How To Declare Your Love In Correspondence And Is It Worth Doing It This Way?

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How To Declare Your Love In Correspondence And Is It Worth Doing It This Way?
How To Declare Your Love In Correspondence And Is It Worth Doing It This Way?

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how to declare love in correspondence
how to declare love in correspondence

If a person in love cannot decide to tell the object of love in the eyes about their feelings, then it is worth turning to the letter. When the excitement goes off scale, and you understand that during a personal meeting you will not be able to pronounce important words - write them down. How to declare your love in correspondence and not ruin everything?

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  • 1 Preparing the ground for recognition
  • 2 Different messengers - different confessions

Before deciding on such a responsible event, it is necessary to discard all feelings and sensibly assess the situation: do you feel reciprocal sympathy from the interlocutor? When you can answer this question in the affirmative, then it is worth moving on to action. Otherwise, premature recognition will ruin all subsequent communication.

Preparing the ground for recognition

When you have the opportunity to exchange virtual messages, this will be a definite plus. It doesn't matter which messenger or social network you prefer, the main thing is to start regular correspondence.

The first rule is active communication. In correspondence, the main task becomes to arouse the interest of your chosen one or the chosen one and develop a desire for regular contact. Think about topics, but remember to be honest. After all, the real interest is very much felt. And by the way, it is contagious.

Telling the other person about yourself will help you get closer. The main thing is to maintain a balance. Do not write to your partner everything in a row and in large quantities. The information needs to be dosed and also given a lively response to his / her stories.

Rule two - keep yourself in control. In no case are we rushing things. Confidence and interest must appear first. Always be glad to communicate, do not say that there is no time. Now you have a specific goal and you need to cling to any opportunity. Eliminate negativity entirely and try to avoid topics where your views diverge too much. If your interlocutor tells something about himself, then ask clarifying questions and praise and admire what you hear. Oh, read.

Rule three - we use secret techniques. Both men and women have enough of them:

love message
love message
  • Attention and care;
  • Humor;
  • Delicate phrases. Sometimes, as if in passing, we call our interlocutor "my, my, dear, the only one." This communication style is perceived as positive and helps to hint slightly about your special location;
  • We reply to messages with a slight delay. Not always, but only sometimes, to keep the intrigue and excite the partner;
  • Ask for advice. Every person is pleased when his opinion is appreciated;
  • Ask for a little help. An easy and not burdensome request will demonstrate your trust, and the interlocutor will raise self-esteem and significance;

The fourth rule is don't delay. Do not marinate your partner with correspondence for too long. After all, a completely different image can form in the head, which subsequently only interferes with the relationship being built.

Different messengers - different confessions2

In modern times, we have a huge number of ways to communicate with each other. Paradox, everything seems to be ready for communication, but loneliness has not gone anywhere from our lives. However, those gathered here firmly decided to end him once and for all. So, how to confess your love in correspondence:

Social networks. Choose the network that your love object uses and begin to actively correspond. This was discussed above. After there is confidence in the reciprocity of your sympathy, you can proceed directly to the very recognition. It can be like a PM message. And also a post-hint. Publish on your page an intriguing message about secret sympathy and forward it to the object itself. If he takes it coldly, then you can always laugh it off

how to write a love message
how to write a love message

Correspondence If you prefer messengers as a means of communication, where you can simply exchange messages, then try to make your communication regular. But it is even better to do it at the same time. And then suddenly, at the specified hour, not to get in touch. Look at your partner's reaction. If you are lost, then this is a good sign. And then you can go to the main thing

  • SMS. Recognition via SMS is possible only with a well-known person. It is enough to write a poem or just three cherished words;
  • Billboard or inscription on the pavement. Yes! You can admit your sympathy in such an original way. Of course, this method is more suitable for a strong half of humanity. However, ordering an advertising banner with a declaration of love in a place where your chosen one regularly visits will also be appropriate for a young lady;
  • Classic writing on paper. If you or the object of your passion are refined natures, then a love letter sent by mail will be ideal. Paper, handwriting, envelope - this story emanates from very strong feelings. It is unlikely that in the modern world someone can resist recognition in this way.
declarations of love
declarations of love

If you decide to confess your love to a woman or a man, then congratulations. Perhaps the biggest and most important adventure in life awaits you. And many years later, in extreme old age, you will remember this story with a smile and even tell it to your joint children and grandchildren.

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