My Man Says He Loves His Ex. What To Do In Such A Situation?

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My Man Says He Loves His Ex. What To Do In Such A Situation?
My Man Says He Loves His Ex. What To Do In Such A Situation?

Video: My Man Says He Loves His Ex. What To Do In Such A Situation?

Video: My Man Says He Loves His Ex. What To Do In Such A Situation?
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Let's decide: does your man say he loves his ex, or are you just guessing? After all, in order to understand how to proceed, you first need to make sure that you do not invent a problem for yourself based on false assumptions. As you know, women do this. It is possible that the guy broke up with his ex, the relationship with you is important to him, he loves you, but emotionally attached to the past relationship. Just because of the understatement. Then throwing his things off the balcony may be somewhat premature.

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  • 1 How does a man behave if he loves the one with whom he recently broke up?
  • 2 Frank conversation is essential
  • 3 Unpromising relationships need to end
  • 4 This may not be the end of the story
  • 5 Conquer it again?

How does a man behave if he loves the one with whom he recently broke up? I

It is difficult not to notice these signs, even if you look at your man through rose-colored glasses of love.

Her things are still in his house. And it is not by chance that the forgotten half-empty bottle of perfume is, but the guy resists the attempts to remove the things of the predecessor, replace them with his own. So it is still important to him. The same applies to photographs. Memories of failed relationships are often painful, and people tend to get rid of the things that hurt them. Only a man who still loves and hopes will carefully keep a photo of the ex.

To the place and out of place remembers her. Even if you made it clear that it is rather unpleasant. It's just that a man cannot do otherwise. He constantly remembers his ex and compares her to you. It is common for everyone to occasionally mention past relationships in conversation. But only those who are still not indifferent will talk about them constantly. At the other extreme, he completely closed the topic and gets annoyed at the mere mention of his ex. It looks too much like he doesn't consider the past relationship to be over, and he perceives your mention of his ex as an interference in their life.

boyfriend loves ex
boyfriend loves ex

He communicates with her. Not out of necessity, but because both of them are pleased. Even if the man claims that they are just friends.

You have a problem with sex. He is too cold himself and does not take your initiative. If this is not a temporary phenomenon associated with stress at work or health problems, the symptom is very alarming.

It is unwise to make a "diagnosis" based on one "symptom". But if at least three points coincide, there really is a problem.

Straight Talk Needed2

Silence of problems in relationships has not led to anything good yet. It is too early to take decisive action. You will have to talk about it. Choose a time, prepare for the conversation and be as calm as possible. You just want to get an answer to a very important question and you have the right to know the truth. This is the only way you can figure out what to do next.

the man remembers the ex
the man remembers the ex

So, the conversation took place. Your man says he loves his ex. The situation is unpleasant. Why is he with you if he loves another? And why should you be with someone who has no feelings for you?

Unpromising relationships need to end3

You may feel sorry for him. You can love this man and not want to leave. But at the same time, it is great to understand that such a relationship cannot be called healthy and normal. Your man is not yours yet. Emotionally, he is still with the other woman. So let him return to her, if possible, or go through a period of separation to the end. But without you. You are a self-sufficient woman, attractive and deserve to be loved, not just tolerated by your presence. So it's best to leave.

This may not be the end of the story

Having made the decision to leave, make it clear to your loved one that he is still dear to you and your friend, you remain him, and your separation is a forced and necessary step. Perhaps he is really not indifferent to you and needs support. I just got confused in past relationships, realizing that there will be no return. It happens.

In this case, it is possible that the separation will be temporary. If you are willing to wait, support him - well, that's your right. But do not impose or dwell on this situation. Be yourself. Work, study, communicate, devote time to your hobbies. Maybe one day he will understand that he loves you and admits it.

man communicates with ex
man communicates with ex

Conquer it again? 5

Women make this decision more often than it seems. The man says he loves his ex. You made the only right decision and left it. But he is free, he is partial to you, and you are still in love. So why not try again?

It will take a lot of effort to make a man stop loving his ex. If you are sure that you are ready for this and the result is worth it, take action.

How? The way women always act when they want to conquer a man. Be yourself. Be bright, attractive and interesting. Flirt with him and at the same time do not forget about your small advantage: you already know a lot about him, this man trusts you.

But don't make common mistakes. Criticize his ex or, on the contrary, try to imitate in no case. The result will be disappointing.

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