Compatibility Of Men And Women: A Happy Relationship - Myth Or Reality?

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Compatibility Of Men And Women: A Happy Relationship - Myth Or Reality?
Compatibility Of Men And Women: A Happy Relationship - Myth Or Reality?

Video: Compatibility Of Men And Women: A Happy Relationship - Myth Or Reality?

Video: Compatibility Of Men And Women: A Happy Relationship - Myth Or Reality?
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Happy relationship
Happy relationship

They say you need courage to be happy. What does this quality have to do with it? Reach out your hand and it's yours. But life shows that this is exactly the case. They also say that happiness is the right choice at the right time. But these are too general questions. In this article, we will try to make out the rules of psychological compatibility in love relationships.

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  • 1 Rules of psychological compatibility
  • 2 Choleric
  • 3 Phlegmatic
  • 4 Sanguine
  • 5 Melancholic
  • 6 Appearance
  • 7 Sex
  • 8 Money
  • 9 Support
  • 10 Personal development and personality
  • 11 Agree on everything
  • 12 Interests and values
  • 13 Spiritual closeness and love

Psychological compatibility rules i

At the present time, it is fashionable to use cards to guess, apply knowledge of astrology and perform other rituals to find a life partner / companion. But one important point is forgotten - the psychological compatibility of partners. Even at school, they taught that there are several types of people: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. This division is conditional, because a person can adapt and acquire new personality traits.

There is a ton of information on the internet about the rules for a happy relationship. But rarely are there inquiries about the rules of psychological compatibility. This is of course all very average. In addition, the commonality of interests, appearance and many other parameters are important, which in an ideal or almost ideal combination will provide only life and perseverance. But in any case, the information is useful for thought.

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Choleric 2

They are very energetic, sometimes they seem unbalanced. The nervous system of these people is subject to certain impulses from which it is difficult to resist and not make a scene. Nevertheless, choleric people understand the fastest, and, as strange as it may be, in critical situations they can be the most adequate against the background of other psychotypes.


Best of all, the choleric person will be able to build relationships with the phlegmatic person. Phlegmatic people are slow, judicious, which will be an excellent combination with a choleric person, who, a little, immediately get nervous and freak out. The phlegmatic person will be able to stop the choleric partner from rash actions in time and direct his energy towards creation.

A sanguine person is compatible with a choleric person. This type knows how to smooth out the intensity of passions in time, translate into a joke, inspire, although the choleric does not take energy anyway. But here the desire of both to lead can become an obstacle.

With a melancholic, a choleric person will most likely fail because of the slowness and, to some extent, the sluggishness of the first type. This will annoy the choleric, he will swear and sort things out, and the melancholic will close in himself due to resentment. In this case, building a strong relationship is almost impossible.

A choleric person can theoretically get along with a choleric person. But there is a danger that in such a pair there will be too violent showdown.

Phlegmatic 3

These people are very assiduous and efficient, unlike choleric people. And the best partner for them is the choleric person who can stir up. A phlegmatic person will not be offended by a choleric person because of impulsive statements or actions.

phlegmatic person
phlegmatic person

A very good tandem can also come out with sanguine people. Sanguine people will chatter and joke incessantly, and phlegmatic people will listen with gratitude. It is possible to build relationships with melancholic people, but they can get stumped due to the inertia of phlegmatic people. A phlegmatic person with a phlegmatic person has a chance to build a long-term relationship, but it's hard to say whether they will be happy.

Sanguine 4

These people can be called ideal partners for all psychotypes. It will never be boring with a sanguine person. Will be able to cheer up anyone.

They say that the most compatible types with the melancholic. A sanguine person will appreciate in melancholic the ability to feel the most subtle notes of the soul, so the merry person can learn the world more deeply. In return, it will give the melancholic the inspiration that is so lacking.

With a phlegmatic, good compatibility. They think for a long time, but still the conversations and positive coming from the sanguine person will help the phlegmatic person open up, become more cheerful.


A sanguine person will be able to find a common language even with a choleric person. Partners are not perfect, but such a relationship has the right to a happy existence if the circumstances are right. Here we mean the commonality of interests, the ability and desire to compromise as both personality types are naturally bright and with leadership inclinations.

A sanguine person with a sanguine person can easily get along and build a happy relationship. They will not differ in depth, but they will have fun. And one moment. Usually both are bright characters. Lead an active lifestyle. It may happen that one of the partners will have to sacrifice a career or something else to stay together. If the donor manages to come to terms with his fate, a positive outcome is possible. If he feels depressed, they will most likely break up.


This personality type is called the weakest. They get tired quickly, are prone to frequent mood swings and depression, and are sensitive. Being melancholic does not mean being sentenced to eternal loneliness. These people can make their weaknesses strength.

They, like no one else, know how to feel all the subtleties of the world, therefore they have extraordinary creative thinking. Among them were famous people such as: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, Ernest Hemingway, Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and others. It is not easy for melancholic people to find a pair, but they will be able to feel a partner very easily.


It is not recommended for the melancholic to get involved with the choleric, for the latter will drive the poor man for Mozhaisk. Even if the melancholic is attracted by the energy of the choleric, which will stimulate him / her at first, then resentments and the like will begin.

The phlegmatic is a possible partner for the melancholic. But here there is a danger that a spark does not light up between them. In addition, a phlegmatic person with his pragmatism and slowness can bring a melancholic to a white knee. In general, relationships have a right to exist, and it will look like a quiet family comfort.

