How To Beat Off A Girl From Another? Step-by-step Tips For Guys

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How To Beat Off A Girl From Another? Step-by-step Tips For Guys
How To Beat Off A Girl From Another? Step-by-step Tips For Guys

Video: How To Beat Off A Girl From Another? Step-by-step Tips For Guys

Video: How To Beat Off A Girl From Another? Step-by-step Tips For Guys
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how to beat off a girl from another
how to beat off a girl from another

Already in early childhood, a warm feeling appears between guys and girls, called sympathy (love at that age is still incomprehensible). It so happened that males begin to show signs of sympathy, to show their strengths, to show off, just to impress the female they like.

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  • 1 All my secrets are no longer a secret to you
  • 2 Friend, I'm sorry, but not this time
  • 3 My beloved princess …

This custom was not invented by people, but by ancestors in the person of animals. As you know, a man is a beast, simply more developed than the same macaque in the zoo. However, like our relatives, monkeys, a lady can not always throw herself on a new acquaintance's neck.

She may already have a loved one, but a man wants to get his well-deserved trophy (especially if for this he has been going to the rocking chair for two days and eating protein powder with spoons). In the head of such a macho, a logical question arises: “Well, how to beat off a girl from another guy's cock? I'm cooler! There is no exact formula anywhere, because a girl can turn out to be very correct, but there are still a couple of ideas on this score.

All my secrets are no longer a secret to you

Trust is at the heart of any warm relationship. Yes, yes, it is him that should be fixed in the first place. For a start, spend more time together. For example, go to the cinema, to a cafe, just take a walk in the park, but do not make communication necessary and prolonged.

Prepare a couple of interesting stories from your life, find out what your companion is interested in, look for points of contact and common themes. However, obsession is also not your best ally. Otherwise, the general impression of you will deteriorate, and after that the whole plan will collapse.

In the end, there are few of those who enjoy it when someone speaks nonstop, leaving no opportunity to insert at least one of their own words. You need to be able to shut up in time, take a break. After such numerous courtship, the choice of a girl will unconditionally fall on you. This is the main task, isn't it?

Friend, I'm sorry, but not this time2

It happens that unforeseen circumstances happen in life. For example, someone accidentally becomes pregnant. For your luck, the instruction “how to take a girl off another” always works. Even if you have to "enter the ring" with your friend or loved one … of course, you will have to choose who is more dear to you, but if the game is worth the candle, then why not.

Yes, most likely the best friend will turn into a sworn enemy, all the happy moments with him will quickly fly away into the trash can, and you will depreciate in the eyes of many people, but what can you do. Love makes the world go round, and people make different things.

So, if your decision does not tolerate changes, then delve into the essence of the article. No cute couple will work out if initially the partners were not buddies or friends. It is not difficult to guess that the first step is to make good friends with the object of your love interest.

Feel free to tell her about your worries or concerns, just don't go overboard and whine. Open up a little to test the reaction: if you are supported, encouraged, then you are clearly on the right track.

As you know, we will not meet halfway and listen to the suffering of those to whom we (even if not very frankly) do not care. Wait a little, after a while your revelation will fly to you like a boomerang, the girl will start talking about her problems with her boyfriend.

how to fight for love
how to fight for love

No matter how cute their relationship may seem from the outside, the skeletons in the closet have not disappeared anywhere. By the way, here you can try to find out what exactly the lady of your heart does not like about her boyfriend, and then try not to repeat his mistakes. Be more empathetic in your communication. Sincerity and concern cannot be opposed. Warning: don't overdo it.

Don't be very shy. Spend more time with a couple of doves. Invite them to clubs, bars, parties. Find out about their plans, ask for it too. Or analyze the interests and preferences of the girl, and then push away from them and create your entertainment program. Show that it is interesting and fun to hang out with you, taking a break from the routine, rather than with your friend.

If the couple breaks up, then you should regard this as a call to action. Be there, substitute your courageous shoulder, do not let the lady drown in your thoughts and emotions, replace the life ring.

My beloved princess … 3

It so happens that a beautiful girl perfectly ignores your beautiful excellency. However, this is not a reason to despair and go to cut the veins with a plastic knife. If you were told a firm “no” to an offer to go to dinner, watch a new movie, ride a train or a boat, you shouldn't run crying (otherwise other guys will appear who know how to take a girl off from another).

how to beat off a girl from another
how to beat off a girl from another

Perhaps you decided to go to the fifth level of the game, having previously skipped the previous levly, and with them a short tutorial. For every lady you need to be able to find an individual approach. Talk to her a little, find out a little more about her interests. Once a common language has been found, communication will become noticeably easier and easier.

Try to come across as an interesting conversationalist and Nice Guy. Do not throw yourself into stories about your feelings - it can be scary. Don't beg for love - it looks low. She herself will come to you after some effort. Do not give up, act slowly and carefully, and everything will be the way.

By the way, a good option would be to start by winning the hearts of your chosen one's friends. If they think highly of you, then the chances of success are significantly increased. At the very least, you will get extra attention. Women tend to exaggerate, so a couple of little legends will be added about you.

If initially you were assessed as a “good person”, then in the story you will become “the best”. However, there is a danger here, since everything works both ways. They didn't do anything special - they became the most ordinary guy (perhaps they will attribute a couple more flaws to you).

The tactic of humiliating the person with whom the girl is currently in a relationship is a completely wrong option, since it will only show you from the bad side. Washing bones is the lot of little schoolgirls, not men in their prime. No one needs a five-grade girl, but you are not her.

how to beat off a girl
how to beat off a girl

Show your readiness for a relationship, the ability to maintain it, and the availability of the necessary resources. The girl should see in you "the very same", and only in this case you will have a real chance for a fairy tale story with a beautiful lady.

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