How To Seduce Girls In 2 Minutes - The Correct Seduction Technique

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How To Seduce Girls In 2 Minutes - The Correct Seduction Technique
How To Seduce Girls In 2 Minutes - The Correct Seduction Technique

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How to seduce a girl in a minute
How to seduce a girl in a minute

In the course of evolution, there have been many changes associated with human life. So, earlier it was believed that the fittest survived. That is, strong men received love and attention from women, and weak ones did not receive anything.

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But time goes on, and now every man, regardless of his financial situation, physical health and character, can find a girl to his liking. However, in spite of everything, many do not want to spend months in order to win the favor of a representative of the opposite sex, and increasingly ask the question "How to seduce a girl in a minute?" And how to become a pickup truck master?

How do girls choose their boyfriends? I

First of all, you need to understand that a woman often needs five minutes to understand whether she likes a man or not. This suggests that if you fail to make a positive first impression, then you can hardly count on something more than just communication.

How to make a first impression? And which men are most attracted to women? First of all, according to polls, to seduce girls, a guy must look neat, but not pretentious or provocative. The first impression is always formed on the basis of appearance, who would not say anything against this statement. In general, a neutral outfit is fine, there is no need to try to impress the darling with a new three-piece suit (although it is worth noting that this still works for some girls).

The next important fact is the guy's cleanliness and tidiness. The fact that any self-respecting man should smell good is a well-known truth, but some forget that in addition to a good perfume, you also need to take care not to look sloppy.

When a girl finishes with an assessment of her appearance, the next thing she pays attention to will be the character and manners of the young man. The rules of good manners in a cafe, restaurant, or even with a simple dialogue with a girl - all this any guy should know like five fingers on his hand. Also, do not show your bad sides. A man should be calm, confident and persistent. It is this character of the stronger sex that is popular with women.

How to seduce a girl in 2 minutes? ___ 2

Let's move on to the fun part. When you made the first impression on your chosen one, then the main task for you will be to maintain a good impression. What do you need to do for this?

Seduce the girl with nice words. Everyone knows that women "love with their ears" more than with their eyes. Therefore, when a man says compliments, he will definitely become much more attractive in the eyes of the girl. It's not for nothing that hot guys from southern countries are more popular with the fair sex than cold men from northern countries - just someone knows how to speak beautiful words and make a girl feel special, while others do not.

about quick seduction
about quick seduction

Show you. Guys who lock in on dates, behave insecurely, remain silent and generally show weakness, are automatically rejected. Look after the girl, show your best sides: if you know how to joke well, then a date is a great occasion to show your sense of humor.

Girls love funny and open-minded guys. But do not go too far, or load the lady with some long and uninteresting stories. If a woman feels that she is bored, then she may think that you are a bore and that it is better not to have any relationship with you.

Don't let it sit on your neck. A very important part that all pick-up masters mention in their lessons on seducing girls, but which everyone safely forgot. You should not fall at the woman's feet, try to please her in everything, agree with everything and show in every possible way what a slave you are, and she is a queen and a goddess. This behavior of a man shows that there is no inner core in him, and this is a huge disadvantage for women.

Be persistent, unapproachable, and in some situations even arrogant. If a woman starts to scandalize, beg for something unimportant, then you should not follow the lead. A personal dog cannot evoke any sexual desire, and most likely a man who indulges the desires of his lady in everything will be denied permanent sex.

pickup master
pickup master

You also don’t have to be always compliant. At the right moments, you need to show character, show the girl that she is wrong, that her desires go beyond all boundaries. Yes, at first the girl will constantly scandal and endure the brain, but over time she will become docile and humble, which means that sex will not be some kind of reward for a new gift, but simply a matter that she will be happy to do.

Be romantic and gentle. Yes, girls love arrogant and characteristic guys, but if you constantly prohibit everything and show what a tough male you are, then the woman will get tired of this, and you cannot count on any long-term relationship. Once again, to say what beautiful eyes she has, to give flowers for no reason, to meet the sunset in a good place - all these actions will help a woman understand that her man really loves her, and does not just want sex (even if in fact it is).

And the most important component of successfully seducing any girl, which will help complete every date with her in bed, is confidence in a man. When a man decides for himself where to go for dinner, in which hotel to rent a room, where to go for a walk, in general, when he takes full responsibility for himself, then women involuntarily are drawn to him.

what to do to seduce girls
what to do to seduce girls

This is due to the fact that any girl involuntarily sleeps with the man in whom she is at least the least bit confident. After all, by nature, a woman is inherent in the search for a good partner and procreation with him. Therefore, when a man is confident in himself, he is popular with girls and is successful in dating, both in terms of their consistency and in terms of a successful conclusion.

The main thing to remember from the above is that any woman needs a couple of minutes to understand whether she likes a man or not. Therefore, seduction in a minute is not fiction, but a very real thing. It is enough for a man to make a good impression on his chosen one, and then, as they say, it's a matter of technology (and a little success).

Read more about how to seduce a girl into sex in the next article.

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