Why Girls And Women Become Mistresses. All The Pros And Cons

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Why Girls And Women Become Mistresses. All The Pros And Cons
Why Girls And Women Become Mistresses. All The Pros And Cons

Video: Why Girls And Women Become Mistresses. All The Pros And Cons

Video: Why Girls And Women Become Mistresses. All The Pros And Cons
Video: Why is it dangerous to be a mistress? Relationship psychology with a married man. Natalia Korneeva 2023, September
girls choose to become a mistress
girls choose to become a mistress

She has everything. Trips, photos on Instagram from expensive restaurants, bags with branded things and a lot of free time. She does not stand at the stove for hours, does not calculate the family budget, and does not sit in line at the children's clinic.

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  • 1 Who are you, mistress?
  • 2 Do you want to become a mistress? Don't forget about your wife
  • 3 Smart lovers choose
  • 4 Problems of lovers in real life
  • 5 That Uncle's Children
  • 6 Crazy passion pushes
  • 7 Why don't they divorce their wives?
  • 8 Problems of mistresses in communicating with other people
  • 9 Problems with a lover

Her secret is simple - she decided to become the mistress of a rich man. A fairy tale about a sweet life or an informed choice? Some are not created for the life of a "second woman", while others are burdened by the role of a wife. Why do so many despise social rules and laws, and decide that it is better with a married person than with a free one.

Who are you, mistress? I

It's hard to live by the rules:

  • You have to study a lot to find at least some work;
  • You will have to save and shrink if you do not want to live with your parents, or wait until your grandmother leaves an inheritance;
  • How about shoveling tons of profiles on dating sites and empty correspondence for hours? This is the only way to weed out married, unsuitable, and simply strange men;
  • As a "reward" you get a job from 9 to 18, plus overtime, a mortgage, a husband who doesn't earn much money, but he still has to wash and iron, cook and pretend that it suits you;
  • Then you go on maternity leave, and life centers around caring for a child, cleaning, doing laundry, saving and sluggish attempts to tidy up the figure at home

Mistresses are women who cheated the system. Lucky to find a wealthy married man? Gifts, clothes and travel are already on it. With a fairly strong relationship "on it" beauty salons, joint recreation, fitness. And if everything is fine - the apartment and the car too.

At the same time, there is no need for anyone to cook, take care of, and save too. Well, he’ll stop by a couple of times a week. As if girls don't need sex. An ideal life if, in addition to a man, a woman has a job, hobbies, and her own income, and there is no desire to have children right now. This is how the mistress lives and behaves. How do you like this choice, or maybe not everything is so smooth?

Do you want to become a mistress? Don't forget about your wife2

Wives are different. One will cry on the phone, or throw unpleasant tantrums. And the other will silently smash your car with a bat, make it so that you get fired from work, and hire a couple of people to break your legs, or worse. Moreover, nothing can be determined by the appearance of the wife.

I want to become a mistress
I want to become a mistress

An ideal Stepford housewife with the look of a cute bun may turn out to be the daughter of an FSB general, and then your whole life will turn into a problem. And the "gopnitsa from the district" with a tail and in sweatshirts - the director of the company where you got an internship.

No woman will give up a wealthy man just like that. Yes, they are not very good people, they cheat, and they don't always bring home all the money. But life is much easier when you do not pay for your child's education yourself, for an apartment too, and you buy food not with your own salary.

This is just an everyday convenience. A woman becomes unpredictable when it comes to love. Here you can expect anything, from a pepper spray in your eyes to posting ads with a picture of a mistress in the area.

Clever mistresses
Clever mistresses

Smart mistresses choose3

But it also happens quite differently. A benefactor from a dating site or from an expensive restaurant turns out to be almost a beggar, he is only interested in sex, and sometimes - sex in inappropriate places, such as a car, a bathhouse or an unheated summer cottage in November. He gives a chocolate bar and a bottle of cheap champagne, and the person is also not interesting.

