Why Doesn't A Lover Give Gifts. How To Solve A Problem

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Why Doesn't A Lover Give Gifts. How To Solve A Problem
Why Doesn't A Lover Give Gifts. How To Solve A Problem

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Women meet with lovers for a pleasant pastime. Few men offer women material support, including gifts. Both partners may like such meetings, but often a woman has a question: why does her lover not give gifts, at least on her birthday and on March 8?

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  • 1 Several possible reasons
  • 2 Ways of expressing feelings
  • 3 Ways to Solve the Gift Lack

Several possible reasons i

Men do not give gifts for various reasons, and lovers consider their relationships with women to be meetings without obligation. They get physical and emotional relaxation through sex and are confident that the woman gets the same and does not need anything else.

  • A man may not give gifts because of excessive economy and greed.
  • He is in financial trouble
  • If he immediately realized that the girl was not outraged by such behavior, he would not even think to change him
  • He is not interested in a girl as a person, only as an object for satisfying his own lust
  • If this issue was not discussed when forming a relationship, a man believes that he does not owe anything to a woman
  • He believes that a woman has everything she wants (especially if she is married)
  • A man is afraid of the wrong interpretation of his actions: a woman may think that he is in love and has serious intentions if he gives her gifts.
  • He may consider gifts to women a demeaning and useless gesture.
  • A man can “pay” a woman, believing that it will comfort her.
lover does not give flowers
lover does not give flowers

You can ask about the reasons for this behavior, only very delicately, so as not to frighten and not offend your partner. If a relationship with a woman is dear to him, frank conversation can push him to change his behavior.

When a man does not give gifts at all, and coldness is noticeable in his attitude, it means that the woman is indifferent to him. He is convinced that the girl will not leave, that he has a great option that satisfies sexual needs. There is no need to pay for intimacy with her, and she also does not need gifts. The lover gets sex without being interested in the desires and needs of the partner. A man does not care what her mood is, as long as the girl does not deny him sex. It is worth considering the prospects of continuing a relationship with an indifferent man.

A woman may not notice what her lover does for her other than sex. There are 5 main methods used to prove feelings.

does not want to give flowers
does not want to give flowers

Ways to Express Feelings 2

  1. Verbal expression - with the help of compliments, moral support, praise, tender confessions.
  2. Taking time - it's not only about being together, but also about the ability to listen and understand your partner.
  3. Providing assistance through actions that express care.
  4. Touching - through hugs, kisses, sexual intimacy.
  5. Gifts - handmade or purchased, different in cost, most importantly - embodying love.

Ways to solve the problem of lack of gifts3

  • You can understand why a lover does not give gifts by asking him direct questions. The main thing is not to go too far.
  • Women should remember that the constant reproaches of lovers that he does not love or understand, can lead to a break in relations.
  • Observe your partner - maybe his feelings are shown in "another language."
  • Accept any manifestations of feelings with joy, praise and encourage the man more often. Thus, he can form a number of associations in the subconscious: I gave - she is glad - I like it.
why doesn't he givets
why doesn't he givets
  • If you want to ask for something for yourself, do it by catching a man in a favorable mood.
  • Do not make too high requests - a man is pleased to know that he is able to fulfill the desire of his chosen one. Otherwise, he will be forced to feel insignificant.

No matter how the lover reacts to polls about gifts, remember that real feelings cannot be bought for money, but it is pointless to spend your nerves on demands for presents from the opposite sex. Think, perhaps this man is not yours.

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