Psychology Of Relationships At A Distance. Wasted Or Not

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Psychology Of Relationships At A Distance. Wasted Or Not
Psychology Of Relationships At A Distance. Wasted Or Not

Video: Psychology Of Relationships At A Distance. Wasted Or Not

Video: Psychology Of Relationships At A Distance. Wasted Or Not
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The psychology of long-distance relationships
The psychology of long-distance relationships

The type of relationship, when a man and a woman, due to circumstances, live in different cities or even countries, but keep in touch and have common plans for a joint future, did not appear yesterday. The psychology of long-distance relationships was also of interest to people in the pre-Internet era. There were acquaintances by correspondence, advertisements in newspapers and magazines. People got to know each other, recognized each other, fell in love and made plans. Everything is standard with one exception: all these stages took place without personal acquaintance.

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  • 2 Met without meeting
  • 3 It will work if you believe

There are many more opportunities now. Social networks, dating sites do not set boundaries for communication. And you don't have to wait months for a letter with a photo in a paper envelope.

Forced separation and long distance relationships: do not confuse different conceptsi

Before finding out that this is a surrogate or a modern version of full-fledged human relations, it doesn't hurt to make sure that we are not talking about temporary separation.

Sometimes even the most ordinary couples have to part for a while. Work, study, family circumstances - loved ones often live in separation for weeks or months. The girls are waiting for the guys from the army. Wives are waiting for husbands, by the will of circumstances or through their own fault, who are in prison. The psychology of long-distance relationships is hardly applicable to these and similar cases. Here we are talking about separation, forced parting and waiting.

For details on how to maintain a relationship at a distance, you should find out in our article further along the link.

Met without meeting2

There are enough skeptics who believe that a relationship cannot start without a personal acquaintance. But there are indeed examples of long-distance relationships. Perhaps the future is doubtful, but real meetings and living together under one roof are also not a guarantee of finding happiness.

What about people, whose second half was found hundreds and thousands of kilometers away? What difficulties will they face?

Problems that are not thought about during the period of love

There are many of them. At the beginning of a relationship, when it seems that a person understands you perfectly and literally reads your thoughts, only a few people think about difficulties. But everyone has to face them - sooner or later.

Excessive expectations inevitably lead to disappointment. The image of a person formed as a result of virtual relationships, in 80% of cases, according to opinion polls, does not correspond to reality.

love in the distance
love in the distance

Uncertainty, jealousy, doubts about the seriousness of the partner's intentions poison, in order to make sure that this relationship is not worth your time, as soon as the first stage, characterized by a state of euphoria, passes, read the article.

Loneliness won't go away. It's nice to realize that somewhere on Earth there is a loved one, but you will have to fall asleep and wake up alone. Tactile contact is important for people. To snuggle up to a loved one, to breathe in his smell - in a relationship at a distance, the simple joys of living together are not available. Sleep embracing, watching a movie, hugging each other, A woman needs care. The distant lover will wish good morning, ask how the day went, worry about the health of his beloved. But he will not be able to help bring groceries from the store and cook dinner, fix the outlet, rush to help if his beloved has been offended. A man needs female care and affection no less.

Sex is an important part of human relationships. There is a loved one, but there is no full sex - the situation is unhealthy. We will teach you how to improve the current situation with the help of long distance sex.

It will work, if you believe3

The psychology of long-distance relationships is complex and not clear even to professional psychologists, who so far can only give general recommendations.

The psychology of long-distance relationships
The psychology of long-distance relationships

You shouldn't expect too much from the first personal meeting. Broken sandcastles can bring real pain and frustration.

If a personal meeting took place and there are doubts that a person has really become dear, it makes sense to develop a relationship. How to do it correctly and avoid serious mistakes? People who succeed in this willingly share their experiences:

  • Don't hide your feelings. To skimp on kind words and not write long messages, forget to congratulate on memorable dates - such behavior casts doubt on even real relationships.
  • You need to be prepared for difficulties. Misunderstandings and doubts are common to people. As well as jealousy, suspiciousness, resentment.
  • It is possible to give gifts, for the holidays and for no reason, even being far from each other. This material confirmation of intimacy in a long-distance relationship takes on special significance.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that communication is constant and not too expensive. There are enough opportunities for this. But trying to control, to impose your point of view is a dead-end line of behavior in such a relationship.
The psychology of long-distance relationships
The psychology of long-distance relationships

Building happy, fulfilling relationships is difficult in everyday life. Is a long distance relationship possible? It is much more difficult to preserve and develop them. Sincere belief that everything will work out, and difficulties are surmountable, is an indispensable condition for finding happiness.

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