Becoming the best lover is an art. "Candidates" are selected for work:

  • Real income, no info business, network marketing, and obscure areas like "trading cryptocurrencies over the Internet";
  • Ideally - your own property, both commercial for rent and an apartment;
  • A normal car, if on credit, then a status car;
  • The lifestyle is like that of a person who has already achieved everything, and not like someone who goes to drink water in the best restaurant in the city, if only rich women would notice him;
  • Adequate character. Without bias towards jealousy and "I bought you", and lack of desire to participate in the life of a mistress at the level of total control;
Become the best lover
Become the best lover

Willingness to invest in a mistress. This is the most difficult point. At the beginning of a relationship, everyone is ready not only for sweets and bouquets, but when sex has become regular, and it is clear that a woman is waiting, you can become "wife of two." That is, a woman who receives a bouquet and perfume on March 8, and some kind of bracelet for her birthday

Important: you need to clearly separate the desire to have fun and the desire to improve your life with the help of a married man. Those who are not always ready to spend time with the girl are also ready to pay for her.

Lover problems in real life4

This all sounds like a manual for women. Where are married lovers looking for without much interference in life? In practice, anywhere, from work and various offsite conferences to the notorious dating sites.

Experienced people say that those who like fast sex without obligations in the car or in the country are sitting on the sites, and not those who need a permanent girlfriend besides their wife. The same unhindered and financially hopeless relationship can be found at a resort or on a business trip.

Why become a lover
Why become a lover

The rest requires an approach, a willingness to try and change men, and the complete absence of such a trait as falling in love. Yes, if a girl falls in love herself, and does not play love with a man for money, the following problems will overcome her:

  • The notorious desire to spend all the time together, and not just "specially set aside for a mistress";
  • Crushing loneliness on holidays, weekends, evening and night. You will rarely meet, the rest of the time you will have to entertain yourself;
  • Inability to have children. Or the willingness to live alone with the child if you get pregnant. Many men are afraid that their double life will be revealed, and therefore they leave their mistress with a child;
  • Moral dilemmas. Over time, the thought that this should not be done, and the wife is not to blame for anything, will become obsessive. Emotionally unstable girls get stuck in self-accusations;
Lover problems in real life
Lover problems in real life
  • A high likelihood of alcoholism, an addiction to sedatives, drugs, or eating disorders. Mistresses replace their "inferiority" in the eyes of society in different ways. Of course, one cannot say that only a controversial social status is to blame for everything, but problems still exist;
  • Living in a world of illusion and impermanence. There is nothing less permanent than a secret connection. At any moment he can leave, but she cannot do anything. Those who also begin to believe in this relationship sincerely suffer greatly.

Children of that uncle5

A lover will never get all the attention. Men usually love their children and will not just leave them. Even if you manage to take him away from the family and marry him, if the goal was that, a significant part of the income will go to the children and the woman who gave birth to them.

Look, I can do better, and having a baby doesn't help. He will still give money to his children from a previous marriage. And time. Both strength and desire. Therefore, if this does not suit you, the role of a mistress is not suitable initially.

The role of mistresses
The role of mistresses

Well, with a guy who cheerfully abandons his children, as soon as he has a chance, it is better not to live for anyone, even for the hardened cynical young ladies who want to improve their lives by becoming a mistress.

Crazy passion pushes6

But more often than not, events develop in a completely different scenario. The girl falls in love. She has no idea that he is not on a business trip, but lives two blocks away. And she will meet his wife by chance. Or he will find a second profile on a social network, where he will be a happy father of three children, and not at all a free and wonderful guy who came to your city to open a branch of a Moscow company and recruit employees.

If the attraction is strong, they decide to become mistresses involuntarily. Here you need to understand that love comes and goes, and if the goal is simply to live at the expense of someone until you get on your own feet, then a relationship with a married person is a waste of time.

