The Principle Of Gender Equality And Is There Such A Problem

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The Principle Of Gender Equality And Is There Such A Problem
The Principle Of Gender Equality And Is There Such A Problem

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Gender equality
Gender equality

Is there gender equality? Open any public for girls, and you will see that if there is, then they are ready to exchange it for a dress, shoes, lipstick from an expensive brand and the opportunity to show all this not at work in Ust-Kukuevo, but, for example, at a resort. Yes, the trend has changed. The downright feminist Soviet views were replaced by something very reminiscent of ordinary patriarchy. And while in the west girls choose a career, travel, sports, and later motherhood, many of us would be happy to get married and cook borscht, so long as they do not have to go to work.

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  • 1 Where there are no opportunities, there is no equality
  • 2 Sexism and equality: everyone suffers
  • 3 Can it exist?

Where there are no opportunities, there is no equality i

Popular psychology for women teaches us something like this:

  1. If you are too smart, the man will stop perceiving you as a sexual object;
  2. Will you build a successful career? Also expect trouble, no one wants to meet with a lady boss, real men want to be bosses themselves;
  3. Do you want to live for your own pleasure, and spend the money you earn on travel and beautiful things? Do not expect someone to want a serious relationship with you, since a girl is only taken to create a family, but what kind of family is it if you catch the wind in Dahab today, and tomorrow you register for the Boston Marathon

In general, the ideal woman for marriage is such an eternal subordinate. Not stupid, but not smarter than a man. She goes to work, but is not too keen on her career. He earns, but only so that he does not know how much the wash from "Clarence" costs, and why "Clean Line" does not replace it.

Yes, there is testosterone in the blood of men. But if everything is explained by high sex hormones, then after sex, when prolactin rises, guys should immediately want to have offspring, or, in extreme cases, a couple of cats. However, they want to pull on their jeans and go home, if they have nothing serious to see you.

By the way, women who are inclined to adventurism, who are not alien to the competitive spirit, and who want to independently provide themselves with all the benefits, no one tests for sex hormones. Usually they are credited with “wrong upbringing” and “wrong values”.

Dry economic theory reduces everything to simpler things. We do not live in the richest country. To build a successful career, you need to either study a lot and choose the right profession, or sell goods and services well. Unfortunately, many types of activities do not fit into this paradigm. Society requires men to "be a breadwinner." Therefore, if the earner is not very successful in the field of making money, it is easier to support him with such a doctrine. Look, they say, for a woman who is weaker than you, and against her background you will look like a fine fellow, dear comrade man.

gender equality
gender equality

Sexism and Equality: Everyone Suffers2

And here she is, a woman. Learns to hide high earnings and the same high intelligence. And next to her is a man who for some reason suspects her of trying to master his salary, sit on his neck, and immediately reward her with a family, a child and a mortgage. It is clear that if they meet somewhere after the club, they will not live long without scandals and quarrels. There can be no question of any healthy relationship if one person constantly pretends, and the other suspects him of fictitious sins.

Sexism is not only about women. It includes the following settings:

A man is simply obliged to provide an adult capable woman who is neither on maternity leave nor in a difficult situation. Just two people met, she went to him for maintenance, or she began to spend her money exclusively on clothes, procedures and entertainment, and his - on living together and the necessary needs. The result of this point of view is a situation where a man is a kind of slave to relations, and must pay with all his income for the presence of these very relations. In this situation, a woman is an expensive product, with the help of which they raise their social significance, that's all

A man is obliged to solve problems that an adult can solve on his own. For example, at the first call to break down and take a woman's car for maintenance or rush to fix everything in the house that is being repaired, although it would be better to hire a specialist for this. And before the relationship, the girl could well take the car to the MOT herself, and call the master - too

  • A woman is obliged to cook food, even if she is working, busy with her projects, and does not know how to cook in principle. Moreover, a man can eat semi-finished products and food from delivery before a relationship, but starting to live with a woman, he gets very upset if she also prefers delivery, and not a fun leisure with cabbage soup and borscht.
  • Both are simply eager to immediately have children, even if they do not have an apartment, a desire to raise offspring, and joint money to meet the needs of the child, at least for the first years of his life, without loss for themselves.
  • A man must remove all girls from his friends, stop texting with them on social networks, and in general, if possible, behave like a social pariah, and in no case communicate with women, even if it is required by work, a hobby or some unfortunate visit to the house committee. A woman should change her style of clothing to "married". Yes, more gray jumpsuits of unknown size, pants in the style of "my mom's jeans", flat boots, and less makeup. Dyeing your hair, doing nails, eyelashes, lips, and going to the beautician is no longer necessary either.
gender equality
gender equality
  • If a woman gets a career promotion, she should think a hundred times. And what about her other half. Suddenly she will become so stressed that she will cease to perceive her as a marriage partner, and will run away to a less powerful and more feminine neighbor. If a man gets such a promotion, the woman should be happy. Even now, even now all the responsibilities for the house and raising children will fall on her, and she will have to move to the Arctic Circle. The husband's career is more important. What about you? Borscht!
  • The man wanted to sit with the child on maternity leave, because he has a career dead end, he loves household chores, and is he better at caring for the baby? No way. He will also lose his masculinity. And go to the mamas in the playground. And if a woman does not want to lose 3 years of a successful career, she is a bad mother. Because she simply has to be with the baby. Even if it is “near” and will result in her then the need to raise a child in a one-room apartment and drag her to school by bus.
  • Woman discovered that her husband had a mistress? You have to endure, behave as usual, sign up for a bunch of expensive beauty treatments to get him back. The man discovered that his wife had a lover? He is in no way guilty, Nothing needs to be done, except perhaps to expel his wife and find a new one.
gender equality
gender equality

Could it exist? 3

We are so constituted that we compare ourselves to others. So not in all families "dad works, and mom is beautiful." And not in all respects a man is obliged, and a woman is only obliged to sacrifice her freedom.

Yes, at work, many have to fight discrimination for gender equality, and in relation to both sexes. Just imagine a man at school, or a woman bus driver. But we are free to leave jobs that we don't like, or where the team doesn't like. We are not obliged to communicate with people whose life values ​​do not share, and we should not tolerate resentment and discrimination in relationships.

Each person can find someone who shares his attitudes and values, and build a career and harmonious family relationships. Therefore, gender equality may not exist in society, but in an individual family it is quite achievable if this is what its members strive for.

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