What Rules Should Be In A Relationship To Create A Happy Family

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What Rules Should Be In A Relationship To Create A Happy Family
What Rules Should Be In A Relationship To Create A Happy Family
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A happy and long-term relationship is not just a lucky coincidence, it's not because people have found each other, but because the couple is working on them. Self-development and adherence to a certain framework is the key to success in this matter. It would seem, what rules should be in a relationship? Is it impossible to be yourself, relax and live as you live … Such an attitude will not lead to anything good, a gray routine union will lead to parting.

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  • 1 What is not allowed in a relationship?
  • 2 How to correct the mistakes made?
  • 3 What steps can be taken to bring back the spark:

What is not allowed in a relationship? I

To maintain a favorable atmosphere in the family, the following rules should be followed:

  • Do not forget to be interested in your partner: his condition, well-being, wishes. If you don't ask your partner questions, he can decide what is indifference and selfishness.
  • Do not merge negativity and bad mood on your loved ones. Try to instantly readjust in a positive way, or be able to correctly convey to loved ones that you are tired and need rest. You need to allow loved ones to help recover: listen to their positive stories, drink tea, play a board game, watch a movie or a humorous program, go to a cafe …
rules in relationships
rules in relationships
  • Do not focus on the partner's shortcomings, do not demand the fulfillment of your wishes - if a person with already established qualities was chosen, do not hope that there will be changes. Disadvantages also need to be able to accept. The partner himself must want to fight the flaws.
  • Don't make plans yourself. Only joint planning will be in the interests of both parties. The agreed goals are achieved much faster than the dreams of one of the parties, which are not voiced or agreed upon.
  • Don't discuss your relationship with friends and family. Public opinion is not objective, their influence will negatively affect the further perception of the partner. After all, the main thing is personal understanding and acceptance.
  • Do not talk about your shortcomings, do not go into the details of cosmetic procedures, and do not forget to take care of yourself. A loving person does not see flaws in a partner, and focusing on them will lead to attention to them.
  • Say “You don’t love me” and prove why. In this case, sooner or later, the partner may believe it and decide to leave.
for a happy family
for a happy family

To be dismissive of a soul mate, not to appreciate or respect. In this case, there can be no union. If a person really has nothing to respect, then one must part. And if this attitude is due to personal bad manners and arrogance, you need to reconsider your behavior, to work on yourself

If the gray days have already come, you need to start acting. What rules should be in a relationship to preserve:

  1. Having guilty before a loved one, you always need to admit a mistake, apologize. Discuss the reason for the action so that the situation does not repeat itself.
  2. Always thank your partner for everything, ask politely for services. Communicate like a stranger who you want to like.
  3. Spend evenings together for a pleasant time: jointly decide what it will be.

How to fix the mistakes? 2

Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Therefore, you need to be able to forgive your soul mate (well, and yourself too), unless the unacceptable happened. Unforgivable mistakes: assault, insults, treason. No matter how a loved one swears that this will not happen again, you should not believe. This is how a person is arranged, if such behavior is permissible for him once, then external prohibitions cannot change the inner feeling of the permissibility of the situation. That is, it will definitely happen again.

rules in relationships
rules in relationships

If you are willing to accept this, you can forgive and continue working on the relationship. But here you have to work even harder, trying to prevent the negative situation from recurring.

What steps can be taken to bring back the spark: 3

  1. Make simple pleasant surprises, put gifts for no reason.
  2. Write messages with pleasant words, poems, photos.
  3. Have a romantic dinner.
  4. Suggest to take a bath with foam and candles together.
  5. Organize a massage evening.
  6. Introduce an element of play in intimate relationships.
  7. Invite your partner on a date.
  8. Take a romantic trip.

If your partner is surprised and alarmed at the changes, there is nothing shameful to admit that you value the relationship and want to "renew" it. But the efforts should be mutual, if the partner does not want to work on a long-term union, there will be no result. Here you need to understand what exactly you want, whether the partner meets the requirements.

rules must be in relationship
rules must be in relationship

Having learned what rules should be in a relationship for a long-term happy union, you need to analyze whether they have been observed before. If not, you will have to work on the errors. The joint efforts of the couple will certainly lead to a positive result - a happy union of two loving hearts.

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