Relationship with a mistress
Relationship with a mistress

Why don't they divorce their wives? 7

Surprise, but "bad" from the point of view of morality, we have not only girls who decide to "find a rich married." Men are not angels either. They quite deliberately start a relationship with their mistress, not intending to leave their family and children. Just. For fun. The motives of such men:

  • Do not feel like a black sheep in the company of friends, where everyone has a mistress;
  • Receive quality sex on demand, and not when the wife is in the mood;
  • Go out in purely male companies with a beautiful girl, and not with a seasoned housewife;
  • Travel to resorts with a woman everyone will envy;
  • Just find "free ears" into which you can pour your complaints about the boss who does not raise, wife, children, neighbors, government and high prices;
  • Arrange sexual experiments that are hesitant to do with a loved one;
  • Feel young
Mistresses problems
Mistresses problems

They do not get divorced simply because they are not going to, they are satisfied with everything, and no ideal sex techniques, the world's slimmest legs and amazingly delicious pancakes after this very sex, will not force them. Just because a lover is not a priority.

Problems of mistresses in communicating with other people8

The family, sooner or later, will begin to hint at the clock that is ticking and the children who need to have. It seems like there is some guy, mom knows that her daughter spends time with someone, and even someone stays overnight. But where is this comrade, when you need to dig up a vegetable garden in the country or fasten several shelves in the bathroom? He is too busy, sometimes he will send a driver, and maybe once in a millennium he will give money so that the “mother-in-law” will arrange a holiday and buy some expensive food.

Of course, the mistress's mother was not born yesterday, and understands that only married men behave this way. And in our age of social networks and accessible information, you can easily find who he is married to, and what is his problem in general.

Problems with his mistress
Problems with his mistress

Girlfriends may react differently to being married. Yes, it will seem that she is simply jealous when she says that it is better to have a salesperson in Pyaterochka, but her own and close by than the director of a restaurant chain, but a stranger and with children. But after a while, the girl begins to communicate only with the same mistresses, or with work colleagues who are sure that there is no guy, and she just came up with him so as not to stand out too much.

Relationship with a married person turns into a social pariah. Nevertheless, it is customary in our country to condemn such women more than men who have mistresses.

Lover problems9

A man who starts a "side project" outside the family "without a trunk" does not go. And in the trunk he has self-doubt, fears, sexual perversions, and a desire to cheaply stand out at the expense of another person. There may be negative character traits, for example, carefully hidden cruelty and a tendency to aggression and violence. And she is hiding in the family, but with a mistress, you can let go. One way or another, a man of this format sees it as a paid service, or a toy.

Where to find a mistress
Where to find a mistress

The wife will get most of the salary, ceremonial photos on Instagram, and sex in the missionary position once a week on Saturdays after the bath, but the mistress - half-closed swing parties, a sex video with a driver and a security guard, which is filmed by a "beloved" and incomprehensible flashes aggression.

And also - the notorious “you should always be cheerful”, even if you are tired, your legs hurt from your heels, and mascara falls right into your eyes. Another sour face awaits him at home.

But this is not the main problem for women. Constant understatement in relationships, omissions, unsubstantiated promises to fix everything, get married, give money, have children and grow old together will drive anyone crazy.

The constant life of "Agent Smith", who cannot use perfumes, except for those that the man's wife buys for herself, must carefully monitor where the hair accidentally got, and whether there are traces of lipstick on the body of an unfaithful believer. And you also can't go to a restaurant in your city. Yes, and in the next one is also not recommended, suddenly the photos will get into social networks, and the wife will see them.

Who become mistresses
Who become mistresses

There is no way to go out, you can't just hug, you can't tell your friends about a man, and there are almost no friends left. The disease of our time is neurosis and mania. So the constant neurosis due to the need to lead a double life and the formed persecution mania spoil the life of mistresses at all times. So you need to objectively assess your capabilities before agreeing to this.

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