Acquaintance, Flirting, Love: How Relationships Develop

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Acquaintance, Flirting, Love: How Relationships Develop
Acquaintance, Flirting, Love: How Relationships Develop

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Acquaintance, flirting, love
Acquaintance, flirting, love

Any relationship must go through certain periods of relationship development. Acquaintance, flirting, love - the most acceptable and correct formula for the development of tender feelings.

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  • 1 Stage of acquaintance
  • 2 Stage of flirting
  • 3 Stage of love

Acquaintance stage

We always evaluate the interlocutor by the outer shell. Do not believe someone who claims to you that the main thing in a person is the soul. Soul and a set of moral qualities are undoubtedly an important element in building relationships. But the first thing we pay attention to is external data.

If a particular person corresponds to our ideas about the ideal, then the most important part of the development of relations takes place - acquaintance. The further course of events depends on this stage. In general, the realization of such a personality need as communication goes through just acquaintance, communication, flirting. In order for people to get to know each other, mutual sympathy is necessary. Otherwise, approaching the person you are interested in with a smile, you may run into a refusal.

It is much easier for guys to get to know each other than girls. This is due to the original role of men in society. The fact is that from time immemorial the stronger sex has been endowed with the qualities of a leader, therefore, men were given priority in choosing a partner. The woman was assigned the role of arbiter - she either accepted the advances of the young man, or rejected him.

Moreover, the appearance of the girl during the meeting is extremely important. A man will not ask for a phone number from a woman who outwardly does not fit his ideals. But a man does not have to meet all the parameters and qualities that the girl has identified for herself.

Acquaintance, flirting, love
Acquaintance, flirting, love

Of course, if a young man is the complete opposite of the ideal of a particular girl, most likely he will be rejected at the time of meeting. But if, instead of a pumped-up athlete with blue eyes, a charismatic man with a small tummy, but with an original approach to acquaintance approaches a girl, it is highly likely that he will manage to get the coveted phone number.

Flirting stage2

If both young men who have just met are looking forward to a long-term, serious relationship, they will not flirt with each other on their first date. Flirting always implies a hint of sexual contact. Moreover, while flirting, both interlocutors tend to violate each other's personal intimate space and begin tactile contact.

On first dates, girls are usually flirtatious. They smile modestly, chirp pleasant tenderness to a new acquaintance and behave too romantic. Guys, on the other hand, tend to behave more restrained, afraid to scare the girl away with their pressure.


Flirting is usually not started until the third date, when there is a high probability of the first kiss. Of course, there are couples who do not bother counting romantic encounters and switch to intimate contact after the first date. Intimate contact does not necessarily imply sexual intercourse. These are kisses and gentle touches. This does not mean that such a rapid development of relations will necessarily lead to their collapse. Most likely, there is not only mutual sympathy between new acquaintances, but also unrestrained passion.

If the girl starts to flirt first, then it's time for the couple to move on to a new stage of the relationship - sexual intimacy. But having sex in a relationship does not mean having love.

Stage of love3

Few couples come to this stage without entering into an intimate relationship. An exception, perhaps, can be considered love at first sight.

Many relationship experts believe that love isn't just given. People need to go through certain life difficulties in order to be rewarded with this bright feeling. Do not confuse feelings of love with feelings of attachment or devotion. These two feelings are detrimental to the relationship. But what feeling - love or affection reigns in your relationship, only time will tell.

Relationship development, flirting
Relationship development, flirting

Love is a certain pattern of biochemical processes in our body. Not only the brain is involved in its formation. The thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries are just a small part of the parts of the human body that give us the opportunity to experience this feeling.

But love is also divided into stages:

  • Falling in love is the very same “butterflies in the stomach” when the brain simply refuses to think about anything other than the object of adoration.
  • Building a strong pair. Usually at this stage, young people decide to seal their union with an official seal.
  • Disappointment. After a long coexistence, when the relationship is "eaten up" by everyday life, the couple is disappointed in their choice. More than half of the unions that have reached this stage break up.
  • Real love. If the couple was able to overcome household and financial difficulties, if their relationship was not destroyed by joint children, then the marriage moves to a new level. This is a strong union that can go through everything, maintaining love and respect for each other.
Stages of dating, love
Stages of dating, love

Acquaintance, flirting, love - these words are familiar to all couples. But not all of them were able to go through these stages, retaining reverent feelings and emotions for each other.

Read more about all stages of the relationship in the article at the link.

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