any married couple.

You don't need to spare time and money for fitness, physical education, morning and evening walks.

A special topic of conversation is alcohol and drug addiction. They destroy all the best that is in a person. Moreover, they greatly affect not only health, but also the human psyche. The alcoholic and drug addict will have no work, no sex, no family. Smoking is also not a good habit that everyone should give up.

the secret of marital longevity
the secret of marital longevity

Physical education, proper nutrition, dynamic, eventful life - this is one of the most important components of marital longevity.

Taking care of children4

Children are the main joy and meaning of our life.

Unfortunately, these days, many spouses are in no hurry to acquire heirs. The so-called "family planning" has played a cruel joke with many countries and individuals. China alone is worth something. Now there is a catastrophic shortage of women and a rapidly aging nation. In Russia, on the contrary, according to the latest census, there are two million more women than men, and polygamy somehow did not take root. So you have to adopt government programs and spend huge amounts of money to rectify the situation.

No matter how the relationship in the family develops, each of the spouses loves children. Often, they are the only thing that connects them. Parental divorce is a terrible stress for any child. Its consequences are felt throughout life.

how can you save a former relationship
how can you save a former relationship

Caring for children unites spouses and makes them look in one direction. But this, according to folk wisdom, is love.

Communication is the foundation of everything5

As one ancient philosopher said, the highest joy in life is the joy of human communication. It really is.

But the ability to communicate, get along with other people is not an easy science. You need to learn this from childhood and polish this skill for many years.

Experience shows that family life is a series of compromises. The ability to yield to another person, smooth out the conflict, not bring it to the point of absurdity is very important. Diplomacy is a family science. Often, because of little things, serious passions flare up, storms rage, which can lead to sad consequences.

You need to listen and hear each other. Understand and guess the desires of a loved one. Sometimes, just step aside, because the salvation of a relationship is a long and rather difficult path.

Important! The concessions should be mutual, although it is better for the man to go first.

how to save a former relationship
how to save a former relationship

Do not corner problems, do not keep them to yourself. You cannot go to bed with a feeling of innuendo and dissatisfaction. All questions need to be discussed and a way out of any situation must be found.

So, a good job, regular and high-quality sex, constant health care, love and care for children, the ability to communicate with each other - these are the ingredients that will help you maintain a relationship, live happily ever after!

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