Friendship Is A Miracle, But How Not To Get Into The Friend Zone: Recommendations

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Friendship Is A Miracle, But How Not To Get Into The Friend Zone: Recommendations
Friendship Is A Miracle, But How Not To Get Into The Friend Zone: Recommendations

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How not to get into the friend zone
How not to get into the friend zone

As you know, such creatures live on the planet, which are called "people". It is also no secret that they have feelings, emotions, physical and spiritual needs. For example, someone wants to find a girl, another wants to get a best friend, but what happens if two people face these desires?

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  • 1 Calf eyes
  • 2 Be a person
  • 3 Almost superman
  • 4 Abuse has no place
  • 5 Nobody is perfect … and it's true

Well, obviously one of them becomes a cool option for hanging out a couple of times a week. This alignment does not suit exactly 50% of this pair. Sometimes in such situations, a conflict occurs, sometimes normal relationships begin, in which there is no room for simple friendship. However, before this magic happens, many are tormented by the question of how not to get into the friend zone.

So, let's simulate the situation. You find yourself in a cool company, where there is someone who attracts your attention. If you had the courage to come up and talk to this miracle of nature, then now you need to act carefully so as not to get there, from where there is almost no exit - the "exclusion" zone (in simpler terms, you were registered as the best friend). It's good that not everything is so sad, and such a story can be avoided.

Calf eyes

If you are already over twenty, there is no girl / boyfriend yet, and you know nothing at all about your new interest, then you will have to try a little (especially for emotional romantics). Watch yourself so that you do not have a glance that literally reads a love impulse.

If a person still doesn't like you completely, he perceives you only as a friend, then you shouldn't look at him with wide eyes. Firstly, it will look strange, and secondly, it will start to infuriate in a couple of minutes. Do you need it? Hardly.

Be a Personality2

If you like someone, this does not mean that it is time to put on a collar and happily give the leash from it into the hands of your interest. Your mother carried you in her for nine long months not so that you would lose your individuality for the sake of someone incomprehensible.

Be natural is universal advice. But, what is a girls' friend zone, we read in our article further along the link as a small tip to the guys.

In addition, few people are interested in people who are ready to do everything for their half (here we are not talking about eternal love, but about henpecked ones). Somehow try to object and suggest a different version of the game / plan for the evening / development of events in general. Believe me, small "rebels" always attract attention. If only because they have the courage to say no. Many people lack this.

Almost Superman3

Be confident in yourself (by the way, this will help not only in terms of flirting and everything like that, but also in life in general). Do not crumple words in communication, try not to stumble or mumble. No one will like it if every day they talk to him too carefully, and besides, he is not confident.

how not to get into the friend zone
how not to get into the friend zone

Do not frankly grovel, throw out phrases like: “I made food for you for breakfast, lunch and dinner”, “For your sake, I no longer communicate with such and such a person”, “I knitted this sweater from your hair that I collected after you in the shower. " It's nice, but if the pleasure is repeated 24/7, then it already becomes commonplace, which is taken for granted (or just starts to freak out).

Be confident in yourself, your words and deeds, then they will reckon with you, and your friends will come running with the question “how not to get into the friend zone”. You're almost an expert.

There is no place for insults4

Perhaps the saddest thing that can happen is when one person begins to insult the other (especially if the latter sees his whole world in the first). People are cruel by nature, some have not yet learned to control their impulses, so they can start making fun of you at any opportunity (this often happens when your intentions have already been guessed).

At this moment, it's time to remember about yourself, your self-esteem and go out with a proud look. Do not adapt to the phrase: "The hedgehog is a proud bird: you won't kick, you won't fly." Fly on your own, you have the brain to be independent.

Nobody is perfect … and it's true5

It is much easier to judge a situation without being in it. At first, it seems that you have found the perfect person for yourself. Of course, it has drawbacks, but you are ready to put up with them. In such sweet blindness, you may not notice how they begin to openly push you around.

do not get into the friend zone
do not get into the friend zone

Try to listen to your friends. They do not wish you harm, but they will be the first to see when something goes wrong. You can take off your rose-colored glasses at the last moment, and then google "how not to get into the friend zone" with a sad look. The sad ending of a beautiful fairy tale.

In fact, the advice in this article is not much different from the advice given in articles on the art of flirting. The main secret lies in self-confidence, although at first glance it seems too simple. Many people do not have enough inner strength to say “no” once again or stop groveling.

As someone who can do it all, you will certainly attract the attention of more than one person. By the way, the opposite sex most likely does not want to have such a person as an ordinary friend. Do you understand what this is about?

And how to get out of the friend zone, if the circumstances are so, we read in our article further by the link.

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