Sanguine. The type of personality with which a melancholic is most likely to build a happy relationship. A sanguine person can give a melancholic what he lacks so much - joy and a taste for life.

It will be very difficult for a melancholic to build a relationship with a melancholic. Both are sensitive to the needs of the partner, but they will make an elephant out of a fly and will not let go of mutual grievances.

It should be noted that the above classification may not work in life. After all, the same melancholic may have a mixture with a choleric person, and then it will be easier to build relationships with a phlegmatic person.

Or, he / she, in addition to melancholy, periodically skips the character traits of a sanguine person and so on. A sanguine person, for example, may experience depression due to life circumstances. Then he will seem melancholic.

Appearance 6

They are greeted by clothes. Standard situation. Most people choose their partners based on personal preferences and tastes. But here is an important point, if a girl, for example, does not like a guy from the first impression, but he shows persistence and takes good care of him, there is every chance that she will change her attitude and they will become a happy couple.

It may be the other way around. The girl or guy looks like the person. We went on a couple of dates, maybe there was sex between them, but both feel something is wrong, but not so. The pair diverges and external preference ceases to be a converging factor.


Still, you should not underestimate the appearance. In order to build harmonious and happy relationships on your image, you need to work for both women and men. Thus, a person kills two birds with one stone: it is pleasant to look in the mirror and delight the eyes of a loved one.


Everything can be great and cool, but for some reason, some of the partners are not satisfied. Then a serious breakdown will follow in the relationship. It is important to consider not only getting orgasms, but also the frequency. For example, once a month is enough for one, while the other needs intimacy several times a week.

Naturally, situations are different, business trips, illness, physical overwork and other reasons, but in general, a guy and a girl should want each other. If one of them begins to evade marital debt, this will become a possible breeding ground for betrayal.

Money 8

I remember the saying: "with a lovely paradise in a hut." Perhaps in some special cases this will be so, but it becomes sad when the boat of love crashes on the rocks of everyday life. Therefore, the financial component should not be neglected in any case.

This does not mean that if there is money in a couple / family, the relationship is doomed to be happy. Sometimes it happens that money becomes the cause of division and disagreement. But if we take the average indicator, then financial stability in a pair makes it possible to worry less about the future.



Mutual support for each other is a prerequisite for building harmonious relationships. It is very important that the partner / partner at critical moments stand for each other. This is the main basis for the psychological compatibility of a man and a woman in any pair.

There are different situations in life - pleasant and not. It may be that the couple got together when both were doing well. And then the problems began - financial, health problems, some of them were haunted by failures. Not everyone can stand this and agree to keep the relationship. If the test is passed, then the relationship is already considered happy.

Personal development and personality10

The other half helps you avoid loneliness. But do not throw off on his / her shoulders problems that it is advisable to solve on their own. To remain interesting to someone, a person himself needs to have some goals and develop.

You need to invest in relationships and try, but at the same time do not forget to love yourself and pay attention to personal needs. If a person tries to dissolve in a partner, forgets about his needs, gets hung up on how cool she is, stops developing - this is more like a love addiction, or simply passion.


In this case, the partner / partner will begin to lose interest and the relationship will decline. Therefore, to build a happy relationship, it is important not to miss this fad, even if the temptation arises.

Agree in Everything11

If a person tries to agree with his boyfriend / girlfriend in everything and blindly fulfill all his / her whims, the relationship is doomed to failure. First, the partner will lose interest in such a person, and secondly, he / she will think that he / she cannot be relied on and the feeling of respect will disappear.

It is important to observe the golden mean here. Constantly contradicting and doing evil is also a dead-end path. Calculating mathematically when and how many times to make concessions with a partner is not recommended. For such calculations can reach the point of absurdity. A person, for example, can keep records of how many times a week a girl or a guy called / called him, and he himself makes one or two calls less in order to expose a partner in a dependent position.


To avoid such nonsense, it is worth listening to the voice of reason and intuition. American psychologist Jose Stevens in the book "Train Your Dragons" advises to rationally evaluate thoughts. That is, when a thought appears, a person must listen to what range of emotions it evokes. A thought came and the person felt good - that means you need to do it. If negative colors were mixed with the thought, it means not to do it. The only rule is to stay even with yourself.

Interests and values 12

If the first thing people look at is appearance, then the second is common interests and a system of values. They don't have to be absolutely identical, but roughly the same. Having sex and having fun together is certainly good. But do not forget that life is a little deeper thing than the desire to satisfy some physical needs.

Therefore, it is very important that you have something to talk about with a guy or a girl. And if outlooks on life coincide, which is good and bad, a common vision of the future and a willingness to accept a partner in it is an excellent foundation for a happy relationship.

Spiritual closeness and love13

You can endlessly build smart strategies, attend trainings and seminars, which may give positive results. But without a sense of spiritual closeness and love, building a happy relationship is difficult.

Spiritual closeness is a feeling of calmness and confidence in your partner / partner. It overlaps with psychological types of compatibility, but is more profound and inexplicable. This is where trust is born.


Love is of two types: carnal and spiritual. The carnal seeks personal gain. But there is nothing wrong here. It includes the financial capabilities of a partner, appearance, personal skills and qualities.

All people are not perfect, so the indicator of spiritual love is the acceptance of a partner with all his merits and demerits. Not every person can fall in love this way, but if it works out, then the guy / girl will become really happy.

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